How to Make Your Hair Silky?

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Signs of having silky and smooth hair explain us more than just having proper hair care. Specific techniques check your diet along with the hair products you have kept in use. But most people have such difficulties finding a procedure and the methods of getting their hair silky and shiny. Through this article, we’ll cover every aspect of how to make your hair smooth.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the endless possibilities of how you can have your hair silky. To get to that point, the treatment of your hair should be fragile and monitored at all times. Let’s get into these different treatments and procedures.


3 Different Types of Techniques for Silky Hair

For anyone to get smooth and silky hair, we need to guide and introduce them with several techniques and procedures, which will explain to you on a step-by-step basis. These techniques vary from the deep conditioning of your hair to applying different hair care regimens that will help you get silky hair.

There are three ways through which we guide you for your silky hair, and they are as follows:

  1. Styling your Hair
  2. Deep Conditioning
  3. Hair Care Products & its Regimen


1. Styling of Your Hair

Styling of Your Hair

Proper management and the mannerism of keeping your hair stylish are things that everyone should watch. Using oils & serum to tame frizz is the best way for your hair to put on the first step of silky hair. These serums act as a catalyst to let out the dryness of your hair. Let’s focus on what are the Benefits of this technique:

Daily, you should oil your hair for those who have dry hair because most of the individuals who desire silky hair think of their dry hair & how they could make it smooth in the first place.

Oil plays a more prominent role in letting go of your dry hair. It is to be noted that you should never wash your hair without oiling it one hour before shampooing. Massaging your hair with oil, especially the proper use of Coconut, Almond, Castor oil, can be beneficial for your dry hair.

When your hair tends to fall into being dry and coarse, the hair serums help you appropriately manage your hair. But these serums follow a different path than the oils. They further act to smooth in your hair when you rinse or take a shower. Applying it while your hair is dry can also be an option, but we prefer you to use the serum after you take a shower. This would soak in the serum contents into your hair and will prevent your hair from getting dry.

Argon Oil of Morocco origin completes the process of styling your hair correctly. After you have entirely applied all the essentials like hair serum, coconut & almond oils. The Argon oil gives a bit of shiny touch to your hair, making you stay away from the conditioner usage.

It acts as a conditioner itself for your hair, so a bit of amount of it would be sufficient to apply.

The final method to make your hair smooth and silky is to address the use of heat protectant tools that can straighten and keep your hair soft at first. It is to be noted that these tools are to smoothen your hair only if you do not have dry hair at first.

Applying heat to your hair can make your hair smooth & create a soft, silky effect. It isn’t recommended for you to use it daily, but it can be used after you have taken a shower. Different types of hair will be using multiple types of comb to assist your hair while applying heat.


2. Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning

This technique is one of the best methods that can optimize your hair to its roots and give you shiny and smooth hair. These are primarily home remedies that could be made by you anytime. During this, we’ll see how you could get a popper usage of eggs, bananas, and other healthy products which will not only give you silky hair but will also be good for health.

Hair masks are the best habits for proper deep conditioning; they can benefit you in retaining the oil from your hair. If you ever need an instant shine without using hair conditioning products, then applying these every week will bring good effects and results in your favor.

To make a hair mask, all you need is two eggs and break them to whisk out the whites separating from the yolks, make sure that you have mix it up thoroughly. You can also add lemon drops into the mixture; lemons contain citrus acid, which can help your hair roots & make them smoother.

After you have created the mixture, apply them to the desired locations of your hair, make sure you have spread all the egg white mixture to your hair roots, wait for it to sit down and while you do the rest of the stuff, make sure to shampoo your hair and rinse it very well.

That is not the only way to make a hair mask, but you could also use banana & honey instead of eggs; yes! These are the alternatives to make your hair mask, moreover like a vegetarian alternative. Let’s take a look at how to make the honey banana hair mask for your silky hair.

You need two bananas, and make sure you mash them up properly. An addition of honey (not more than 5ml) will make your mashed bananas mushy. While in the shower, all you need is to wet your hair & comb your hair with the honey banana mask, just like for the egg whites mask.

