What Is Proffee? How To Make Protein Coffee?

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Want to add some flavor to your protein shake? Do you like coffee flavor? So, why not combine both? Instead of adding artificial or unhealthy flavors to your protein shake. Why not add some health-beneficial flavor.

Coffee has antioxidants that improve health and reduce the risk of various diseases. And the caffeine in coffee boosts energy, improves memory, decreases fatigue, and improves mental functioning.

Therefore, this article will tell you what is proffee and how to make it? The health-conscious and coffee lovers will get a new recipe of a combination of taste and health.


What is Proffee?


Proffee is protein plus coffee that is protein coffee. It tastes like a latte and forms a delicious healthy drink that you can consume in the morning or after or before exercise. Consuming it in the morning may help you control your hunger and increase your metabolism.

Protein is a nutritional supplement that helps build muscles, repair tissues and make enzymes and hormones. Also, it helps in weight loss. And on the other hand, coffee is a very low-calorie beverage, making proffee a low-calorie drink.

Mostly, people use a protein shake to make this recipe, but you can also use protein powder to make it. You can use flavorless protein powders or any protein powder of your choice to avoid adding sweeteners to the drink to let it stay healthy.


How to make protein coffee?

You know that you can use either protein powder or a protein shake with coffee powder to make a proffee. Right? So, now let us see how you will make a delicious proffee drink. Some of you prefer cold drinks and other hot drinks. But, adding protein powder to a hot liquid may form lumps unless it is a collagen powder.

So, how can you make a hot and cold proffee drink without any lumps and with a yummy and flavorful taste?

1. Cold-brew protein drink

Cold-brew protein drink

Put a few ice cubes into the glass, add cold brew coffee, and pour the pre-made protein drink at the end. Cold brew coffee is the crushed coffee beans that have been stored in water for 12 hours and then frozen for a week, then filtered to become a cold brew coffee.

And to make a protein drink, you can add unflavoured almond, cow, soy, or oatmeal milk to needed scoops of protein powder and shake it well. And to make the protein shake creamy, you can gradually blend or whisk the powder by adding milk. If you want sweetness in your proffee drink and can’t add sugar, replace it with flavors like caramel, vanilla, or chocolate.


2. Espresso shot protein shake

Espresso shot protein shake

Grind two scoops of espresso with one scoop of protein powder and one cup of milk. Make a smoothie out of the mixture, and you can add maple or caramel syrup to give the smoothie a sweetness. To make the drink cooler, you can add ice cubes to it and enjoy a delicious proffee smoothie.


3. Healthy sweetener proffee

If you do not want to add syrups or flavors, add spices like cinnamon to replace sweet flavors and make the proffee drink adventurous. You can add these spices to the mix of cold coffee and protein powder or protein shake.


4. Hot proffee

Make a coffee of your choice and cool it down, adding creamer, ice cubes, or cold milk. But when you add protein powder to the hot coffee, blend or stir continuously until you keep adding the powder to avoid forming lumps.

Or you can let the hot coffee cool down and then blend two scoops of protein powder into it. You can add flavors or sweeteners when you blend the mixture.


5. High protein coffee

Take a shaker or grinder and fill it with one cup of cold milk. Add a few dates and one to two spoons of peanut butter with one scoop each of protein powder and coffee powder to it. Grind or blend the mix to form a smooth proffee drink.


6. Proffee smoothie

Proffee smoothie

Add one and a half tsp instant coffee powder to one cup of water. And then add 1 tbsp cocoa powder, one frozen chopped banana, and a few dates, half cup each of low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt to it. You can add 1 tbsp flax seeds, 3 tbsp oats and blend the ingredients altogether.

You can garnish your proffee smoothie with a few crushed almonds and chia seeds. This smoothie will provide you with all other health benefits along with the benefits of protein powder and coffee.


7. Filter coffee protein

Filter coffee protein

Boil three fourth cups of water in a container and add a tsp of coffee powder. Transfer the prepared coffee by filtering it to a cup. And add a scoop of your choice of protein powder and mix well. Put the paste of protein powder and coffee in a mixer and add a cup of milk to make it a smoothie. Start the mixer and not stop mixing until it forms a creamy smoothie. Blend the mixture properly to avoid lumps.


8. Iced protein coffee

Iced protein coffee

At first, make ice cubes of coffee. How? By boiling water and coffee and transferring it to the ice tray to freeze and form ice cubes. Pour the remaining coffee into a shaker and add 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 10 grams of cocoa powder, 30 grams or three scoops of protein powder, and 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk or any other milk of your choice. In the end, shake the shaker by adding 1/2 cup of prepared iced coffee and enjoy the yummy proffee.

Tip: Almond protein is good to add a nutty taste to your drink.



1. What are the benefits of proffee?

The intake of proffee before exercise can boost your energy because of the caffeine in coffee and protein in protein powder. The protein powder repairs the muscles, and the antioxidants of coffee help the body from free radicals. Both the main ingredients of proffee are also beneficial for weight loss.


2. Can proffee become dangerous for you?

Proffee is good for health, but its goodness depends on the process by which you make it. Caffeine and protein powder benefit health until you do not cross their limitations. Add a proper amount of caffeine and protein powder to make a healthy proffee or consume it only once a day. A varying quantity of ingredients in proffee may lead to heart diseases, and even if you add sugar for sweetness, excess sugar can show serious side effects to the body.


3. Is daily consumption of proffee healthy for your body?

There is no harm in consuming proffee daily, but it’s better to drink in on alternative days. You can have around 25 to 50 grams of protein a day and 400 milligrams of coffee per day. And consume natural protein providing fruits, vegetables, grains, or other supplements to keep your body healthier.


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Bottom Line

Proffee is a combination of protein plus coffee. Both together provide many health benefits, and mainly both are low in calories. Therefore you can add protein to your coffee break or vice-versa.

You can drink coffee protein in many different ways. Either mix cold brew coffee powder with protein powder directly or add protein powder to espresso. Also, you can use flavors, syrups, or natural sweet spices for sweetening if you are trying to avoid sugar. To get more health benefits, you can add fruits, curd, or any combination you wish. Remember to blend continuously if you are adding protein powder to hot coffee.

Now you know what proffee is, and you can easily make a protein coffee and enjoy a delicious healthy drink in the morning or before or after exercise. We hope you found this article helpful; therefore, share your experience reading this article in the comment section below.

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