10 Best Face Wash For Oily Skin In India 2024

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People with oily skin types always have a hard time choosing their skincare products. The humid weather conditions can always make getting oil on your skin much quicker than reaching your office in the morning.

Since we understand your oily skin demands much more attention and a dedicated skincare regime, we decided to sort a few things for you. Our team of experienced writers visited a few well know dermatologists in town to understand what is and what is not important for people with oily skin.

All agreed to one thing in common, washing a face with the right cleanser. So here we are with the best ten facewash reviewed and recommended by our experts.

Let’s get started so you can add them to your cart and keep oily skin and concerns at bay.


Best Face Wash For Oily Skin In India 2024

Aroma Magic Face Wash


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Overall Score:4.9/5

To begin the list of best face wash for oily skin, we chose what all women and dermatologists trust. The Aroma Magic Face Wash is everything you need for excellent oil control and to prevent acne.

It has both neem and tea tree extracts that love your skin a little extra. It is a gel-based cleanser which means your sensitive skin is immediately going tAroma Magic Face Washs both tea tree oil and neem are great healers.

This facewash contains no alcohol, artificial colouring, fragrance, parabens, or even soap. So give your skin the care that makes it healthy and happy.

Along with excellent acne control properties, this facewash has deep cleansing properties. This means with every wash; you get rid of dirt, pollutants, makeup as well as harmful bacterias.

The vitamins help you with lightening your dark spots, acne scars, blemishes, eventually helping you improve your skin tone.

So, soothe your irritated skin with Aroma Magic Face Wash and say hello to happy and healthy skin.


  • Help balance oil, keeping your skin looking fresh
  • It prevents acne and blackheads
  • Deep cleansing without harming your skin’s natural pH
  • Helps lighten scars, dark spots, blemishes
  • Available at an extremely affordable price


Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

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Overall Score: 4.8/5

When it comes to natural skincare, which is high quality, most loved, and affordable, what else could be better than Himalaya? So our second favourite face wash for oil control is Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash.

It is definitely everything you would want to invest in for year-long oil control through all seasons. It is dermatologically tested and perfect for normal, oily, and sensitive skin types.

Even people with lots of active acne found an amazing reduction in pimples within a few washes. It just does not say to eliminate pimples but it actually does. So say hello to clear oil-free skin with Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash.

It also cleanses clogged pores and reduces open pores within a few weeks of usage. If you have uneven skin tone regular usage of this face wash helps you even out skin tone.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash is extremely gentle on your skin and is even hypoallergenic. It is free from any harsh chemicals that can harm or damage your skin’s pH. So even if you have highly sensitive skin this is definitely the best choice.

It is one of India’s most trusted skincare brands for its 100% natural qualities and amazing value for money. You get this facewash in travel-friendly packaging as well so take it everywhere you go.

It contains neem and turmeric extracts making it antibacterial. This means you can have a face wash that removes oil, pimples and at the same time makes your skin healthy.

So if you are tired of dull skin, active acne, or uneven skin tone, trust Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash and get glowing.


  • A deep cleansing property without drying your skin
  • Moisturises skin
  • Pimple free skin within a few washes
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Unclogs pores
  • Gentle on skin
  • Available at an extremely affordable price


Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash

Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash

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Overall Score:4.3/5

Mamaearth has some amazing options for skincare and this facewash is not an exception. When we have oily skin our biggest concern is the sticky feel within an hour of washing face.

But luckily Mamaearth understands your concern and has specifically formulated the Charcoal Face Wash with Activated Charcoal & Coffee for Oil Control. So don’t worry about your skin as you step out of the house every morning or night.

All the natural ingredients like activated charcoal, coffee, and clay come together to help your skin have all the fun it deserves.

Activated charcoal and clay help get rid of toxins such as dirt, pollution, makeup, sweat, and excess oil leaving skin fresh and looking healthy. Clay also gently exfoliates your skin, removes excess oil without drying out your skin.

This means you have fresh skin without blackheads. It helps unclog pores as this facewash deeply cleanses clogged pores and removes dirt from the surface. This eventually gives you fresh and glowing skin.

It is also suited for all skin types. This is because of its all-natural ingredients’ chemical-free concentration. So leave your oily dull face at bay with Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash with Activated Charcoal & Coffee.

However, if you have a lot of active acne this isn’t what we recommend. But other than that it has amazing oil control formula to keep your skin fresh and glowing for longer hours.


