Hair Accessories: Top 20 Hair Accessories For Women To Enhance Their Look

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Women’s hair accessories are available in numerous colors, sizes, and shapes. These are used to adorn hair or to keep the hairstyle in place.

Do you want to know what you can buy to make your hair look beautiful and style much better?

Read on! And enjoy reading this article describing the top 20 accessories for you and your friends.


20 Best Hair Accessories for Women

Hair accessories for women

You can choose any hair accessories mentioned below according to your preferences to attach, tie, wrap, or twist the accessory on hair. You can get them in different brands and price ranges. Let us dive deeper and study some of the top accessories you can buy for yourself!

1. Hair Bands

Hair Bands 

Hairband, the name itself, justifies its meaning. Mostly it is made of cloth with elasticity to wear flexibly in a horseshoe shape. Hair Bands are usually used to stick hair away from the face or eyes or style hair. You can also call them headbands. You can buy headbands of different materials, colors, and designs other than a regular cloth elastic hairband.

Pearl hairband, knotted headband, braided hairband, Te ara-style hairband, jeweled headband, bowed hairband, printed headwraps, and elastic hairband are the types of headbands you can get today in the market. Nowadays, hairbands also come as headwraps, in which you wrap around your head and tie a knot.

You can get them easily at cheaper rates in multiple designs and colors. Pearl headband is best with a netted or jeweled neckline, knotted and braided for a casual look, and tiara-styled for weddings and parties. Like this, you can choose the hairband suitable to your dressing and your face. It transforms your face and looks, and you can pair it up with both formal and informal dress.


2. Clips

Hair Clips

Clips are accessories to hold the hair or to style. Clips are also used in salons for washing hairs by dividing them into sections. It is best for you if you have short hair as you can not tie your short hair to fix it and want to style. Clips are available in various designs and colors in the market. You can buy shaped clips or pearl-white beaded, stone-studded letter hairpins, printed, embellished Barrett, bow clips, or crocodile clips.

You can buy any of these types at a reasonable rate online or from a shop according to the look you want. You can go for pearl or stone studded clips for an elegant look. And for funky, go for crocodile pins or printed ones. You can easily tie the loose ends using these clips with zero effort. Also, you can carry a pair of them wherever you go.

Do you want a cute look? Try the bow clips or printed hair clips with your casual wear. And for a formal look, embellished Barrett would be the best option. And to look super cool and stylish, use lettered hairpins and get a sassy hairstyle.


3. Ties or Rubber

Ties or rubber 

Ties are the most common accessory used by women to fix their hair in casual, formal, and party times. Usually, it is used to hold the ponytail, but you can also use it now to style your hair. How? You can buy stylish hair ties like a printed scrunchie, scarf scrunchie, bow, and oversized scrunchies. And fix your hair in style by rolling it or making a ponytail, or tieing half of your hair with stylish ties and leaving the rest of hair open.

Printed ties come in varieties of prints on ties, and scrunchies too come in varieties for different purposes. Also, girls nowadays wear scrunchies around their wrists for styling. Like clips, it is easy to carry, and if not in a purse, you can wear it on your wrist.

Among all hair accessories, ties or rubbers are the most common and important hair accessories a woman should have in their drawers. They are made of soft and flexible materials and are easy to wear. Also, now you can buy them to make your hair look adorable based on the dress you wear.


4. French Combs

French combs can also be called side combs. These decorative fasteners are easy to carry and clip in hairs without combing. You can easily fasten your hair using it by twisting your hair up, creating a roll, tucking the hair’s tip into the roll, or leaving it hanging. And then insert the pin upside down, scrunching the hair roll, flipping the comb-over. You can get it in various designs and colors, but it has no handle to hold. You just have to fix it in the hair.

A drawback of the french comb is that you can not use it on open hair. And why is it called french comb? Because it looks like a comb that enters your hair deeper like a comb. And it is mostly pinned when hair is styled in a french twist. They are affordable and available in plastic, handmade, and natural materials. There are also some antique designer french combs available in the market, which are expensive.


5. Pins

Hair Pins

Pins are the most common hair accessory used by women to fix their hair when they make a pony, buns, french twist, or leave their hair open. You can buy them matching your dress color and the purpose as they come in different colors, designs, and types. Metal Juda, hair comb pins, and hairpins are the pins available online and in shops. You can also buy stone-studded, lettered hairpins for a sassy party look or novelty bobby pins for a formal look.

Basically, pins are used to hold your hair tight. Like, when you make Juda or bun, the metal pins support your heavy Juda not to open and fall loose. They can help you hide the messy look of your hairstyle and keep them fixed. And they are smaller in size, which is easy to carry and use without a comb. If not purposefully, you can use pins of various designs as decorative pieces on your hair.


