How to burn 1000 calories a day?

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Let’s face the fact: if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight, and if you consume fewer calories and burn more, you lose weight. But sometimes, especially when you’ve consumed too many calories, it looks impossible to attain your calorie deficit goal.

Well, we have a solution for you. Our team of experts has curated an efficient and actionable guide to burn 1000 calories for you.

Hitting the target of burning 1000 calories will let you shed some kilos and keep you in shape. Read on.


Calorie burn

Calories Burn

You lose 1 pound by losing 3,500 calories, meaning only 0.45 kg of weight loss. And to lose even 500 calories, you have to work so hard and put effort into maintaining a healthy diet and daily workout.

But it’s not that difficult, you can work smartly and efficiently to achieve the mark of 1000 calories daily and even beyond.

Also, if you are overweight, losing weight and working harder to stay healthy and happy becomes necessary. And the calories you burn depend on your size and weight. Look at a few points that we think will help you reduce at least 1000 calories in a day.

1. Enough sleep


To keep yourself energetic, take a good night’s sleep. The more you sleep, the more your body gets to rest, and the fresher you wake up. Proper sleep will make it easy for you to shed kilos.

You might not know that your body burns calories depending upon your weight while you sleep. But, it doesn’t mean you should sleep for a longer period.

Also, it’s wrong to believe that the night’s sleep alone will burn all 1000 calories. It will only help you lose calories by giving you strength all day long.


2. Walking


A 1-hour walk, either on a treadmill or a regular one, may help you burn 1000 calories. Take a morning walk and then an evening walk of an hour. Each walk will burn around 250 calories.

If you choose a hilly area or a path with stairs to walk, it will burn a lot more than a regular walk. And remember to move your hands upside down while you walk. Do not hold your arms still.

Swinging your arms will turn it into a power walk helping burn more fat. And to walk on an elevated path, you will invest more energy to help you reduce fat. Alternatively, if you do not wish to go out, go upside down on your own house’ stairs.


3. Cycling and running


Cycling or biking and running, both for an hour, will burn at least 850 calories. It’s only effective when you do it with intensity though. However, ensure that you have a strength training program going on so that you don’t injure yourself while running or cycling.

Running and cycling directly targets your belly fat and may suppress your appetite. Besides burning calories, cycling also decreases blood sugar, heart diseases, knee damage, etc.


4. Drinking water

Drink more water

Drinking warm water will help in burning calories. The more hydrated you stay, you lose more weight. Water also keeps you healthy and prevents many diseases.

You must have noticed that you do not feel hungry after drinking lots of water. In the same way, it will decrease your appetite and help to burn calories.

Try replacing flavored beverages with smoothies of fluid-rich and wholesome fruits. The smoothie replacing a meal will help burn at least 500 calories. For example, you can make a healthy smoothie out of spinach, apple, banana, and protein powder.


5. Lifting weightsHeavy Lifting

Incorporate weight lifting into your daily routine to make it easier to lose weight. To lift a weight, you need energy, and you will work harder for it, which will burn calories.

You can carry weights on your back to work harder. Even while walking, you can carry something heavier on your back.


6. Diet

Healthy Diet

You know that eating fewer calories a day will balance your diet, for which you need to replace the regular food you eat daily with high fibre and low-calorie food. And the cravings you have for snacks, save that for snacks containing fruits and vegetables.

If you eat calories as usual and exercise to burn them, you may not lose weight because you have to balance your diet to achieve weight loss.


7. Physical works

Sitting ideal will not give you the result. Get up and do some physical work or follow your hobbies. Dancing, boxing, skiing, rock climbing, jumping rope, Zumba, swimming, and more to burn calories.

Swimming burns 1000 calories if you swim for 1 hour 30 minutes. Likewise, boxing burns 1000 calories if done for 1 hour 15 minutes, and the same is for other physical activities. And even regular household work like mopping, sweeping burns calories.


8. Yoga and exercise


Depending upon the type of yoga you are performing, it may burn 180 to 460 calories. It means yoga isn’t enough to burn 1000 calories a day. So either you can balance the diet or perform any other physical work for 30 minutes with yoga.

And on the other hand, exercises are enough to burn 1000 calories, but what if it’s not an intense one? Then again, either you need to include yoga or any other way or extend the time to exercise.

For example, you can make a plan of exercise of one hour in which you may do,

  • 20 squats
  • 20 leg raises
  • 50 high knees
  • 50 cross runs
  • One lap bear crawl
  • One lap lunge
  • 20 bunny hops
  • 20 push-ups
  • 20 ply jumps
  • 50 squat press

Or you can make a set of your own, but it will only work out if you exercise for at least an hour or so continuously. You may take a few seconds to rest in between each exercise.


9. Intense workout

High Intensity Workout

If you are energetic and have enough strength to do an intense workout, it is the easiest way to burn 1000 calories in less time. You can do it both at the gym and at home.

Again, you have to plan exercises you wish to do and relax your body in between by segregating the exercises in different rounds.

Intense workouts burn calories by increasing the metabolism and the body’s oxygen demand. Now, remember only to do the intense workout looking at your age, gender, weight, and if you are sure that you can do it.

For example, you can make a plan of intense workout at home like,

Round 1 of each exercise of one minute with 10 seconds rest includes,

  • High knees
  • squat pulse
  • squat knee touch
  • crossbody ankle tap
  • lunge+knee drive (left side)
  • lunge+knee drive(right side)
  • plank jump+knee tap
  • high plank leg lift
  • Bicycle crunches


Round 2 of 1 minute each with 10 seconds rest includes,

  • Two fat jacks+four butt kicks
  • scissor kicks
  • burpee+two plank jacks
  • straight leg donkey kick (left side)
  • straight leg donkey kick (right side)
  • knee to elbow jump side to side
  • burpee+four mountain climbers
  • lying toe touch
  • jumping toe touch
  • lay down+stand up


Round 3 of 1 minute each exercise with 10 seconds rest includes,

  • Ghost-rope
  • crab dance
  • bicycle crunches
  • lateral walk
  • plank tap combo
  • knee to squat jump
  • lateral walk+burpee
  • knee push-up
  • Five shuffle+jumping lunge
  • crunches
  • pop squat


Round 4 of 1 minute each exercise with 10 seconds gap includes,

  • Criss-cross+knee to elbow
  • skater jump
  • shuffle lunge
  • knee to elbow (left side)
  • knee to elbow (right side)
  • fast feet+burpee
  • side to side flour touch


Last, round 5 of 1 minute each with 10 seconds rest include,

  • squat walk
  • squat hold toe tap
  • lying leg lift (left)
  • lying leg lift (right)
  • lying leg wing (left)
  • lying leg wing (right)
  • bridge pulse
  • bridge+abductor
  • shuffle lunge jump
  • hammer slam

Now, most of you must have decided to switch your plan from an intense workout to other ways of losing weight. Right?

We mentioned an example to let you know the strength you need for an intense workout. Therefore, choose any of the above ways to burn 1000 calories a day according to your capability.



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To burn 1000 calories, it is not necessary to do an intense workout. Of course, it is an option, but you can go for other ways.

Following a proper diet or doing any household work, lifting weights, or hydrating yourself from time to time may also help burn 1000 calories a day. If you walk or run or do cycling, swimming for an hour, it will also give you the results.

Just extend the time duration of whatever way you choose to burn 1000 calories in a day. We hope you found this article helpful. Do share your experience of reading in the comment section below.

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