6 Unknown Benefits Of Beard Oil

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Beard oil has become a ‘must-have’ in recent years as beards are back in trend now. Most of the male population is seen with some facial hair, starting with slight stubble to full-grown beard. Especially after watching Thor in the end-game, I mean, even Captain America copied it, so why not?!

But maintaining a beard is not as easy as it seems. It needs a lot of care to have a healthy and itch-free beard. And Beard oil helps you with just that.


What is Beard Oil and How it helps?

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a type of conditioner for your beard that helps to moisten and soften your beard hair as well as you’re the skin underneath it. Maintaining a well-hydrated and smooth skin underneath is as important as it is for the beard.

If your skin under the beard is healthy, then you can forget about things like ‘beard itch and ‘beardruff.

Even though there is a misconception about beard oil helping in the growth of bread-hair, there is no evidence supporting this statement.

People believe that beard oil helps with the growth of facial hair because this oil helps you moisturize the skin underneath your beard. And when your skin is healthy, your facial hair growth will be naturally affected.

But there are no proven scientific researches that say that beard oil triggers the growth of your beard hair.

What beard oil provides you with is a soft and well-hydrated texture to your beard and a healthy shine to it. It helps you in maintaining your beard, especially when it grows in length.

It keeps your beard flake-free and makes it smell fresh as it also works as a natural cologne.


Best ingredients used in beard oil

  1. Olive oil- as we all know how beneficial it is when used in cooking, it also works wonders when applied on skin mixed with other essential oils. Just a tiny drop of olive oil in beard oil helps to transform your dry beard into a smooth and neat beard.
  2. Flaxseed oil- it is also known as linseed oil, helps in the growth of your beard.
  3. Argan oil- argan oil is used in many moisturizers because it has a high quantity of Vitamin E and is excellent for hydrating your skin. Another reason why it is used in beard oil is its non-oily and non-sticky property.
  4. Shea butter– shea butter has a lot of benefits and is probably the best for beard oils. It helps transform your beard into a soft and tangles free beard. It also helps in keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  5. Essential oils- there are several qualities in an essential oil that are great for your skin and hair. The essential oils in the beard oil help to keep your beard soft and also prevents your skin from being dry.
  6. Almond oil- it helps to straighten your facial hair, as well as to leave it to tangle free and also repairs the split ends that you might get. It also gives your skin a healthy glow and makes your beard shinier.


Benefits of Beard Oil

Benefits of Beard Oil

1. Provides a softer texture to the beard:

Beard hair is much rougher in texture than the hair on your head. And beard oil provides you with a softer and shiner texture to your beard. It gives off a more styled and neat look to your entire beard.


2. Moisturize the skin beneath:

Beard oil moisturizes and hydrates the skin underneath your beard, keeping it healthy. It even reduces beard itch and beard dandruff.


3. It makes the beard look fuller:

Beard oil provides you with a fuller looking beard also why some people assume it to help with beard growth.


4. Works as a natural cologne:

As we know by now that beard oil works as a cologne for men too. It leaves the beard smelling fresh and good.


5. Helps in beard growth:

Even though beard oil has no properties which help directly in the hair growth of the beard, it helps in keeping the skin underneath moisturized and hydrated, keeping it healthy, which is vital for the development of the beard. So it is often believed to be helpful in beard growth.


6. The most effective moisturizer:

Beard oil is the most effective moisturizer for the skin underneath your beard. Positive changes can be visible in how your skin feels and looks along with the beard as soon as you use it.

It can be used by all types of skin, whether it’s oily or dry, it works perfectly and provides the right amount of moisture needed.


Disadvantages of Beard oil

Allergic reactions-

Even though beard oils are made with natural ingredients, it is still possible for some people to have allergic reactions to them.

There are several essential oils and other carriers used in beard oils that might not suit your skin type. This is why only a tiny amount of the oil should be used first, and if it does, you then increase the amount little by little.


Sensitive to sunlight-

Most essential oils increase the photosensitivity of our skin, thus making our skin more sensitive to sunlight. This increases the risk of sun damage due to UV rays slightly.


They are expensive-

Beard oils can be a little bit more costly than some would want to pay for it. Good beard oil will probably cost you between 1000rs to 2000rs.


How to use beard oil?

How to Apply Beard Oil

It is best to use beard oil after showering and shampooing your beard or adequately cleansing your face. As after washing our face, the pores on it opens up. And using beard oil when your pores are open will help your skin in absorbing it more effectively.

Beard oil can be used daily or on every alternative day. But it should be kept in mind not to overdo it, or instead of making it look well styled and groomed, it would rather make it look oily and greasy. Only a few drops of beard oil should be suffice depending on the length of your beard.

If you have a short beard or just a stubble, it might take one to two drops. But if you have a long and thick beard, then it might take more than just a few drops

Here are some tips about how to use beard oil:

  • Pour two to five drops of the beard oil you are using on the palm of your hands and massage it onto your entire beard in an upward motion, and then gently smooth it down in a downward motion. And remember that this should be done while the beard is still damped and not dry or completely wet.
  • If you have a long beard, then it is suggested to use a comb while using it. And make sure that the oil is distributed throughout the beard.

If you have a thick beard, then it may need more oil than the rest.

Beard oil should be used at least 3-4 times a week, depending on the hair type. If the beard is more on the drier side, then you should use it 4-5 times a week to moisturize and strengthen your beard.


Points to remember while using beard oil

  • The first point that should be remembered while using beard oil is not to use an excessive amount of it, or it will look greasy and oily.
  • Leaving the oil clumps in your beard will make it look more uneven and rough than styled and groomed.
  • The oil should not be poured directly over the face but instead poured onto your palm and then massaged gently over the beard.
  • Apply the oil-wet is dry is a big no. It should only be used when your beard is damped.



Beard oil is a good moisturizer for your skin and an excellent oil for your beard. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you should give it a try, and your beard and the skin underneath will thank you.

It is a cosmetic product used to improve the way your beard appears and to help your skin underneath the beard in being well hydrated, and also to give it a soft glow.

Having a beard like Iron-man and Thor is not easy. You need to take care of it, and beard oil is a helping hand in doing so. It strengthens your beard as it faces pollution and dust of daily life and also smoothens it.

Using beard oil gives your beard the much-awaited treatment and care that it has been needing. It leaves a smooth, shiny, and neat look to it for you to show it off.

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