How to Get a Smaller Waist: Tips and Exercises

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Looking in to wear that saree for a party but is the fat around your waist stopping you? We all have gone through this when the stubborn fat around the waist just does not seem to go away and can become a source of embarrassment.

There is no magic method to make your waist thin in minutes, but an exercise regime and a healthy diet can make it possible! We have made the search easier for you through this article by listing out the tips and some diet changes that will help you on your waist-thinning journey!

So let’s dive right into it!


Exercises to Follow for a Smaller Waist

To get a smaller waist, you will have to lower your whole body weight, and what is better than cardio to do this! Cardio helps you burn calories while creating lean muscles helping you gain a smaller waist.

Below mentioned are five cardio exercises to add to your exercise regimen –


 1. Swimming


Swimming is a cardio exercise that works the whole body! While helping you build lean muscles in the process, it also helps you exercise without putting strain on your joints! Look for a swimming pool near your house and get swimming to gain that thin waist!


 2. Running


Running is one of the easiest and best exercises to lose fat and gain a thin waist. A few rounds in your neighborhood park with your headphones on is all you will have to do; it does not even require any fancy equipment. If running isn’t your cup of tea, you can also try brisk walking.


 3. Step-ups


Step-ups exercise the lower back and hamstrings helping you get a great workout session; step-ups can help you burn more calories than jogging and provide a full-body exercise, so get out of your apartment and indulge in some step-ups.
Keep in mind as step-ups involve pushing your weight over a limit, you should not overdo it as it might lead to injuries.


4. Skipping


Skipping helps you strengthen your body’s core and hence helps tighten your abdominals and belly fat, giving you a thinner waist. And what else? It’s fun too! And you will just need a skipping rope and an open space to start working out.


 5. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs

This one is for all the busy bees who have no time for a workout but want a smaller waist; ditch the elevator and take the stairs; this will help you do a cardio workout without even having to go to the gym. Climbing stairs helps exercise your whole body and burn calories.


What to Eat for a Thin Waist

Thin Waist

Exercise helps in its way to giving you a thin waist, but you also need a healthy diet to make it a reality, so let’s look into some diet tips you should follow-


Include fibrous vegetables in your diet

Vegetables like spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc., are high in fiber while being low on fat; this will help reduce the bloating of your waist area.


Include proteins


It’s a well-known fact that protein helps preserve and form muscle mass, so as you start losing weight, the protein in your diet will help you maintain a strong core. Add protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, chicken, etc., to your diet.


Drink enough water

drinking water

Water helps flush out toxins from your system and reduce bloating, and when you drink it within 30 minutes of waking up, it will boost your metabolism. If plain water is boring for you, try squeezing some lemon into it!


Limit eating sugar and refined grains

Refined grains will break down into sugar very quickly, and sugar causes the body to increase its insulin production, which can lead to fat storage around the midsection of your body. So avoid that white bread or rasgulla to make your waist thinner.


Eat healthy fats

Fats, isn’t that bad for my body? Fats are of two types, good and bad, and the good ones are needed by your body to function properly. include in your diest avocado, flaxseed, fish oil, etc. to gain healthy fats


Eat smart

Breakfast is an essential part of your day and boosts metabolism; you should not skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast will be an excellent start to your day. For the remaining part of your day, divide your eating frequency into smaller, more frequent meals rather than three long meals.

Remember – eat when you feel hungry and avoid processed foods at all costs.


Eat whole grains

whole grains

Whole grains like brown rice, oats, and quinoa are something you should be eating while working towards a slimmer waist.


Reduce the alcohol

Alcohol has a lot of calories that are difficult to be burned off during exercise leading to water retention and inhibiting metabolism. It causes an increase in belly fat; hence, you should consume less alcohol.



Question 1: Which parts of my body should I work on to get an hourglass figure?

Answer: Your waist, upper body, upper thighs, glutes, and hips are the parts of the body you need to work on for an hourglass figure. These body parts need to be the most toned to achieve that body shape.


A toned and small waist is every woman’s desire. Though you cannot achieve it overnight, after reading this article, you are now armed with information on the exercises you should do and the diet you should follow to make your waist thinner.

Let us know in the comments which tip you think will be the most effective!

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