What Is The Right Age To Build Muscles?

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It is essential for people in every age group to maintain their fitness and be healthy. But what exactly is considered the best age for building muscle?

Many people consider the age of 18 as the perfect age to start building muscles but is it really the case?

If you have this question as well, then don’t worry. In this article, we will explain all the facts, essential requirements, and correct age to build muscles.


What Is The Appropriate Age To Build Muscle?

What Is The Appropriate Age To Build Muscle

Well, there isn’t a particular age labelled for workouts and building muscles. However, it is one thing to follow exercises, movements, and lift weights while indulging in a complete bodybuilding process with intense workouts, machines, and routines is an entirely different thing.

Building muscle isn’t an easy process as it requires patience, proper nutrition, and correct exercises. Still, people who are teenagers and young adults are considered as the most appropriate to build muscles.

So we can say the age between 18 to 30 is considered the best to build muscles.


Why Is 18 to 30 Considered The Best Age For Building Muscle?

The Best Age For Building Muscle

The reason why 18 to 30 is considered the best age to start building muscles is because our body is thoroughly grown during this age, and it can handle those intense adult exercises required for building bodies.

Another crucial reason is that hormones are closely related to building masses and strength. Since hormones play a significant role in building muscle, body, and mass, a decrease in hormones can affect the overall performance and result.

At the age of 18, men are at the highest peak of their testosterone. As men reach the age of 30, testosterone starts to witness a decrease of about 1% every year, and this process continues. Decreases in testosterone are related to low strength, loss of muscle, and growth in fat mass.

Due to which people in their 20s find it more comfortable and easy to build mass and perform workouts as the testosterone is at the rise and the entire process of building mass becomes faster.

However, this doesn’t mean that people after the age of 30 cannot build muscle. This just means the body will show the fastest signs of improvement in building muscles during the age of 18 to 30 since the energy level is also at its peak during this age group.

So we can address 18 to 30 as the most appropriate age for building muscles.


Can Adults Over The Age Of 30 Build Muscles? 

Yes, people over the age of 30 can build muscles in fact, in many cases, people over the age of 50 have been involved in building mass, workouts, and more.

Even though you tend to lose your hormones after the age of 30, it doesn’t mean you can’t perform any exercises or workouts. There are people between the age of 59 and 70 who have witnessed an increase in muscle-related function despite their age.

Improvement in muscle strength and maintaining lean mass are some of the benefits older adults have noticed.

The only difference is the results of these muscles would usually take a bit longer as compared to young adults because young adults already are at the age where their body mass is building, and their hormones are at work.

Due to which the change in muscles will be faster for them. But even though old-aged people may not produce the same mass improvement and performance level as the younger adults.

There are still various other advantages that older adults can gain by performing these exercises and routines. For example, weight training can help in keeping the joints strong and also decrease muscle loss.

By following workouts at old age, you can keep your pounds off and reduce fat, which may help in cardio-metabolic disorders and reduce the risk of various heart-related diseases.

So, people who are older than 30 don’t lose hope. You still get into building muscles.


Teenagers & Building Muscles 

Teenagers & Building Muscles 

Teenagers can also witness strength and muscle build-up through workouts and training as strength training can be beneficial for teens to increase their muscle size as they do contain the required hormones to raise mass.

The hormones of teens may not be at their peak, but still, their body is growing, and by doing these workouts, you can keep yourself fit and healthy.

Already many teens are involved in sports, and they perform several strength training and exercises to keep themselves fit and perform the sport well.

Also, most professional bodybuilders begin their training during their teenage days, so who knows, maybe it can be great for you. However, it should be noted teenagers that are still in their growing period shouldn’t follow the guidelines made for adults as their body isn’t that mature.

Yet, they should follow the guidelines and training suggested by their trainers. Therefore, teenagers should indulge in strength activities and exercise, which can be beneficial for them in building their bodies.

They can perform various cardio training, weight lifts, follow flexibility exercises, and more. It is safe for them and can be significant in building their bodies.


Children Below 14 & Building Muscles

Children Below 14 & Building Muscles

You might be surprised by seeing a children section in this article and wonder if children should get involved in such training and exercise. Well, children and young teens between the age of 9 and 14 can get involved in such activities.

When it comes to workouts and building muscle, it is said that children and younger teenagers should indulge in a healthy exercise routine every day for an hour. It is essential for their body to grow, to provide flexibility and balance.

According to research, bone-strength and muscle-strength exercises are essential for teens and children to build strong muscles. Therefore, three sessions of these exercises at least should be conducted for children regularly in a week.

These training majorly involve activities that are moderated and vigorous as it can help in providing the growth kids need while maintaining the guidelines as per the age.


Is It Safe For Children To Perform Exercises And Strength Training?

Is It Safe For Children To Perform Exercises And Strength Training

There is a common myth that children shouldn’t perform any hard training and exercise. Because many people think it isn’t safe for children and teens to indulge in bodyweight activities and weight lifting.

But in reality, you shouldn’t be worried because it is completely safe to lift weights and work on bodyweight activities. 

As strength training can be helpful for children in improving their bones and muscles. The involvement of children and teens in moderate to vigorous activities may also help in improving their overall sports performance as well.

Children are already at the age where their body is growing and by performing these activities their body will become more active and healthy.

Vigorous activities include running, circuit weight, and cycling. At the same time, moderate activities include using machines at the gym and free weights for bodybuilding and weight training.

These exercises moderately improve the load, mass, and strength. This training can help teens maintain a healthy weight along making them feel fit and perform better in any strength-related activity and sports.

Also, weight lifts don’t stop the natural growth of children. This is a common myth that children who perform weight lifting have trouble with their development, which is entirely untrue.

Children of age ten can perform these activities. However, you should make sure you have a trainer present. It is just a precaution that one should take to avoid any potential harm.



Can I join a gym if I’m 15 years old? 

You can join a gym, but you need to have a parent or guardian present with you. A person can join a gym alone when they are above the age of 16. Until then you can’t visit the gym alone.


Is the workout training the same for a teenager and adult who wants to build muscles? 

No, the training is not similar for teenagers and adults. Teenagers primarily work with free weight lifts, while adults train with proper equipment and machines in the gym. Even the diet plans for building muscles are different for both age groups.


How much time does it usually take to build muscles? 

Building muscles isn’t an easy process. It takes time and patience. Usually, the results are different as per the involvement of nutrition and workout, but we can roughly say you can witness a change in around 2 to 3 weeks.


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So, we can say building muscles doesn’t completely depend on age but on hard work, nutrition and consistency.

But we can certainly state that age between 18 to 30 can be the most comfortable space to indulge in the muscle-building process as per body functions, energy level, hormones, and more.

I hope through the information mentioned above all your doubts and questions regarding muscle building are answered.

Tell us in the comments, what age do you consider the most suitable to build muscles.

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