Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel Review

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We all know how Lakme Produces numerous products ranging from their face cream to other facial products, but this time we are pretty impressed to see how different they are looking forward to introducing this Aloe Gel. When we look at the market’s point of view, the Aloe Vera Gel are not a new step for facial products.

Lakme introducing this is new for us & that’s why through this article we will review and let you know whether it meets up to your needs. Nowadays, having dry skin with several skin-related issues like acne & rashes are pain your day-to-day life.

Thus aloe vera has such a tendency to heal and hydrate; therefore, through this review, we’ll clear each aspect of this product to you.


Benefit of Lakme 9to5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel

Benefit Boosts of Lakme 9to5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel

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Due to the climate change around you & the increase in pollution, your skin needs protection and care every day. There might be many skin care products you would have come across, but Aloe vera being a natural plant, its extract can build protection over your face.

Like any other aloe vera gel, Lakme’s claims to this product focus on the same aspect, i.e. to soothe and hydrate your skin while you head out in the polluted environment. Let’s take a look at the Benefits which Lakme 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel provides to us.

  1. One of the core constituents, Aloe vera, tends to soothe and heal your skin surface deep within it. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in Acne-Fighting that can be beneficial to a certain extent.
  2. Moisturising your skin is another benefit while using this Lakme Aloe Aqua Gel; unlike any other gel, this also has the moisturising abilities to smoothen your skin and glow.
  3. There are certain benefits that do work with specific skin types; dry & oily skin can benefit more from Lakme’s aloe vera gel rather than from sensitive skin.
  4. Brightening & Skin Conditioning is another significant benefit we get to learn from this product. This allows us to protect our skin from sunburn too. Furthermore, we will see how there are some health benefits later in the article.


What’s so Special about this Lakme Aloe Aqua Gel Review?

Aloe Vera

Whether it’s an aloe vera gel from Lakme or any other company, its cool feature of gliding across your skin & providing you with soothing skin texture regardless of your skin type, moreover, the speciality is known by the ingredients of the product & we’ll now get a detailed glimpse of the constituents in Lakme 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel.

Detailed Overview of the Ingredients & its Qualities


Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

This is one of the critical constituents of Lakme’s aloe vera aqua gel. Its quality is to prevent dryness of the skin and moisturise it with a cooling behaviour.
GlycerineIt acts as a moisture reservoir, which prevents the gel from getting dried & keep it in its current form for an extended period.
Distilled WaterIt acts a soluble for the aloe vera gel, contains several salts & minerals.
Nicotinic AcidThis particular acid has qualities of Vitamin B3, which surprisingly has skin-restoring properties. It helps your skin from ageing earlier. It’s an excellent Ingredient.
PerfumesThis was a bummer for us, as they used artificial agents to give this some fragrance.
DisodiumIt helps the product from getting discolouration & protects the fragrance from getting stale.


Some Health Benefits

Whether you are using aloe vera in the form of gel for skin or even juice for a drink, no matter its state, they benefit us with quite a few things that look over our health. Let’s find out the core health benefits that we can get from Lakme’s 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel.

  • Aloe vera is a miraculous herb, which acts as a coolant & can treat wounds, minor cuts & severe burns.
  • There is a significant possibility to prevent your skin from ageing & it nourishes its roots.
  • FrostBite can be treated by using Aloe vera gel. The doctor’s approval is needed before applying it.
  • Aloe Vera can treat your cold sores when needed just by applying them two to three times can heal them quickly.
  • Eczema can be treated by the moisturising effects of aloe vera, which can stop itchiness & dryness of the skin simultaneously.


Our Experience & Thoughts

While applying this aloe vera aqua gel from Lakme twice a week on my oily skin as this can be applicable for combination and normal skin users too. I want to discuss some of the pros & cons of the experience I had for over three weeks.

Let’s look at the Pros & Cons of the product & further, and we will see what I experience overall compared to what the company has claimed.

Pros & Cons of Lakme 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel


  • A very lightweight, non-greasy or sticky gel to use with several benefits.
  • A portable packaging style can be easily used by you.
  • It hydrates skin & moisturises it very well, resulting in making your skin soft.
  • Skin is softer for long durations & the gel keeps your skin healthier & cleaner.
  • It’s suitable for all skin types, excluding sensitive skin, as it depends on person to person.
  • Absorbs quite well on the skin textures.
  • Acts a coolant to soothe your skin burns or acne.


  • Artificial Fragrance used by moderately hazardous agents is a bummer in reality.
  • Winter use is a bit disappointing, as it could be less effective in terms of summer usage.
  • It’s a bit expensive for a small amount of volume.
  • The packaging from the inside is a bit improper & unhygienic.


My Experience over these Claims

After the day to day usage over these past three weeks, I can say it was a good experience as I won’t say it’s a great one, due to some bad experiences over its fragrance which I wasn’t a big fan of it. I usually used this aloe vera gel before I got to bed & I’ll say it didn’t bring glow and shine to your skin in the morning just hydrates it.

Several improvements will not disappoint you in terms of minor acne burning or, in general, prevent you from skin irritation. It is a bit transparent compared to Patanjali Aloe vera gel & has a cooling feature like the rest of the aloe vera gel products.

In the end, the claims from Lakme didn’t disappoint me, but regardless of its irritating fragrance & low glow feature, I had a good experience and would suggest you all at least try it out for general purposes.


Step-by-Step Usage

  • Wash your fingertips before applying the aloe vera gel. Gently slide over the aloe vera gel from your fingers to your face.
  • Gently and at ease, scrub it over the acne/burn or the skin in a circular motion until it’s completely covered over it.
  • After a few more minutes while it’s on your skin and acts as a mask, rinse it thoroughly.
  • After you have entirely rinse it properly, pat it with a dry towel and feel a refreshing skin with a smile on your face.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lakme 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel smoothens the skin?

Yes, It does bring a smooth effect after applying the gel on your face with moisturising effects.


Is it okay if we apply this during the night & in the daytime along with sunscreen?

It is perfectly fine & won’t create any such issues; the products of applying it at night or during the daytime will be the same.


Does Lakme provide a pleasing fragrance in their Aloe Aqua Gel? If not, how is it?

Unfortunately, Lakme uses artificial agents for their fragrant features to shine. This can be a headache & couldn’t provide you with the best essence in terms of aroma. According to my experience, it gives a reasonably okay scent.


Overall, is Lakme’s 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel a good recommendation?

If you consider buying an Aloe vera gel just for the sake of medical reasons, then I would say you should go for it. It does give you perfect results in terms of getting healthy and smoother skin.

But if you are looking for something which needs proper assistance over your skin, this might be not the right product for you.



At last, Lakme has provided us with something products blindly consider sacrificing some other feature like its fragrance. Other than that, it gives us a positive effect in smoothing out our skin & thoroughly hydrating it.

It is easily recommended by general use as there won’t be any barrier for other skin types unless if you have sensitive skin, we won’t recommend you go with this product. Lakme 9To5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel is a great facial product, and we would easily give them a thumbs up.

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