Is a Hard or Soft Mattress Better For Back Pain?(Explained By Experts)

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Ever had an issue with waking up while you are in bed? It did irritate me when all work and no rest throughout the day gave me severe back pain. You lose mobility, engagement with different activities & stamina. The solution to lay on the mattress is the only answer.

It does make you ponder the question, which mattress is better for back pain, hard or soft? Isn’t it? Through this article, we will discover which mattress is the better type for back pain. Exploring why they are suitable for your back pain will make us function the next day or sleep at night.


Hard and Soft Mattresses

If you are wondering soft mattresses gives you much comfort & keep you in shape, then it’s a huge misconception. The level of firmness varies within multiple types of mattresses, especially the hard/firm and soft mattresses.

According to the retailers, the level of firmness is rated from 1 to 10. The minimum score determines the softness whereas the maximum score defines the firmness of the mattress.

Soft Mattresses: What’s it worth?

Soft Mattresses

It is true that your body can be stabilized from each direction if you make space for yourself on soft mattresses. It is important to note that these soft mattresses generate spaces according to our bodies.

  • For those individuals who like to sleep sideways like me, the soft mattresses turn out to be very effective for the hip bone & shoulders. It makes sure to release tension while you cradle your body in different positions at sleep.
  • The extra soft quality of firmness level 3 Mattresses have less responsiveness. Thus, you should avoid these to neutralize the spine and release tension.
  • Firmness level 4 is the best suitable mattress for individuals with inflammable joint pain. It has the qualities of responsiveness & extra touch of softness which reduces the pressure of joints, spine, and shoulder bones. (we have made list of top Indian mattress brands for quality sleep with level 4 firmness)

My Opinion on Soft Mattresses:

Although, soft mattresses have a tendency to act like a glove and mould. Extra softness can be a bad choice that promotes sinking.

  • It won’t be effective for back pain until a balance is maintained within its soft & hard textures. After we test out 10 people on a firmness level 2 vs level 4 mattress, they experience how comfortable it felt on a level 4 mattress. The selection of mattresses is important when we looking to neutralize the side pains & other effects. There is one major drawback to a normal soft mattress i.e. overheating.
  • Soft mattresses with cooling properties can deliver all the benefits.


Hard Mattresses: Back Pain Savior?

Hard Mattresses

One should always remember completely hard or soft mattresses are not worth it except for special cases. Certainly, they provide extra little help towards each portion of our body, let’s discuss.

  • When mattresses are too much soft for your back and hip bone it starts to sink excessively. This results in back pain and muscle to stiff. Chronic pain is the ultimate result over time.
  • A firm or hard mattress can prevent your body or spine to sink and maintains the posture of your body. Either you are facing away or towards the firm mattress.
  • The good posture of your hip will rescue the effects of back pain by releasing off the pressure on your spine. A firm mattress develops a comfortable body motion which can be suitable for heavy sleepers.
  • The body circulation is always on point with the case of hard mattresses, this ensures the diabetic patients feel lightweight which allows a good blood flow.

My Opinion on Hard Mattresses

A heavier person or anyone will feel very lightweight on a firm mattress than on a soft one. With fewer sleep interruptions, firm mattresses can expand the lungs for blood to flow at ease.

Users with back pain can take advantage of the medium-firm to a firm mattress. A support lift memory foam topper can be effective which adds firmness to your mattress.


The Final Verdict

So far we have analyzed that Hard Mattresses are better for back pain due to their improved responsiveness. It is time for my final verdict on these mattresses.

Soft MattressHard Mattress
Comfortable for side sleepers.Comfortable for back sleepers.
The Soft mattress can benefit individuals with joint pain.The Hard Mattress can benefit individuals with back pain.
Firmness levels 2-4 are the best suitable soft mattress.Firmness levels 5-7 are the best suitable hard mattress.
Helps lightweight people with a better posture of hip and shoulder bones.Helps diabetic patients with a good blood flow.
Aids individuals with arthritis.Aids heart patients for good circulation.



If ever you have been losing proper sleep due to back pain & it confuses you to find the suitable mattress for you, choose a hard mattress of firmness level 5-7. It’s important to observe the first step to proper good night sleep.

A comfortable and supportive mattress is the key to your back pain. These preferences can be a big change to your sleep habits, so the next day you wake up and voila! You will feel fresh.

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