Top 20 Best Foods To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way

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Want to gain weight with the natural food and no supplements? You are in the perfect place.

Too much weight or too little weight is a reason for concern. We all want a good and productive lifestyle for which it is necessary to take care of your body.

Gaining weight without taking supplements is a tough choice indeed, but it is healthy and safe. Since natural food leads to no harmful side effects, it is most effective as well. However, changing your lifestyle is best.


Top 20 15 Weight Gain Foods List

Below are some high-calorie foods that add calories to your body, resulting in weight gain.

1. Banana


This fruit is terrific for weight gainers; it is a bundle of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, protein, and healthy fat.

Eating bananas for breakfast is best. Raw banana is healthy, but you can consume it in the form of a shake or with milk too. Adding nuts to the shake will give you more protein and healthy fats.


2. Eggs


Want Taste with health benefits? The egg is your solution. You can try several recipes like Omelet, Boiled eggs with raw onion and spice, Egg curry, etc.

Perfect for beginner’s eggs are easy to make. It has a tremendous amount of protein with healthy fats and carbs. Having eggs in the morning or at noon is recommended for good results.


3. Rice

White Rice

It provides you energy, healthy carbs, and a small amount of fat. You can add rice to lunch or dinner.

Rice is easy to make and tastes good with anything. If you want to gain weight, adding rice to your diet is advantageous. It adds a good number of calories to your plate.


4. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

If you love dry fruit, making them your best friend will benefit you. Packed with great healthy fat, they boost your energy and give you stamina. Adding them to pre and post workout is best.

They work best in shakes and smoothies as well. It will make your weight gain journey better and easier.


5. Milk


A good source of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals, drinking milk regularly will make your bones strong as well. Drinking milk in the morning or night is advised for good results. It has protein mixed with fats and carbohydrates.

Milk also helps you to gain those muscles and make them strong too. You can have milk with Muesli or Cornflakes as well.


6. Yogurt Full Fat

Full-Fat Yogurt

Product of full-fat milk adding yogurt to the diet is beneficial. It is a source of good bacteria, calcium, and the same milk proteins. Consuming this will make your bones strong and will give you a good skin texture too.

Consumption of yogurt daily in the morning is good for health and the body.


7. Starch-Rich Food– Potatoes


A considerable amount of protein, carbohydrates, and calories are in potatoes. Potatoes and vegetables that are rich in starch are rich in carbohydrates. Good protein and carbohydrates make your muscles and body strong.

Potatoes are the food that works with everything. Other rich starch products are beans, oats, corn, etc.,


8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate

A decent blend of energy boosters and filled with nutrient dark chocolate is tasty and healthy. Cocoa present in dark chocolate is a nutritious food. Iron, Copper, Magnesium, and manganese are present in dark chocolate.

Additionally, it will also maintain a good balance of blood pressure since polyphenols present in cocoa helps with it.


9. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Nuts are a good source of proteins and are rich in calories. Consumption of peanut butter is easy and quick. A great blend of Taste and nutrition, it is perfect for breakfast smoothies.

You can have it with an apple or with smoothies. It is perfect for snack time recipes too.


10. Avocados


Eating raw avocados is excellent in the morning. It includes an incredible amount of calories, protein, fat, fiber, and sugar.

Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals too. Munching on these will be beneficial and healthy for the skin and body.


11. Cereal Bars

Cereal Bars

Made of whole-grain cereal bars are perfect for calorie intake.  These snacks will give you the energy to exercise as well. Nuts and cereals present in bars are suitable for power and help in increasing weight.

These are readily available in the market and can also be easy to carry.


12. Cereals


Granola, Barley, nuts, etc., are healthy and protein-rich. Adding these to your diet will provide you with nutrients and protein.

However, make sure your cereal is not processed or has sugar. It will limit your intake of good nutrients and give you sugar calories which is not suitable for lean muscle gain.


13. Legumes


Whether it is Lentils or peas, they are a good source of calories. Mostly plant-based lentils are great for vegans since vegans restrict themselves to fruits and vegetables for carbs.

These can also help you with gaining lean muscle mass and control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


14. Cheese


Rich in calorie cheese is a milk product used in different forms in various cuisines.  Cheese has protein, and cheddar cheese provides a good amount of calcium to bones. Other varieties of cheese are also suitable for protein and calcium.

Mozzarella, Cottage, Feta, Parmesan cheese are all good for bones and muscle gain.


15. Dates


Perfect for instant energy dates are wholesome foods. Having a date before and after a workout will help in regaining or maintaining strength. These have a good amount of natural sugar, which will regenerate your body’s energy.

Adding dates to smoothies is excellent. You can also add them to your salad. Having them raw like a dry fruit is beneficial too.


16. Lamb


One more powerful source of protein, lamb, is delicious yet healthy. Lamb is nutritional-filled meat; it has all good nutrients in it.

Lamb consists of a good amount of Vitamin B, zinc, protein, and omega 3. It keeps your heart healthy and makes you energetic. Cheese has dense fat. You will take more good calories which will help you in muscle gain too.


17. Chicken


Adding meat to your diet will make it easier to gain weight quickly. Chicken breast and thigh are the best meat for a good amount of protein. Consuming green leafy vegetables with chicken meat is excellent.

However, the chicken thigh is more nutritional since it has an incredible amount of minerals and vitamins. It is an easy way to gain weight.


18. Bacon


Another high calorie and fat meat, bacon, will give you good results in increasing your weight.

It is rich in protein, fat and provides an extraordinary amount of energy to your body. Adding eggs with bacon to your breakfast will give you nutrition and instant energy.

According to breakfast, adding two slices of bacon is enough, and 3-4 pieces more if added in lunch or dinner.


19. Red Meat

Red Meat

If you want to avoid calories and are interested in gaining lean muscle, red meat is for you. It consists of leucine, amino acid and other protein stimulating substances in these meats that will be beneficial.

Make sure you choose lean red meat steak since fatty steaks will increase body mass, which is unhealthy.


20. Fish


Fishes are a great source of protein; it helps in increasing muscle mass. It will provide you with energy, protein, and fats.

Fish oils work on muscle mass and have other skin or hair benefits as well. Having 1-2 fish daily with leafy green vegetables will be great for weight gain and lean muscle mass gain.



How can I gain weight in 7 days?

Nothing is easy to achieve in 7 days. However, you can see a bit difference in weight up to 1-2 kg. Other than that, food takes time to add calories to your body. Eating three full meals a day will be great to see results earlier.


Which fruits help in gaining weight?

Fruits like mango, banana, and avocado will help in increasing your weight. They have a high number of calories and nutrients. The carbs in these fruits will add fat to your muscles, and the calories will be added to your body resulting in gaining weight.


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Gaining or Losing weight is a long process. It is essential to understand the needs of your body. Adding vital nutrients and protein will make things easier.

By adding the above-given food to your daily eating habits, you will see change. Changing lifestyle is essential to gain weight. Make sure you eat three times a day.

By just adding small things like nuts, dry fruits will be great for gaining weight.

Which food are you thinking of trying? Let us know in the comment section below.

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