6. Hair Chains

Hair chains are not like other hair accessories that help fix your hair or keep hair away from the eyes. Instead, hair chains are trending accessories used for styling hair. They are available in clip and comb form and could be used for open and tied hair. Hair chains are a common and old-fashioned accessory in Indian weddings, where brides hook it on the hair on the head top as part of jewelry. But, nowadays, it comes in fancy and casual designs for girls to wear at parties and night outs.

It gives out a unique and cool look. It is not trending among young girls, but it is common in Indian brides, as mentioned before. So, give hair chains a try if you are looking for something unique and stylish accessory rather than an accessory to fix up your hair.


7. Hair Wreaths

Hair Wreaths

Hair wreaths look like crowns, which were popular in the Victorian era, and are still worn by some Christian brides. Initially, it was made of flowers, leaves, and branches. In some countries, women still wear it to honor their traditions and symbolize national pride. But, now you can also get artificial hair wreaths of various materials and designs and colors for your wedding or any occasion.

There were wreaths made for different purposes in earlier times, like mourning wreaths worn by church people, family, and friends of the dead ones for mourning prayer. Nowadays, it is mainly used as a fashionable hair accessory by young girls, and that too is mostly made of artificial material. It is available at cheaper to costliest rates based on their material, and if you buy an original wreath made of flowers, leaves, and branches, it must be the costliest one.


8. Hair Rings

Hair Rings

Now, you can wear rings like earrings on your hair too, and they are worn similar to piercings. It looks perfect on braids, especially on the side thin braids. They may not stay fixed on loose hair and slip down to the ends.But, try it once for a cool and casual look.

Hair rings are cheap and available easily online and in shops. Usually, they are made of aluminum and metal material and are available in a ring shape, and are smaller in size. But, you can also get a few more designable hair rings having hanging pieces in golden or silver color only. Like hair wreaths, hair rings are not a trending accessory among women as you can not wear them with every dress and hairstyle.


9. Claw Clips or Clutches

Claw Clips

Claw clips or clutches are one of the most commonly used women’s hair accessories. They help hold hairstyles and keep hair off from the eyes. And they come in various designs, sizes, colors, and shapes. Unlike ornamental accessories, clutches could be used for everyday purposes at home or work. Carry it easily and use it without combing free hair, buns, pony, or braids.

A classy, expensive claw clip will give an elegant look, and a cheaper, colorful claw clip will give out a funky look. So, buy an expensive one for work and occasion purposes and a cheaper one from nearby shops for daily use. Definitely add a claw clip to your accessory buying bucket list with ties as they both are multipurpose and easy to use and carry accessories.


10. Crimp Beads

Crimp beads

Crimp beads are made of metal and are not commonly used as it is not easy to clip on hair. You will need to style your hair and use a plier to fix crimp beads on your hair strand. You can use it to wear tinsel on hair or knots not to let the knots open up. Now, how to use it? If you are using it to fix tinsel, place the half part of the tinsel next to a hair strand and then hook the cramp bread to the hair and tinsel fold and drag the bead in and using a plier crimp it tight to fix the tinsel on the place.

It is suitable for all looks and is safe for your hair, so do not worry about clipping it to the hair with a plier that will damage your hair. Like other accessories, you can not get types, designs, colors, and shapes in crimp beads as they come in only silver, the golden, white, or black color of the same beady design.

Other than these beads, you must have worn colorful plastic beads in childhood that come in clip form or tiny clutches. Unlike the crimp beads type mentioned above, you can easily use them on a simple hairdo. Crimp beads are not very expensive, and you can get them both online and from shops.


11. Ribbons

Hair Ribbons


Ribbons are one of the types of hair ties to adorn your hair more than the purpose to tie. These ribbons are made of satin, silk, velvet, grosgrain, sheer, or organza and are safe for your hair; they do not damage hair strands. Just hold the ends of the ribbon and loop it around to tie a knot to fix hair. You can leave the ribbon loose or make a bow to get a funky and childly look on casual wear.

Carry them around and use them even without combing your hair. These come in different colors, designs, and sizes. You can use it on ponytails, loose hair, and buns and choose a colored ribbon matching your dress color. Also, hair ribbons are very cheap and easily available in your nearby stores.


12. Flowers

Flowers on Hair

Floral decoration on hair is an Indian tradition for occasions and weddings. It is a part of jewelry for Indian brides. Earlier, people used real fresh flowers to decorate their hair, but today you can also get artificial flower jewels from the market and online to adorn your hair. The artificial hair decoration flowers come in a pack of fabric flowers, long hairpins, ties, and Barrets to fix the hair. You can wrap them around your hair bun or pony or wear them as a hairband or Te ara.

