How To Make Potatoes Healthy? 

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Potatoes are considered one of the most highly consumed and nutritious field food available for everyone.

They consist of magnesium, vitamin B6, antioxidants, and more. However, the nutritional content of a potato majorly depends on how you make them.

Many of you might be wondering if there are any ways to make Potatoes Healthy? So let’s find out what are the healthy ways to prepare potatoes for extra benefits.


Healthy Ways To Prepare Potatoes 

Here are some healthy ways to enjoy your delicious potatoes while keeping them healthy and beneficial for your body.

Boil Potato With The Skin On

Boil Potato With The Skin On

You might be shocked to know that you gain more healthy nutrients by just not removing the skin of potatoes while boiling them.

Yup, not removing the skin can make a huge difference because when potatoes are boiled in water without removing their skin, they tend to lose their beneficial nutrients in the water itself.

Therefore, you lose nutritional content when you peel off the skin layer of potatoes. Meanwhile, when you use them with their skin, you can rescue the inner nutritional benefits while boiling them.


Use Red And Purple Potatoes

Red And Purple Potatoes

Regular yellow potatoes can be great for your health when you use them correctly. But other potatoes can be even healthier than regular potatoes. These are red and purple colored potatoes.

They are high in complex carbs, deficient in calories, and don’t contain any fats. Therefore, these red and purple potatoes are considered the healthiest type of potatoes worldwide, and they can be perfect for people looking for food with no fat and fewer calories.


Avoid Adding Unhealthy Ingredients

Ingredients like butter, ghee, cheese, unhealthy oils, and artificial flavoring are high in fats and calories, making your entire food unhealthy.

So rather than adding these elements with potatoes, consider using healthy ingredients like olive oils and healthy vegetables. This will add more beneficial nutrients to your meal, making it more nutritious.


Replace Fried Potatoes With Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes

Fried potatoes can be harmful to people with high cholesterol, putting them at various heart-related risks.

So it would be best for your health if you replaced these fried potatoes with baked potatoes as they are low in cholesterol and down in fats. For example, replace your regular french fries with baked french fries.

By having baked french fries, you can ensure you lose the least amount of healthy nutrients. This way, you can still have your favorite fries but in a healthy way. By following this method, you can enjoy your potatoes in a much healthier way.

These roasted potatoes also help in providing potassium which can be good for health.


Go For Steaming

Steamed Potatoes

Another way to ensure you get maximum benefits through potatoes is by steaming them.

When you steam a potato, you can lose less amount of healthy nutrients like potassium and magnesium than boiling, resulting in your meal being more healthy.

So just keep these potatoes in a steaming container and add a sufficient amount of water to it.


Invest In Baked Chips

Baked Chips

We know how unhealthy potato chips can be as they are filled with unhealthy oils causing major health issues like cholesterol.

A single pack of fried chips can be very harmful to your health especially the ones that have any sugar issues.

So it is better to replace these fried chips with a healthy baked chip as this way you will be able to enjoy chips without high calories and fat compared to unhealthy fried chips.



Can potatoes be considered suitable for a diet? 

Yes, potatoes are filled with various minerals, vitamins, and also antioxidants. They make great diet food.

In fact, potatoes can also help in numerous health conditions like reducing various heart-related diseases, improving your sugar level, and providing you with higher immunity.


How many potatoes can I consume daily? 

You can consume around one medium-sized potato every day. Potatoes usually are considered good for health, but having too much can still be bad for you. So by having a sufficient amount of medium size, you can keep yourself healthy.


Can I bake red potatoes like the regular yellow ones? 

Yes, you can bake red potatoes as well, just like yellow potatoes. Red potatoes are already considered one of the healthiest potatoes, and by baking them, you can provide extra benefits to your health. So one should definitely consider having them.



Potatoes can be great for you if they are used right. By following the methods mentioned above and tricks, you can consume potatoes without thinking twice about your health and enjoy them thoroughly.

I hope through these methods you can use the benefits of potatoes and have them happily.

Tell us in the comments what techniques you are most likely to try to have healthy potatoes. Also, tell us if you would try red or purple potatoes.

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