  • Deep cleansing face wash with activated charcoal
  • Help get rid of skin impurities for glowing skin
  • Natural nourishing ingredients
  • Made in the Himalayas amidst serene, unadulterated slopes
  • Do not contain any harsh chemicals
  • Remove all dirt and gently cleanse your skin, giving a natural glow.
  • Available at an extremely affordable price


Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash

Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash

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Overall Score: 4.7/5

A facewash where nature and science come together is nothing less than magic to your skin. And Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash is no different than that.

The key ingredients such as green tea and glycolic acid target oil production and acne so you can see visible results in a week. This is one of the few facewash that is 100% vegan and paraben-free.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say, plum knows oily skin concerns better than anyone. Whether it is skin redness, stubborn acne, or sticky greasy face you are tired of, this face wash is for all.

The gentle foam deep cleanses, eventually getting rid of oil, dirt, pollutants. However, waterproof makeup is an exception. It has mild exfoliating beads that won’t be harsh on your skin. But will definitely get rid of blackheads if you have any.

The mild green tea fragrance makes every wash a splash of freshness. It is extremely gentle on your skin, soap-free, and is even non-drying. Green tea extracts promote the quick healing of active acne.

Since it contains SLS, we do not recommend it at all for highly sensitive or dry skin. Other than that it works wonders for oily skin with active acne, pimples, breakouts and even reduces redness over time.


  • Vegan facewash from PETA certified brand
  • Best for oily acne-prone skin
  • Glycolic acid gently exfoliates your skin
  • Antioxidant-rich green tea promotes clear skin
  • Paraben-free facewash
  • Mild facewash with deep cleansing property


Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

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Overall Score: 4.4/5

Trusting a brand that dermatologists trust is the best decision for your skin, isn’t it? Well, Neutrogena is one of them. And so next we have Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash For Acne Prone Skin With Salicylic Acid.

This is one of the most effective skincare brands and so is this face wash for oily skin types. It is one of the very few oil control facewash with extremely mild yet effective cleansing properties.

It effectively gets rid of dirt, pollutants, makeup, and bacterias without drying out your skin. So say goodbye to clogged pores with this Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash.

Also, oily skin often means acne and acne spots. Oh, and how can we even forget the redness that it leaves behind. Well, all thanks to this facewash.

The deep cleansing property helps the formula penetrate deep into your skin. This eventually helps prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup.

The presence of an ample amount of salicylic acid means no more pimples, acne, or breakouts. Also, it helps prevent irritation and over-drying of the skin. It is dermatologically tested, oil-free and non-comedogenic.

The best part is, it is an alcohol-free cleanser. It is sebum dissolving, easily penetrates deep into your skin, reducing redness and clogged pores. Overall it is definitely one of the best choices you can make if you have extremely oily skin with active acne, pimples over your face.


  • Presence of salicylic acid
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Prevents clogging of pores
  • Deep cleansing for skin free of oil, dirt, and pollutants
  • Visible reduction in redness and active acne within a few washes


Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

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Overall Score: 4.9/5

The next one on our list of best face wash for oily skin is the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser. This formulation is specifically curated for people with sensitive and oily skin types.

It easily removes surface oil, dirt, and makeup. This helps you keep your skin free from harmful bacterias that can lead to acne and breakouts. Users also noticed reduced blackheads and whiteheads with consistent use of this facewash.

This is an extremely gentle non-irritating facewash. So even if you have lots of active acne or itchy skin, this won’t make it any worse even as a part of the healing process. Making it the best choice for people with normal to extremely sensitive skin types.

The other best part of adding Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser to your skincare routine is its no-residue cleaning. This means, unlike most face wash that leaves your skin sloppy or dry, this face wash gets off your face easily after every wash. Also won’t leave your skin dry or damaged.

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser replenishes skin lipids and efficiently moisturises the skin. This helps you keep your skin oil-free and yet hydrated. However, it is always best to use a moisturiser post face wash.

If you are looking for a soap-free formula that helps balance the pH of your skin, this is the best choice. Also, it is non-comodogenic. It gently removes pollutants and bacteria leaving your skin feeling fresh & soft.


  • Hyperallergic facewash for sensitive skin type.
  • Deep pore cleansing formula.
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Light fragrance that makes every wash feel fresh
  • Gentle on the skin for healthy glowing skin


Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash

Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash

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Overall Score: 4.4/5

If you are looking for an affordable face wash for oily skin Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash is definitely the best choice you can make. It is everything a girl in her 20s needs for excess oil control while having a long day outside in the sun.

