About NKFI

About NKFI

What They Do?

About 200,000 persons in India go into terminal kidney failure every year. Millions more suffer lesser forms of kidney diseases.

To help these unfortunate patients, the Foundation gives succour in several ways:

I. Public Education

The Foundation has a public education programme using group meetings, associations, and mass media such as newspapers, magazines, exhibitions, radio and television, to educate the public about kidney diseases, their prevention, and early treatment.

II. Training

The Foundation supports and organises full-fledged training programmes where physicians and surgeons receive training in kidney diseases and transplantation.

III. Research

The Foundation supports broad-based research programmes in medical centres and hospitals in India.

IV. Free Check-up

The Foundation also organises periodic free check-ups of kidney diseases for the public. Such check-ups help in timely detection and early treatment of kidney ailments.

V. Counselling

The Foundation organises individual and group counselling for patients suffering from kidney diseases. This helps them morally as well as psychologically by eliminating their blocks manifested in the form of depression, confusion, stubbornness and by overcoming their fears and anxieties through a qualitative counselling relationship between the counsellor and the counselee.

VI. Patient Support

Besides the above, the Foundation also provides advice and information on kidney transplant.

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About NKFI