What Is The Best Sleeping Position For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Have you ever woken up with brand new pain in your spine, arms, or the rest of your body? If you have, it is majorly because of your sleeping position, as it plays a vital role in providing comfortable and healthy sleep.

Not sleeping in a comfortable spot can often lead you to several body aches and pain making your entire morning unpleasant. Almost every 1 out of 3 adults isn’t able to get sufficient sleep, according to research.

Therefore, everyone must know what sleeping position is correct as per their conditions and issues.

If you deal with sleeping position issues as well, then don’t worry because, in this article, we will discuss the best sleeping positions along with their benefits and more.


What Is The Best Position To Sleep In? 

We all have a preferred sleeping position that we like to follow as per our comfort level. However, when we talk about a correct sleeping position, it significantly means a position that can help you promote a healthy body, including an excellent spinal alignment all the way from your head to your hips, preventing neck or back pain, and more.

Few sleeping positions are considered more healthy and beneficial for your body compared to others. Here are a few of the most suitable sleeping positions:

1. Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping in a side position can provide good spinal alignment. This position might also help reduce snoring issues and heartburn, being an excellent option for people with acid reflux or sleep apnea.

The reason why people prefer to sleep on their side is because of its ability to reduce back pain. Using pillows can help in aligning you from your head to your spine.

Use a pillow on your side regardless of whether you are sleeping on your left side or right, which can help keep your spine in place.

Using a pillow in between your knees can help even out your hips. Using these pillows while sleeping can decrease the chances of waking up with any sort of pain.


Who Should Sleep In This Position? 

Now that we have talked about the benefits, let’s discuss who should use this sleeping position. Since everyone, some people suffering from selective conditions might generate extra help to their body by sleeping in the side position.

Therefore, people who should sleep in this position are as follows:

People With Back Pain

Back Pain

If you suffer from lower back pain issues, then you should try sleeping on your side along with a blanket or pillow in between your knees. By following this side sleep position, you might be able to get relief from back pain issues.

Ensure your pillow matches the distance between your shoulder and neck, and it contains loft or thickness.

A thick pillow will help keep your neck aligned with the spine area when you sleep on your side. It will also ensure your alignment is maintained while preventing back pain, neck pain, and soreness.


Pregnant Women 

Pregnant Women 

Pregnancy is a very sensitive time, and with a growing belly, you might constantly feel uncomfortable and face issues deciding the correct position to sleep.

According to research, the best position to sleep during pregnancy is on their side with their knees bent. By sleeping on your side, it can help let your heart pump, loosen the pressure of your belly and enable the blood flow in your entire body.

Usually, the left side is suggested to aid a healthy blood flow to the kidneys, fetus, and heart. Also, the left side helps in preventing pressure on the liver.

However, if you feel discomfort sleeping on the left side, you can shift to the right side. If you think too much pressure, try placing pillows between your legs or under your belly.


People Who Shouldn’t Sleep On Side

Even though the side sleeping position is considered the most advantageous position to sleep yet, it has a few drawbacks as well. Here are some of the disadvantages of Side sleeping:

People With Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder Pain 

If you suffer from shoulder pain, you should avoid sleeping on your side as it can lead to tightness or soreness on your shoulders, which can lead to more pain.

So, it is better to use a mattress that can make your shoulders sink in more than your spine, and also, you should try changing your positions on an occasional basis.


One That Doesn’t Want Wrinkles

Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Sleeping on your side can pressure the pillow against your face and compress or stretch your skin which can cause you facial wrinkles.


Which Side Should You Sleep On? 

Sleeping on the side is considered one of the best sleeping positions, but if you want to get that extra benefit, the left side is considered better than the right side.

The right side might increase internal organs pressure, due to which pregnant women and acid reflux sleepers are especially advised to sleep on the left side.

Also, sleeping on the right might cause heartburn symptoms.


2. Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is considered the second most popular position to sleep. It provides plenty of benefits, including the ability to distribute your weight evenly when you lay back.

Since in this position you are already on your back, there isn’t any concern regarding your alignment, and it also prevents back and neck pain.

Also, back sleepers might also be able to relieve the congestion of either allergies or a stuffy nose.

This position can also provide skin benefits since there is no pressure against your face from the mattress or pillow this way, you can easily prevent any potential wrinkles.

Sleeping on your back can be highly beneficial to people suffering from the following issues:

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Individuals who suffer from neck pain should consider sleeping on their back as it is the best sleeping position for such issues.

Since this position includes lying down on the back, it can help prevent misalignment, which can be caused on stomach or side positions.

For curing neck pain, use a pillow that can help your head sink in while providing proper support to the neck.

