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Over a few years, keratin treatments have generated a lot of popularity around the world. People with concerns like frizziness, dryness, loss of shine, and more are highly investing in a keratin treatment.

Even though it’s extremely popular, the majority of people still have certain questions about keratin treatment related to procedure, duration, price and more.

But no worries now because in this article, I will discuss all aspects of keratin treatment along with the price, how long it lasts, who should try it, and more.


Here is All You Need To Know About Keratin Treatment 

A keratin treatment is a process of treating frizzy, dry, and dull hair. Keratin is a protein that already exists in the hair of every single one of us naturally. In fact, about 91% of hair is constituted by keratin.

Dyeing, styling tools, growing age, and using chemical products can cause a massive reduction of keratin in your hair, resulting in dull, dry, losing shine, and coarse. To bring back the essential protein in hair, people go for this keratin treatment.


Price Of Keratin Treatment In India 

The price of a keratin treatment costs anywhere between Rs 4,000 and Rs 8,000 depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. The price range is ideally low for people with short hair, while the price range increases for people with long hair.

Keratin Hair Treatment Price

The keratin treatment cost varies depending on length, texture, and hair volume. Also, the brand and product used for the treatment at different salons affect the price. It is usually less for short hair and more for longer hair.

Below are the price range ideas of the Keratin Protein Treatment in India (prices may vary).

Keratin Protein Treatment (Fringe Hair)Rs. 2,500 (2 hrs)
Keratin Protein Treatment (Short Hair)Rs. 5,000 (2 hrs)
Keratin Protein Treatment (Medium Hair)Rs. 8,500 (2.5 hrs)
Keratin Protein Treatment (Long Hair)Rs. 9,550 (3 hrs)
Keratin Protein Treatment (Extra Long Hair)Rs. 12,500 (4 hrs)

What Does Keratin Treatment Do? 

What Does Keratin Treatment Do

Keratin treatment helps in providing back the protein that was lost in your hair due to heat styling, bleaching, dyeing, and more. This process provides smoothness and shines to your hair, making it more healthy, manageable, and glossier. Keratin treatment usually shows its results for up to six months.

A keratin treatment is not similar to a rebonding or straightening method. Though this treatment does show the result of straight hair texture in the end, it is still different from rebonding and straightening.

It will not devoid volume to your hair, nor will it flatten out completely. Keratin will rebuild the parts of your hair which have been damaged. Reducing frizziness, dullness, and providing shine are some benefits offered by keratin treatment as keratin works as a solid conditioner for your hair.


Texture Of Hair

Texture Of Hair

Results of keratin can also vary from person to person based on the type and texture of hair. People with extremely curly hair can witness less curly hair and few straight ringlets by the end of the treatment. At the same time, people with wavy hair can end up with glossy and straight hair.

A keratin treatment can even be done by yourself at your home if you have all the requirements like treatment, blow-dry, stylist brush, and more. However, getting the treatment done at home by yourself will not give you the salon-like finish as the stylist knows their work and will do the treatment perfectly.

So it’s better to get this keratin treatment done by a professional at a good salon. Also, in terms of dealing with chemicals, it is always better to go forward with someone who is an expert at the job.


Who Should Get Keratin Treatment? Is Keratin Good For Your Hair?

Who Should Get This Treatment

Before actually going forward with a keratin treatment, you should make sure whether this treatment is good for your hair or not. As not everything will should everyone.

Generally, a hairstylist suggests a treatment like keratin for people with wavy, curly, and frizzy hair, as it tends to suit this treatment the most.

While people with moderately straight hair should avoid this kind of treatment, pregnant women should avoid keratin treatment because keratin treatment contains a chemical that can be harmful in such conditions.

So, it’s recommended for pregnant women not to get this treatment done.


There Are Two Types Of Treatment That You Can Get In Your Hair

1. Brazilian Blowout

This treatment helps in getting rid of frizziness and brings shine to your hair. Brazilian Blowout uses a formaldehyde-releasing solution.