If you prefer natural fresh flowers, buy a flower garland of lilies, mogra, daisies, roses, jasmine, and posies. Natural flowers are costlier than artificial ones, but the fresh ones give fragrance and more beautiful hair. Rather than buying a flower garland, you can buy artificial flowers that could be pinned up separately on knots.

You can not carry them around and use them without combing or styling your hair. Mostly, people go to salons to fix it professionally on hair as it is commonly worn by brides at weddings. Otherwise, casual artificial flowers are easy to wear, and you could wear them at beach parties and occasions on your own.


13. Hair Vines

Hair vines are trendy elegant hair jewelry for women. They come in various designs, shapes, and sizes and are mostly stone studded. Some hair vines are flexible enough to shape it according to you and wear it as Tiara or on buns or loose hair. You can fix hair vines with hairpins or buy a comb-like or clip-like hair vein. Some hair vines also come in the form of ribbons to tie it around as a hairband or wreath.

The price of hair vines ranges from cheap to expensive, so you can buy according to your expense limit and match the dress you wear. They are not available in many color choices, but you can get them in various designs and shapes.


14. Headscarf


A headscarf is a cloth covering your hair and head, which you can wear in any style. They come in crochet or satin-silk material and are also called head-wraps. You can get them in different lengths, widths, colors, and designs. Mostly headscarf comes in a square shape to let you fold it the way you wish to.

It is easy to wrap and tie and carry anywhere. It gives out a casual and cool look. You can also use it to protect your hair and head from pollution, wind, rain, and cold. They are cheap and available easily.


15. Netted Veil

Netted Veil

Netted veils are elegant hair accessories for brides, especially for Christian brides. It is a comb-like clip with an attached netted cloth covering your face. People nowadays also attach it to the bun and leave it to fall backward instead of covering their face. You can wear it to get an old vintage look at your weddings or on any occasion.

It is around 30 to 45 cm long from the comb-like edge of the veil and is easy to fix on hair. You can get a netted veil online at a buyable rate in different designs and sizes in various colors. But, good quality and designable netted veils for weddings are expensive enough.


16. Netted Beret

Netted Beret

The beret is a part of the military uniform, but now it has become a fashionable hair accessory among women. You must try it if you want to experiment with your hairstyle. Commonly, netted berets are made of wool, and you can get them in different colors, sizes, and designs. You will get them in a range of 100 to 1000  in online mode and market.


17. Hair Fixing Contour Strips

Hair fixing contour strips are used to fix vigs or artificial hair on the head. It is like tape, which is to be attached to the vig’s corner portions that will touch your skin. And then, remove the covering layer of tape and wear the vig sticking the strip nicely to your skin. You can get black, white, and multicolored hair fixing contour strips with a pack of multiple strips. Nowadays, invisible hair patches are also available in the market, but they are more expensive than regular hair fixing contour strips.


18. Braids Tool

Braids Tool

Braids tools or hair braiders come in different shapes and sizes to help you make braids. Using these tools, you can make braids in different ways easily and fix them tightly. Just clip the tool on the portion of hair from where you want to start braiding and then start braiding over the top of the braider. It is beneficial for the person who is unaware of making different types of braids.

But, you can not carry it around and use it without combing your hair. These tools are cheaper and easily available.


19. Hair Extension

Hair extension 

Hair extensions are extended hairs available in glued, sewn, or clipped form to attach to the natural hair or between the hair strands to increase hair volume. You can get them in different colors and your natural hair color. It is easy to use on the hair and is wearable for every occasion.

To attach a clipped type of hair extension, section hair into two and make a bun of the hair on the crown. And to the lower part of the hairline, clip the hair extension and open the bun. According to the volume of the extension, the price increases. The price varies from Rs. 350 to Rs. 10,000.


20. Tinsel Hair

Tinsel hair is a type of hair extension, but it has to be mentioned individually because they are shimmering strands attached to the hair to give a glittery hair look. It comes in various colors and is not that expensive. It is better to go to the salon to get it perfectly done, as you need to tie a knot of the original hair strand with the tinsel strand without breaking and damaging your hair.

You can keep it attached to your hair for 1 to 2 weeks, but comb your hair carefully so as not to break the tinsel. People also go for hair tinsel treatment rather than using tinsel hair extension, which lasts for 2 months, where your natural hair is tinselled.


Bottom Line

Women wear hair accessories to adorn hair or fix their hairstyles. You can buy any accessory according to your preference to attach, tie, wrap, or twist the accessory.

This article has discussed the top 20 accessories, namely, hair bands, clips, ties, strings, pins, chains, wreaths, rings, clutches, crimp beads, ribbons, flowers, big bows, headscarf, netted veil, mang tika, hair fixing, contour strips, braids tool, hair extension, and Gajra. You can get them in varieties of sizes, colors, and shapes.

We hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it. Do not forget to tell us in the comment section below about which one of the accessories is your favorite.

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