Protein Shakes for Women

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That much is certain – even women have discovered the gym and strength sports for themselves. At present, more women are training with dumbbells and equipment than three years ago. Welcome, because strength training contributes to an attractive body, especially in combination with sufficient sleep and enough protein. In this context, the question often arises as to whether and to what extent women should resort to protein shakes. Are there even special protein shakes that are tailored to the needs of this particular target group? We provide the necessary background info.

What is whey protein anyway?

whey protein

Some basics in advance – this type of protein is a by-product of milk processing. More precisely, it is a by-product of cheese production, which was simply disposed of as a waste product (whey) only a few years ago. A disgrace given the importance of whey/whey shakes today as a protein supplier. Protein (as a whey shake) e.B. after intensive strength training significantly promotes muscle growth and muscle building. In the short term, you may not register the effect, but certainly over a longer period of time. Protein also contributes to strong bones.

The mode of action of protein is naturally gender-independent. If you as a woman spend a lot of time training on strength, you also benefit from the postive properties of the proteins in terms of muscle building and regeneration.

Daily protein requirement?

Daily protein requirement

The daily protein requirement depends heavily on the intensity with which you exercise. With regular training, 70g per day is considered the average guideline. If strength training dominates the training plan, taking up to 160g whey is quite advisable. One scoop of whey powder contains an average of 20g of protein. This shows that not all daily requirements can be covered by shakes. Rather, consider this as a complement to a balanced, healthy diet plan.

Lose weight with Whey Protein?

Protein shakes, and thus also the classic whey shakes, are also very popular as part of a diet and are widely used. Especially as a small snack they are very popular, not least because of their low calorie balance. In addition, they produce a feeling of satiety relatively quickly and can also satisfy the hunger for sweetness.

But remember: You will only lose weight if you consume fewer calories than the body consumes. A protein shake is not a miracle cure that makes the kilos sizzle. It is just part of a healthy lifestyle. Shakes are not a complete meal replacement because they contain comparatively little vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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