Comforter vs Blanket – What are the main differences?

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Comfortable, warm, tight sleep is what provides you with a relaxing sleep in cold weather. Right? So, to get a good night’s sleep in cold weather, either you can buy a comforter or a blanket.

But, which one is better? If you do not know, read on! This article will help you know the best one out of comforter and blanket.

Buy any one of your choices, look at their features and benefits, and get a comfy and pleasant sleep in cold weather!


What Is the Difference Between a Comforter and Blanket?

What are comforters and blankets 

A comforter is a one-piece thick, fluffy, and quilted blanket used to keep the body warm. It is like a large pouch filled with soft fibers. And a blanket is a large and thick, soft cloth to provide warmth to your body and bed. It traps radiant body heat, providing enough warmth in cold weather.

1. Material 

A good-quality comforter is 100% cotton or made of a smooth eucalyptus fabric. And blankets are made of acrylic, wool, polyester, mink, cotton, or fleece material.


2. Weight

The weight of a comforter must depend on your room temperature. According to your room temperature, the weight of the comforter increases. Otherwise, 575 fill power is the start of the weight of a comforter. And it goes till 1000 fill power for a luxurious one.

On the other hand, blankets weigh between 5 to 30 pounds. It is heavier than comforters and does not change its weight depending on the room temperature.


3. Storage


It is easy to store a comforter in off-seasons. Just fold it and keep it in a breathable place to avoid the musty and unpleasant smell. And usually, you must place it above the blanket to not let it squish under other beddings.

To store blankets, like other beddings, you can fold the blanket and place it in a closet, allowing airflow. And if you want to store it for a longer time, use vacuum bags, cardboard boxes, or lidded plastic bins to ward off mold and mildew.


4. Airflow

The comforters made of silk and microfibres like cotton, linen, or bamboo allow airflow. They are lighter and breathable and the best choice health-wise.

And in the case of blankets, natural materials like cotton hold moisture. Therefore, if you want to buy a blanket, go for a blanket made of synthetic fiber or regenerated cellulose fiber, which is sweat-free.


5. Season

A comforter is for cold weather, but a lighter weighted comforter is multipurpose. And in the case of blankets, you can use blankets of every material in winter only.


6. Insulation Properties

A comforter has a loft between the upper and lower fabrics, because of which it has a better insulin level than blankets. And blankets made with wool have the highest insulin levels compared to other blankets.


7. Comfort


Fluffy, hot sleepers, organic, and duvet-free types of comforters are best in terms of comfort. And blankets made of wool of goats called cashmere are luxurious and one of the most comfortable blankets.


8. Resistance to Dust Mites

Mites multiply in humid weather. So, place the comforter in a breathable place to keep it away from humidity. And the blankets made of woven fabrics can resist dust mites. Just wash it often and place it in a breathable area when not in use.


9. Maintenance


It is easy to maintain a comforter as you can wash it in the washing machine. Just add some detergent or soap and choose the delicate cloth wash option. And dry it in the sun.

And in the case of blankets, most of the blankets are also washable with hands or machines. But, some are difficult to fit in washing machines because of their size and thickness. So, either you can wash it in the bathtub or give it to the shop for dry cleaning.


10. Price

The price of a comforter ranges from Rs.850 to Rs.5,417 in India. And that of a blanket ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 3000.


11. Available Sizes and Colors

Blankets and comforters both are available in all colors and various designs. The size of standard comforters varies from 46 to 98 inches, and that of blankets varies from 65 to 108 inches.


12. Available Types

There are 16 types of comforters available in the market: bamboo, brocade, flannel, fleece, cotton, down-filled, faux suede, fur, linen, microfiber, wool, silk, satin, sateen, polyester, and jacquard.

And blankets are also available in various types, like, afghan, fleece, linen, acrylic, microfiber, car, chenille, nylon, cotton, polyester, down, vellux, emergency, wool, comforter, duvet, throw, quilt, weighted, shearling, knit, and sherpa blankets.


13. Worthy Investment or Not? 

Comforters last for around 15 to 25 years. Just air your comforter regularly and keep it safe and neat, and clean for longer use. And on the other hand, you can use a blanket for around 12 months if you maintain it properly and keep it in a breathable place.


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Blankets and comforters are fluffy, comfortable, and the best choices for cold weather as most of their types are breathable and have good insulation properties providing warmth.

The blankets are heavier than comforters and less expensive than the costliest comforters. Comforters last for a maximum of 25 years, and on the other hand, blankets last for around 12 years. They both are available in different types, materials, sizes, designs, and colors and have low maintenance.

Both are equally good in every aspect. Therefore, choose one according to your preferences. We hope you found the article helpful. So, please do share your experience of reading this article with us in the comment section below.

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