How To Remove Chest Hair? (Temporary Vs. Permanent Methods)

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Gone are the days when only females used to get rid of body hair. It is the call of modern times that men are also engaging actively in hair removal activities.

Being a man, it may feel embarrassed when your chest hair is visible through your t-shirt or shirt’s button opening. Thus, this article is for you if you are also in the same position or are concerned about removing your chest hair.

This article will give you insights into various permanent and temporary hair removal techniques, their costs, results, side effects, and how long it takes.

Let’s find out!


How to Get Rid of Chest hair?

It may be annoying for many of you to remove hair again and again after they grow back. Fortunately, there are many permanent hair removal methods you can adopt.

We have also given space to methods that remove your hair temporarily. Go through all of them listed below:

1. Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

How to get Laser hair removal treatment 

Laser treatment involves removing hair through high-heated laser light. This destroys the hair root follicles (hair grows from here) and doesn’t kill them. Thus, hair can regrow after months or years, but it will be comparatively thinner and lighter.

Suitable for: Laser removal works best on dark and thick hair; it may not work on light, red or blond hair.

Cost: Rs 1500 to Rs 5000 per treatment; depends on the number of sittings needed.

Time required: Eight to ten sessions of nearly 30 minutes each.

Lasts long: Removes hair permanently most of the time. It may require touch-up sessions for better results.

Side effects: Causes slight red scars at the hair removal place, skin becomes sensitive to sunshine, and minor pain during sessions.


2. Electrolysis Treatment

Electrolysis treatmentIt is performed with a needle that is ultra-thin in size. The radioactive waves through the needle emit electric shock waves to the hair follicle. The hair then won’t grow at the place of penetration. Thus, this method destroys the root from where hair growth happens.

Suitable for: It is ideal for all types of skins or hair and can be performed at any body part.

Cost: Ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,000 per session; depends on hair density.

Time required: It takes 10 minutes to one hour complete a sitting. You May need more sessions depending on the hair type.

Lasts long: Permanently

Side effects: You may suffer from redness, itching, and scares at the site of removal. Painful in most cases. Also, it causes infection from the needle injected.


3. Waxing


Waxing is the most common method used to remove unwanted hair. But as men have thick and dense chest hair, it can be extremely painful for them.

Suitable for: The ones who can handle excess pain at ease. You can also do it at arms, legs, and underarms.

Cost: Vary between Rs 175 to Rs 500; depends upon the product you choose.

Time required: If only the chest is being waxed, it hardly takes upto 15 minutes.

Lasts long: Upto four to six weeks or a month.


4. Razor Shaving

Razor shaving

Shaving cuts off the hair growth from the surface of your chest. However, you can also use razors on different body parts like arms, legs, armpit, or private parts.

Suitable for: Arms, legs, and chest area; but not on genitals as it can cause severe cuts on the sensitive area

Cost: Upto Rs 500; including shaving foam and razors

Time required: It takes 10 to 20 minutes only; thus, it is a quick process.

Lasts long: Only upto 3-4 days; hair may start regrowing on the fourth day.

Side effects: Razors have blades; thus, they can cause sharp cuts if not used carefully


5. Hair Removal Creams

hair removal cream

Hair removal creams are either liquid cream or in a gel form. The cream applied on the skin surface dissolves the hair and makes them fall out. You can wash off your skin after that.

Suitable for: Arms, legs, chest, back, and genital area.

Cost: Vary between Rs 200 and Rs 300; depends upon the kit

Time required: It is prescribed not to leave the cream for more than 6 minutes. Do read the time prescriptions on the product.

Lasts long: Upto one week

Side effects: Can cause infections due to chemicals present in the cream



1. Why is my chest so hairy?

It is because of androgens that promote development and growth during puberty.


2. Is my chest hair the same as on the head?

No. Head hair is thinner and lighter than that on the chest, which is thicker and dense.


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Author’s Note

Swelling or pus, extensive scar tissue, and a persistent skin rash are all indicators of an infection.

If hair removal causes adverse effects like mentioned above, you should have a talk with your doctor.

Also, If you want to attempt a permanent hair removal method, you can consult your physician.

Do comment and let us know which method best suits you. And, forget to share it with your friends and family.

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