This treatment also straightens out your natural hair texture like people with curly and wavy hair will end up with slightly straight hair. Brazilian Blowout also isn’t that long-lasting as it approximately lasts for about three months.

So, if you want that straight, sleek look for your hair, then Brazilian Blowout is for you.


2. Keratin Smoothing Treatment 

This kind of treatment does the job of getting rid of frizziness, dull and dry look. But it doesn’t change the natural texture of your hair.

For example, if you have extremely curly hair by the end of this treatment, you will notice a shine and smooth look on your curly hair itself, and this treatment won’t make your hair transform from curly to straight.

Also, the smoothing treatment doesn’t involve any use of formaldehyde. Since this treatment doesn’t involve any formaldehyde it is much safer for your hair. Keratin smoothing treatment can last up to a duration of six months.

So if you only want to shine and de-frizz your hair with your natural texture and go for a smoothing treatment, this will be perfect for you. Smoothing enhances the goodness of your hair by not changing the texture.



There are two ways how the stylist can go through with keratin treatment for you. First through wet hair and second by blow-drying your hair.

1. Wet Hair Procedure

Wet Hair Procedure

In case of a wet hair procedure, it will require your hair to get washed as the first step. On your wet hair then the stylist will apply the keratin treatment using a professional stylist brush. This treatment will require it to sit for about half-hour.

Then the stylist will go forward with the steam machine. After this, the keratin will be removed from your hair by rinsing it off well.  As the last step, your hair will be dried and styled.


2. Dry Hair Procedure

Dry Hair Procedure

In some cases, the hairstylist goes forward with the blow dry first to remove the moisture from your hair. The stylist will then add the treatment on to your dry hair.

After that, by using a flat iron, they will divide the hair into small sections in order to make sure all areas of hair are covered. Then they seal all the sections in the treatment. The stylist will then go over with a steam machine for a heat treatment to activate the keratin on your hair.

The duration of this heating process depends on the texture of your hair. After this process hair gets washed to remove the keratin off your hair. Then your hair gets dried at the end of the treatment.

The entire process can take a few hours, much like two to three hours, so better be prepared to wait in the salon.


3 Main Benefits of Keratin Treatment 

In case you are facing confusion about whether to go for a keratin treatment or not. Some benefits provided by Keratin Treatment are as follows:

1. Smooth Hair

Smooth Hair

Keratin treatment provides the damaged areas of your hair with essential protein. Making your hair less frizzy, healthy, shiner, and manageable.

The protein specially works in making dry hair more moisturized and easy to manage on a regular basis. The deep conditioning through keratin can also temporarily get rid of split ends by bonding the hair together.


2. Lasting Results

Lasting Results

This keratin treatment can last for about six months which is great. However, you also need to take care of your hair by not washing your hair too frequently. About twice or thrice a week is fine, and the results of keratin will last for six months.

Keratin smoothing treatment can easily last for about six months. In comparison, Brazilian Blowout lasts for about three months.


3. Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Keratin can fortify and also strengthen your hair so that it doesn’t break off easily. Since the ends aren’t easily broken, the hair has the potential to grow faster than usual. Fast hair may not be visible for all but in the majority cases, people tend to witness their growing faster than usual.



When can I wash my hair after getting keratin treatment? 

You should wash your hair after three days of getting a keratin treatment. If your hair gets wet, immediately blow dry it and go forward with medium to low heat flat iron.


I just had my hair coloured. Can I still get keratin treatment? 

Yes, getting a keratin treatment after hair colouring is actually great. Because keratin treatment seals the colour and will make the colour last longer. So, it is usually better to get permanent hair color, highlights or semi-permanent colour before the treatment.


What shampoo should I use after a keratin treatment? 

It would be best to go for Sulfate and sodium chloride-free shampoo and conditioner for your hair like keratin care shampoo and conditioner.


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If you are going through issues like frizziness and dullness in hair then keratin treatment can be perfect for you. Even though the amount of this treatment is high for the treatment, the results are great and long-lasting.

I hope through this article all your questions and confusions regarding keratin treatment were solved.

Tell us in the comments about your honest thoughts about keratin treatment.

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