How to Hide Water Purifier in Kitchen and Keep it Tidy?

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You just set up a modular kitchen, and everything looks perfect. You have your big fridge, your microwave oven, and your water purifier too. Everything has been set in place, but the water purifier is standing out weirdly. Aren’t you thinking about how you can hide that water purifier in an accessible but still hidden way?

Well, if that’s the case, you are at the right place! We are here to guide you through some simple tricks that can help you hide your water purifier.


Methods of Hiding Water Purifier in the Kitchen:

Methods of hiding Water Purifier in the kitchen:

1. Hiding Water Purifier in a Cabinet

Do you have a wall-mounted purifier? What if you have a cabinet around your wall-mounted purifier? Yes! Water purifiers can be hidden behind a cabinet, where there is open space beneath the water purifier, meaning the cabinet does not have the floor.

The water purifier would still be mounted on the wall, but there would be a cabinet around it. You can fill your purified water from beneath the purifier, as always, and you can remove the outlet of water once a day to remove the waste water.

Author’s note: If you use a wooden cabinet to hide your water purifier, make sure you routinely dry out the cabinet area. Not drying up the cabinet routinely may lead to the growth of microbes, or the wood may become damped and filled with moisture. 

The best advantage of hiding water purifiers inside a cabinet is that you don’t need any additional setups in your kitchen.


2. Under the Counter Water Purifier

If you have seen the wall-mounted purifiers under the sink or counter, purifiers are no different. They are simply placed under your sink or your counter. However, it needs an extra appliance, the hydrostatic pressure tank that regulates water flow. However, water flow is relatively fast because of the hydrostatic pressure tank, and you can fill a 2L bottle in just 10-15 seconds!

Another additional setup that comes with under the sink counters is the filtered water tap has to be attached to either the regular tap or an additional tap might need to be fitted. The outlet of the waste water can be attached to the sink drain. There has to be an electrical socket under the sink that can give the power supply to the water purifier.

Author’s note: If you place your water purifier under the sink, make sure that the area is always dry to avoid any problems with the electric plug point. Water seeping into the electrical plus point can pose a danger. 

With the water purifier being hidden under the sink, not only do you get a high flow rate, but the water is not spilled over the counter. Nonetheless, you save your countertop space, and anyone can use purified water directly from the tap! Nonetheless, you get clean and purified water for drinking and cooking.


3. Alternative Ways of Hiding a Water Purifier

If setting up a water purifier beneath the sink or inside a cabinet seems expensive, don’t worry. We got you covered as we have an alternative way that you can adopt for hiding your water purifier and giving your kitchen a modular look.

You can cover your water purifiers with a neat cover. A beautiful and sleek cover that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen is the best option to hide your water purifier while maintaining the look of your kitchen. These covers are cheap and will have very few expenses compared to setting up a water purifier beneath the sink or inside a cabinet.

Author’s note: The maintenance of a cover of water purifier is the least However, make sure you wash it at least once every 2 weeks to ensure that your cover doesn’t get dirty or dull.


Benefits of Hiding Water Purifier in the Kitchen

Benefits of hiding water purifier in the kitchen

Now that we have learned all the methods your water purifier can be hidden, let us look at the benefits.

  1. If installed anywhere in the kitchen, a water purifier can dull the sparkle of your modular kitchen.
  2. A water purifier in the open might get grease and oil stains from cooking.
  3. If a water purifier is kept on the counter, it might take up extra space on the kitchen platform. When water purifiers take up the space in the kitchen, there is lesser space for other appliances in the kitchen.


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With the growing deterioration of water every day, it becomes essential for every household to have a water purifier. However, water purifiers take up space in the kitchen and look weird when they are out. To fight all these difficulties, you can simply hide your water purifier by either placing it in a cabinet or setting it up under your sink or counter. In this way, you obtain clean and purified water in ways that save your kitchen space and beautify your kitchen.

Drop-in a comment and tell us which of the methods worked for you.

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