Let it rest on the root tips of your hair, and then rinse your hair with cold water thoroughly. This will instantly give your hair a silky and smooth feature that will be staying on your hair for a long duration.

You shouldn’t forget to apply this procedure every week, as a proper routine can permanently provide you with silky hair.

Proper treatment at salons can be a beneficial solution for you to have silky hair, as they use different types of special oils and serums, which can be helpful for your dry or coarse hair to be soft and smooth. There are specific tips through which you can come up with a perfect treatment either at home or anywhere.

  1. Make sure to not wet your hair with hot water; instead of the use lukewarm or cold water is prominent for individuals.
  2. Massaging your hair with coconut or almond hair oil should be a daily process, this will allow your hair to open the roots to invite additional elements into your hair.


3. Hair Care Products & its Regimen

Hair Care Products & its Regimen

These hair care products are not necessary unless they are made at home by you. The homemade hair products are much beneficial for anyone who applies them for their dry and coarse hair. While you take a good shower, the homemade deep conditioning of your hair could be a mess sometimes. To make better use out of it, you need a few home products.

Let’s explore how we can do it with these products, homemade or artificial ones.

One of the best homemade hair care products is apple cider vinegar. It’s simple and easy to make. All you need to get is one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar & one cup of water.

The first step is to dilute the apple cider vinegar as we don’t need the mixture to be concentrated. Here’s a tip before using the apple cider vinegar, make sure you rinse your hair with Sulphate-free shampoo.

As you must have seen, most of the sulfates are used in most detergents and shampoos but using sulfate shampoo can be very harsh & can cause your hair to dry. Sulfate-free shampoos like Syoss can let the oils on your hair stay put without messing with it.

Apple cider vinegar is the core component in removing the dirt, oil, and other elements which make your hair dry and coarse. This will result in making your hair silky and smooth.

While you use these products, make sure that you keep them manageable, this can be processed by using a wide comb that will help you to detangle your hair in a suitable fashion. Brushing your hair while it’s wet can cause your hair to break & create split ends inside it. These are some tips before you use any such product, managing your hair is also essential.

Fenugreek seeds are also the healthiest way in order to get your hair silky and smooth. All you need to do is soak them overnight in a glass of water, this will make it soggy and in the morning make sure to blend out the content and create a paste out of it.

This will create a soft texture of the fenugreek seeds, make sure to apply these to your hair Apply the mixture & let it sit on it while taking a shower, then rinse it well. These are such amazing homemade products that can be easily crafted and deliver with silky and soft hair instantly.

There is an alternative for an apple cider mask, where we use apple itself. This applesauce mask is very beneficial due to its malic acid which goes down to your hair follicles and removes the dead skin and helps you with the cleansing of your hair follicles. To make this applesauce mixture, all you need to do is, peel & grate down 1-2 apples, mash them perfectly with an addition of water, with an addition of one tablespoon of cornflour.

This will create a perfect thick mixture of what we call applesauce. Always remember to apply this mixture to your dry and unwashed hair for around 20-30 minutes. Rinse off well with moderately warm water, it should be hot or cold. This will not only give silky hair but also provide you with an aroma of the apples.


Our Opinion

After going through all the different types of techniques, we can see that instead of using any source of artificial resources, there are lots of possibilities where one can certainly choose the natural counterparts for making their hair silky and smooth. We tried most of the techniques and processes to make the hair soft, & we found out that Deep Conditioning of your hair using hair masks with natural ingredients are much helpful than Styling your hair.

It should be noted that using any of the hair dyes or colors can be very harmful & are able to damage your hair without any alert. They might give you the color and shine, but their artificial colors can only make it more damaged. Hence, using natural products or standard techniques is a better option for any individual.


The Final Verdict

We didn’t suggest or recommended any such artificial products unless it’s needed, as there are many health products out there that you can easily craft & apply on a daily basis. The process of making your hair silky is easy, but patience and good delivery of natural products can help you out in succeeding it.

These methods are easy and impressive, and one should try them out at home. Your diet should also be a priority where you need to include all the Vitamins and minerals which are very helpful for your hair follicles. This addition to your routine can be very effective.

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