10 Reasons Cycling is Good For You

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We already knew that cycling is healthy. But why is this so? Cycling is excellent for the body and mind. It is good for the muscles and the lungs. It helps against physical discomfort and defects. Since cycling is an accessible way of exercise, it is suitable for most people. This article will give you 10 reasons why cycling is so healthy and why you should do a tour with your bike every day.


Here are the 10 reasons why cycling is so good for you:

Cycling is good to prevent many diseases

Cycling reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cycling also has a positive effect on the blood. The composition of your blood changes as it changes; due to the movement and the increased heart rate, it begins to flow faster. This is according to a doctoral student at Leiden University Medical Center. Besides, the blood vessels become more flexible and stronger as they close less quickly.


Cycling is good for relaxation and helps against stress

Cycling is good for relaxation and helps against stress

When cycling, it is possible to think of something else. Long rides relax the mind. It affects your whole body and your feeling; Your body and your breathing come to rest, but also your head. Cycling has positive effects on reducing stress symptoms, and while cycling, you produce certain substances such as endorphins and serotonin. These fabrics give you a feeling of happiness.


Cycling will make you sleep better

Research shows that we can sleep better if we cycle a little every day. By kicking just 30 minutes a day, you can fall asleep faster and even an hour longer. By being outside and thus more in the daylight, you can better find your natural sleep rhythm. Sunlight also reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to good sleep.


Cycling helps against obesity.

Cycling is an excellent way to lose the extra kilos. Did you know that 10 minutes of cycling can burn about 97 calories? Cycling is a gentle workout that almost does not strain the joints. They make smooth and even movements. If you are a bit heavier, cycling is also a good solution. Most of your weight is then on the saddle, so your knees and ankles have to wear it.


Cycling offers the “brain effect.”

When you cycle, you not only get your body moving but also your brain. Cycling promotes blood circulation to the brain and allows more oxygen to enter our system. More proteins are produced to form new brain cells. Besides, cycling allows the different parts of our brains to communicate better, increasing our cognitive performance. This means that our enlightening abilities, which have to do with thought, mind, intellect and human ability to know, improve.


Cycling improves muscle building

Cycling improves muscle building

When cycling, you don’t just use your legs and feet to turn the pedals. They use many extra muscles, including controlling, staying in balance, keeping the position, and providing extra strength. With a regular bike tour, you work muscle building. If you cycle for half an hour to an hour a day, that is enough to build a good condition and stronger muscles.


Cycling is a social activity.

Of course, you can cycle alone, but it is also very nice to do a bike ride together. While cycling, you can chat, laugh and listen. It all starts with school intensely; Children rarely go to school alone. When they cycle together through wind and weather, they quickly create a connection. To develop emotionally well, it is important to have social contacts. A bike ride with friends can help you!


Cycling is possible anytime, anywhere.

Cycling is very accessible. Because it’s so easy to use, you can also use the bike faster. You can plan bike rides at times when you’re already going somewhere, so you get your movement without (much) extra time. You can also reach many more places by bike than by car. With almost 40,000 kilometres of cycle paths in Germany, there are still many places to discover for most people. Did you know that Van Raam has put together a bike route himself? View the article “Bicycle Route in Varsseveld and Surroundings with Van Raam Bicycle“.

If you cycle for half an hour to an hour a day, that is enough to build a good condition and stronger muscles.


Cycling gives you a feeling of freedom.

Cycling gives a wonderful feeling of freedom; you slow down. When you return from work, you arrive at home relaxed. You can reach the most beautiful places, and by bike, you can peacefully discover cities or landscapes: no commitments, no stress and nice to move in.


If you are cycling, you are out in nature.

Sometimes you only realize how beautiful nature is when you cycle through it. From the car, the landscape passes you much faster. There is much more to see on the bike. It is also healthy to be regularly in nature; the mood improves, you have fewer negative thoughts, and you experience less stress. Your mental fatigue also decreases. Being outdoors ensures that you take enough vitamin D.

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