How To Make Whey Protein At Home?

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In recent years, protein supplements have become essential for gym-goers. If you are trying to build your muscles, I am sure your instructor might have recommended some protein supplements.

There are a variety of protein supplements on the market. But, the most infamous and commonly used is whey protein. It has been the unbeaten king for quite a long time.

Whey protein powders can be extremely pricey for some. However, the good news is that it is easy to make whey at home.

Don’t know where to start? We have got you! Just follow this guide minutely and, you will be good to go.


Where To Start?

Let us start first by enlisting the main ingredients that you will require in this recipe. I am sure that these items will already be with you. Check out the list below.


So, as I mentioned earlier, nothing fancy or not available at your home. If you do not have one of these, then make a quick run to your grocery store. Now let us have a look at the recipe.


2 Easy Ways to Make Whey Protein At Home

METHOD 01: Make Whey Protein At Home

Whey Protein

STEP 01 

Pour the milk into a big, boiling vessel. Let the milk heat gradually and keep checking the thermometer reading. The thermometer reading should be at 180F. After some time, it will start to simmer lightly. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed this.

STEP 02 

When the temperature reads 180F, add five teaspoons of lemon juice to the milk. Let the milk simmer again at the same temperature of 180F.

STEP 03 

Switch off the burner and let the milk rest aside. Make sure to cover the lid of the vessel. The milk should remain hot. Set it aside for twenty to thirty minutes.

STEP 04 

Now take a strainer and pour the milk from the vessel. At this point, there is no more milk. The cheese has separated now. The cheese will be left behind while the liquid part is whey.

Collect the whey in a bowl and keep the sieve with the cheese on top of the bowl. Refrigerate it for two to three hours so that all the whey gets extracted.

STEP 05 

Now dehydrate the liquid whey using a dehydrator. Set the dehydrator at 135F for 12 hours.

If you do not have a dehydrator, then let the liquid whey simmer for some time at a medium boil. When it becomes thick, then transfer it to a tray. Let it dry out for 12 hours.


Use a blender to blend this whey obtained in Step 5. Add in cocoa powder or vanilla powder. If your whey is not completely dry, then let it dry out.

Transfer it into an air-tight container. That is it. Was it not so easy?


METHOD 2: Make Whey Protein At Home (Easy Method)whey protein in bowl

If you found the first method a little lengthy, then we have a shorter recipe too. Following this will also give you the same result. So, if you want to avoid a mess in the kitchen, follow this one.

STEP 01 

Take any milk product like curd, cottage cheese or buttermilk.

STEP 02 

Now take a bowl and a steel strainer. Hereafter, line this strainer with a muslin cloth. Add the milk product you have and let the water strain out and, collect in the bowl.

STEP 03 

Cover the strainer with plastic wrap. Store it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, all the whey will accumulate in the bowl.

Voila! You have got your whey protein. Dehydrate it and let it dry. Refer to the last two steps mentioned in Method One.

You can also skip that dehydrating step and store the liquid whey. It is ready to be used. You can add it directly into your shakes.



Q1. What is the shelf life of homemade whey protein?

Homemade whey protein has a shelf life of six months. However, it will be better to prepare fresh batches once every month.


Q2. How to store whey protein?

Make sure that you store the whey protein in an air-tight jar or container.


Q3. How many calories are there in one scoop of homemade whey protein?

The calories in one scoop of whey protein can be around 100-130. The protein content is 30 grams. Whey protein gets absorbed rapidly. It is the reason that it is best for building muscles and losing weight.


Q4. What are the benefits of making whey at home?

We are aware that every packed food contains preservatives and other chemicals. Therefore, homemade protein will be organic and a hundred per cent natural.

It is also cost-effective and provides you with all the nutritional value that you are looking for in a supplement. So, there is no harm in putting some effort into making it.



I hope you will try out this recipe. Let me know how it turns out to be. Homemade whey protein is a g alternative for a variety of reasons.

I am sure that many of us extract this protein every day and do not even realise that it is a valuable nutrient. When you curdle milk into cheese, do not throw away the yellow whey. One glass of this whey has six to eight grams of protein.

Whey protein is not only an essential requirement for muscle building but also has other health benefits. It helps to reduce inflammation, lowers high blood pressure and is a suitable dietary supplement for those who have diabetes.

Through this guide, I hope you were able to understand the process of making whey protein.

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