Balasana Yoga For Sleep (Child Pose Benefits)

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Who won’t love a soft mattress to lie down after a long day of work? The feeling of the plushy bed and the warmth it gives is pure bliss. But at the same time, if you’re someone who struggles to sleep and often ends up tossing on the bed, then the chances of being sleepless are high. At such a time, Yoga methods can come in handy.

As we know, Yoga is perfect for a good sleep. Today we will have a detailed look at Balasana Yoga which is a great asana that will improve sleep. 

Balasana Yoga For Sleep: What Is It?

Women are doing Balasana Yoga on the Yoga Mat

Balasana, also known as Sharnagat Mudra, Child Pose, and Sleeping Asana, is an excellent Yoga practice that aids in a night of better sleep. Though the asana’s posture looks simple, it isn’t as effortless as it seems. However, the advantages of practicing Balasana yoga are something to keep in mind when we practice this helpful method. 

Balasana’s method enhances the brain by calming worry and stress. This, in turn, makes one sleep better at night as they’ll feel relaxed. The Balasana method also improves the spine length and heals back pain. These are some of the main reasons why many people opt for this Yoga globally. 

How to do the Balasana Yoga Pose?

Now that we have seen what Balasana Yoga is, let us do this pose step by step.

  • Firstly, kneel on the floor which enables you to sit on your heels. Then make sure your big toes are touching each in your kneeling position. 
  • Next, when you feel comfortable, spread your knees hip-width apart.
  • Now, take a deep breath (Inhale). Once you inhale, exhale it slowly while bending forward and placing your body between your thighs.
  • Here’s the main thing to do: Widen the sacrum across the back of your pelvis, narrow the tips of your hip to make it a point towards the navel.
  • Then take a seat on your inner thighs.
  • After that, lift your head slightly away from the back of your neck. This must be done while stretching your tailbone away from the end of your pelvis.
  • Then, stretch your arms forward so that they seem parallel to your knees.
  • Make sure the fronts of your shoulders are to the ground. By now, you should feel the weight of your front shoulders dragging your back blades wide apart.
  • Stay in this position for 30 seconds to several minutes (upto your capability)
  • To finish the asana, stretch the front torso first. Then, as the tailbone presses down into the pelvis, take a deep breath and raise from there.

Author’s note: Doing this asana in the morning and before sleeping at night helps in quick results.

Advantages of Balasana Yoga

Benefits of Balasana Yoga

There are plenty of benefits attributed to the Child pose that have improved Yoga following people’s sleep and body. Here are some of the critical benefits of Balasana Yoga.

  • While doing this asana, the body’s internal organs get the chance to flex. This makes it possible for the body to stay active and very supple
  • The spine’s natural alignment gets majorly benefitted as this asana helps lengthen the spine and relieve discomfort from the back.
  • The child pose aids neck pain and relieves discomfort from there. Even the head gets to be free from pain due to this asana.
  • As this asana makes one stretch their body parts, it improves blood flow and provides flexibility.
  • The entire body gets good support and healing via this asana.
  • Balasana Yoga also improves breathing which in turn helps lung capacity. This also helps in calming the mind. 
  • Doing this asana before going to bed will allow one to dose off at ease and quickly. 
  • Muscles, tendons, and ligaments become flexible enough after regularly doing Balasana Yoga.

Can We Make Any Modifications?

While Balasana Yoga requires the knees to be close to each other, you can modify it by separating them a little. If this provides you comfort, you are free to do it. Also, if your heel hurts, tuck your toes under or lay a rolled towel beneath your shins to relieve pressure on your ankles. You can also invest in some excellent cushioning or a yoga blanket to support you while doing this asana.

Apart from that, if you want to challenge yourself and do this asana in a complicated way, try placing a cushion under your stomach/chest and do this asana for 10 minutes. Are you ready for the challenge?

What are the Precautions to Follow While doing Balasana Yoga?

Precautions of Balasana Yoga

Though the benefits of Balasana Yoga are plenty, if this pose is done in the wrong way and by the wrong people, then the complications can be troublesome. Here are a few things to take a note of when doing Balasana Yoga:

  • If you feel pain in your head while doing this asana on the floor, opt for a pillow or cushion. Please do not force yourself to go with the pain, for it can worsen the case.
  • If you’ve been suffering from diarrhea, strictly refrain from doing this asana.
  • You should not do this asana if you have injuries on your knee or leg. 
  • Before going to bed, you shouldn’t do this asana if you’re a person with hypertension


Is Balasana Yoga a Prenatal Method For Pregnant Women?

Absolutely yes! The child pose helps relieve pressure on the women’s abdomen and, in the later stages of pregnancy, shifts their baby’s weight away from their hip bones. 

Is the Child Pose Safe For Everyone?

Balasan Yoga is safe but not for everyone. If some have knee difficulties, they should avoid them. Apart from that, if any doctor suggests you not follow this method, you should cut it out. 

The Wrap-up

Balasana yoga is a soothing pose that is highly advantageous to those who lack sleep. This challenging pose, if regularly practiced, can make one’s body healthy and flexible. As this improves breathing, even people with Sinus issues get benefitted.

As we have checked out how to do the child pose, its benefits, complications, and variations, we believe you’ve decided to work on this. If yes, do let us know your experience in the comments below. Have a great day.

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