The 10 Best Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home

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Don’t we all wish to lose weight and get a healthy and fit body? But in reality, losing weight can be way more complicated than imagined.

Exercise is an important function to lose weight, accompanied by a healthy diet. But handling your work and personal life can make the entire process of visiting a gym and exercising very difficult.

However, you can still lose weight by being at home as well. In fact, in this article, we are going to mention all the essential exercises that you can perform at home, which can be highly beneficial for you in losing weight.

So here we go,


10 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Lose Weight

1. Skipping

Skipping is a great technique to get rid of body fat, calories, weight loss and improve your muscle strength. You can start by keeping both your feet together, holding skipping rope in your hands.

Apart from weight loss, skipping can also help provide better heart condition as this exercise can speed up the pumping of blood by increasing your heart rate.


For this exercise, start by standing in a clear surfacing, keeping your back straight. Your feet should be together while standing, pointing in a straight direction.

Keep your hands downwards straight near your thighs with skipping ropes in your hand. Then start jumping on the ground, let the skipping ropes move over your feet, and keep repeating this process for around one min.

You can do about three sets of skipping every day for weight loss.


2. Plank

Plank pose helps in burning calories and excess fat. Plank helps provide benefits to the entire body as it strengthens your arms, core, shoulder, hips, and back.

Even though plank may sound like an easy exercise, it can be very intense and exhausting for you in reality.


The more you hold yourself during a plank the more benefits you are likely to gain, so you need to increase the hold of your pose for a longer duration for faster and better results. Plank can also assist in developing your posture, balance, and core strength.


3. Squats

A squat is a great way to improve and strengthen your lower body. Squats can help in preventing body fat and burn calories from your lower body.

Apart from just reducing body fats and calories, performing squats can also improve your balance and mobility. To perform a perfect squat, start by standing straight and making sure your back is completely straight.Squats

Then bend your ankles and knees while pushing your hip back. Keep your toes and heels on the ground and sit in a squat position. Then bend your knees to an angle of 90 degrees.

By adding force, your heels straighten your legs and then return to your standard standing pose. You can go for around 10 to 15 reps of squats for three sets if you are a beginner.


4. Lunges

Lunges are another amazing exercise to tone your lower body, burn calories and body fat. Also, this can help in increasing your athleticism and fitness by strengthening your muscles, back, legs and hip.

For this exercise, stand and keep your abs upright along with your back straight. Keep your right leg in front and bend your knee until your left thigh is perpendicular to the ground and your right thigh is parallel.


Then carry the front knee over your heel and then come back by bringing both your feet together. You can then repeat the same process with your left leg. Following around 30 reps of these lunges can be great for weight loss, stability, and fitness.


5. Push-Ups

Push-ups can be an excellent way to exert energy by pushing your body away from the ground. This exercise helps in preventing body fat and calories.

Push-ups majorly help in the upper body and muscle by focusing on shoulders, triceps, chest, back, and more. Find a flat surface, and then put both your hands forward along with your shoulder width.


Set both your feet together in a suitable pose, or you can even keep your feet apart for a comfortable balance. Then as low as possible, bend your shoulders towards the surface and straighten your arms by pushing them back.

Keep repeating this method for 15 to 20 reps for around three sets. By following this exercise, you can also get good muscle mass, excellent stability, and balance.


6. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers is a great exercise for weight loss. It helps in treating body fat along with burning calories. You can easily do this exercise anywhere as you only require an anti-slippery floor or surface.

Start by being in a plank pose for this exercise, then move your right knee towards your chest area.

While doing this step, make sure you are not raising your hip, or your foot is not touching the surface. Then place your right foot back in the plank position and do the same with your left foot, move it towards your chest and then come back in plank pose.

Mountain Climbers

Keep repeating this step with alternative legs for around one minute. You can do three sets of these mountain climbers.

The faster your legs move, the better result you would get. This exercise is terrific in treating belly fat as well. It targets the core of your body which helps in reducing body fat.


7. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches can be a great way to lose weight along with helping in burning body fat. As the first step, lay down on the floor. You can use a mat as well on the ground for this exercise.

Keep your hands behind your head. Then, bring both your knees up, and at one time, bring your right elbow towards your left knee. Then return back to the normal position with both knees bent.

Then repeat and bring your left elbow towards your right knee. Keep following this exercise for 20 reps with three sets.

This exercise can be a bit exhausting for some people so that you can take a rest for 30 seconds after a set. This exercise also helps in strengthening your arms, legs, and muscles.


8. Burpee


Burpees are an effective exercise for weight loss. This exercise works for your complete body as it involves planking, jumping, and squats as well. Burpee can be incredibly productive in getting rid of fat and calories.

Also, this helps make your muscles more strong, strengthen your body, and also improve your metabolism. To perform this exercise, start by standing straight with your feet apart.


Then bend down your knees by pushing back your hips and reaching your palms on the floor to lower it to a crouch.

Then lower back in a position of a squat for rep. Then shift your body to jump and gently land back in a position of a plank. Follow this exercise by repeating it around 9 to 12 times with three sets. 


9. Kettlebell

Another great exercise you can perform at your home for losing weight is by using a kettlebell. Take a kettlebell and stand with your hip-width away.

Keep your back in a straight position, hold the kettlebell using your hands, and move over the kettlebell towards the hip. Then hike this kettlebell in between your legs in backward form.

Kettlebell Exercise

Keep your cured active and swing the kettlebell in forward motion. Let the kettlebell fall forward by swinging it.

Repeat this with three sets of 15 reps. This helps in making your arms and muscles more strong, improving your balance, stability and also helps burning excess fat in your body.


10. Double Jump

Start by standing wider with your hips wide away, and then get in a deep squat pose. The position of your back should be straight then stand up a bit and land in a position of a lunge with your left leg back.

Follow the process of moving from a lunge pose to squat and then keep repeating this step with opposite legs. Follow two sets of a double jump for around a minute.



Can running be beneficial for losing weight? 

Yes, running can be highly beneficial for losing weight. When you run, you tend to burn the excess fat off your body along with burning calories. Running itself is a mode of exercise to lose weight.


Can I lose weight by just working on exercise? 

No, exercise can help lose weight, but a healthy diet is equally vital in the process. Both exercise and diet are equally vital when it comes to weight loss. Therefore, you need to follow both the procedures to lose weight.


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You can’t lose weight without following essential practices regularly. The exercises mentioned above can provide you with great results if you follow them regularly.

All these exercises can be great in helping you lose weight along with various other benefits as well like strong muscles, giving stability, balance, and more.

Tell us in the comments of all of the exercises mentioned above which one do you think is the best for losing weight.

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