You should consider getting memory foam pillows and mattresses as they are the best mattress for sleeping on your back and can help your head sink deeper. You can even use a towel or flatter pillow, which can help decrease your neck pain.


Stuffy Nose

Stuffy Nose

Back sleeping position can be good for you if you are dealing with a stuffy nose or allergies. Apart from just lying down on your back, you should use a pillow to prop your upper back area so you are in an upright position.

It also enables the airways to keep them open and helps in your nose draining. Make sure you aren’t lying flat as it may increase your nasal congestion, so use the pillow correctly.


Who Shouldn’t Sleep In The Back Position? 

Even though the Back sleeping position is considered second best, it can still be bad for some people. Here are some people who should avoid sleeping on their back:

Pregnant Women 

Pregnant women should also avoid sleeping on the back as it can put pressure on the heart and make it hard for the blood to flow.


GERD Or Acid Reflux Facing Individuals 

People with GERD or acid reflux shouldn’t consider sleeping on their back as it can increase GERD and make it more frequent for people.


People With Sleep Apnea Or Snoring Issues 

Back sleeping can be harmful to people with sleep apnea and snoring issues, as it is susceptible to airway collapse. The majority of people contain sleep apnea that is position-dependent which takes place once a person lies down on their back.


Older And Heavier People 

This position might also be wrong for older and heavier individuals because when you lie on your back, the pressure of gravity on the body can make the process of breathing harder for more senior or heavier people. Therefore, shifting from the back position to the side position can be healthier for older and heavier people.


3. Sleeping In Fetal Position

Sleeping In Fetal Position

Fetal position is quite similar to side position; the difference is that in fetal you bring your knees to your chest while sleeping. Few people even curl their arms under the pillow as a way to support their heads.

Fetal position is regarded as a few of the most common sleeping positions which people prefer to sleep in throughout the night. It is majorly women that use this position to sleep.

Fetal positions provide numerous benefits like it might reduce heartburn, mainly when you use the left side for sleeping. It might also help reduce snoring issues and decrease the disturbance while sleeping, back pain, and more.

Sleeping in this position can be beneficial for pregnant women as it can reduce the unnecessary pressure put on your cardiac system.

Along with sleeping fetal position, using pillows can support your legs and back be great during pregnancy.

People who face back pain issues should consider sleeping in this position as it can help provide support for your back and reduce the pain.

However, make sure there isn’t any pressure applied to your neck areas while sleeping, as it can result in neck pain. Also, keep your spine area aligned to avoid any discomfort.


4. Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your belly or stomach is acknowledged as the least preferred position. Even though some benefits can be offered by sleeping on your stomach, most drawbacks are caused by it.

The back gets the least amount of support when you sleep on your stomach compared to the rest of the positions. It also increases pain in the neck and back area, along with pressuring your spine.

Since, when you sleep on your stomach, your face can get direct pressure through the pillow and mattress, resulting in skin issues like wrinkles.


How To Sleep On Your Stomach Better

In case this is the only position through which you can get sleep, you should try sleeping with your heading facing a particular side, moving your head and neck out of the alignment with your spine.

Try to use a firm mattress that can help prevent your hips and stomach from sinking in the mattress and avoid stretching your spine of the alignment.

You can also prevent spinal alignment issues by using a good firm mattress, as you won’t be able to sink in deeper and stretch your spine out of alignment when the mattress is firm.

If your mattress isn’t firm, it can cause an asymmetrical sleeping posture which can impact your spine and cause pain. Therefore, people suffering from neck or back pain should avoid sleeping on their stomachs.

Also, consider sleeping with a thin pillow or maybe no pillow. This way, you can prevent titling of your neck up and back. Without using a pillow, you can also avoid discomfort while sleeping and avoid any further spinal misalignment.

To even out your relieve your pressure and even out your spine, try using a thin pillow underneath your hips.



Where should I put my arms when I’m sleeping in the side position? 

While sleeping in the side position, make sure your arms are down by your side and not around the pillow as it can generate pinch in your shoulder, so keep your arms down.


Which sleeping position is considered most suitable for a healthy heart? 

The best sleeping position for a healthy heart is sleeping on your side. Especially sleeping on your left side is considered the most beneficial as it can help increase the blood flow.


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Sleeping is necessary for every single one of us, and in order to get proper sleep, one has to make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable position.

Not only can it help make your sleep better but also prevent you from getting any potential body pains and aches. Here we have mentioned all regarding the best sleeping position which can help you get a night of healthy sleep.

Tell us in the comments if you have any doubts about the sleeping positions.

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