Our skin is constantly exposed to dirt and pollution throughout the day. These pollutants when not washed lead to clogged pores and dreaded pimples. Thanks to this unique formula that gets rid of oil and dirt within a single wash.

This face wash effectively removes dirt and gets rid of skin impurity without drying out the skin. It has special ingredients that help fight pimples caused due to excessive oil production. The non-oily formula makes cleansing hassle-free and clean within seconds.

Generally not all oil control facewash always help you fight blackheads and whiteheads. But this is not the case with Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash.

This facewash helps has a unique formula that controls oils and cleanses dirt. Also, the presence of glycerine effectively moisturises your skin to prevent dryness. It was dermatologically tested and proved to remove pimple-causing germs after every wash.

You just need to apply a small amount of product on your wet palm and rub for a rich lather. Gently massage this on your wet face avoiding your eye area. You just need to use this face wash twice a day for excellent oil control.

However, if you have excessively oily skin, this might not be a great choice. But overall it’s definitely worth giving a try for normal to oily skin types.


  • Specifically formulated to cleanse thoroughly and remove excess oil
  • Removes makeup, dirt, and tiny pollutants without causing dryness
  • Glycerine moisturises skin keeping it healthy
  • Available in travel-friendly packaging
  • Extremely affordable high-quality facewash
  • Suitable for normal to oily skin types.


RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Anti Acne Face Wash

Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash

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Overall Score: 4.6/5

If washing your face with even the most gentle cleanser is drying it further, then being extra careful with your facewash is a must. This is generally the case with oily and sensitive skin types. And how can we forget those acnes?

Well, all thanks to this RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Anti Acne Face Wash. When we talked with the users, all agreed to have reduced acne and breakouts within a few days of using this facewash. Why won’t it be with such an excellent formula?

For people with oily skin types, Open large pores are one of the most common issues. And so this facewash for oil control helps to cleanse dirt and dead skin cells. Not just that it gets rid of even finer impurities such as makeup that tend to block the pores.

This facewash regulates sebum production along with preventing acne breakouts. It has clinically proven zinc PCA and is even dermatologically tested.

It effectively reduces the scally nature of acne and unclogs pores. The presence of citric acid along with Cocamidopropyl betaine controls excess oil production. This eventually keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Thanks to its Natural Moisturising properties that leave your skin soft and itch-free. However, it is a bit on the expensive side, but if you have extremely sensitive skin with clogged pores, pimples, and breakouts this is definitely the best option.


  • Soothes itchy and red skin.
  • Prevents acne breakouts
  • Control oil and sebum production
  • SLS & Parabens Free
  • The gel-like feel, medium viscosity, sea green in colour
  • Has a very mild fragrance


NIVEA Women Face Wash

NIVEA Women Face Wash

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Overall Score: 4.1/5

If branding matters the most for you in terms of skincare, here we have the best pick for you. Who could be better than Nivea? It is one of the oldest skincare brands in India, and its facewash is nothing less.

The NIVEA Women Face Wash for Oily Skin is enriched with fine gram flour. This helps remove excess oil and keeps your skin oil-free throughout the day. Also along with besan, it has milk extracts.

Milk acts as a natural cleanser. It does not further dry your skin, eventually keeping it plump and moisturised. This also helps your skin glow from within.

This facewash is formulated in a way to effectively reduce stickiness, leaving your skin looking fresh with every wash.

NIVEA Women Face Wash for Oily Skin is from their exclusive range of facewashes that have shown amazing popularity within a short span. Each of these facewash helps balance the natural pH of your skin.

Oily skin does not always mean hydrated skin. So if you are struggling with dull skin that looks tired and lacks hydration, this NIVEA Women Face Wash for Oily Skin is one of the best choice you can make.


  • Affordable facewash for oily skin.
  • Gram flour helps control excess oil and sebum
  • Milk extracts provide relief from itchy and irritated skin.
  • Helps thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  • Gets rid of dirt and tiny pollutants
  • Good for sensitive skin


St Botanica Vitamin C Foaming Brightening Face Wash

St Botanica Vitamin C Foaming Brightening Face Wash

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Overall Score: 4.2/5

We are all aware of the importance of vitamin C when it comes to skin brightening. And so to end the list of best face wash for oily skin we have got a bright option for you.

This  St. Botanica Vitamin C Gentle Foaming Brightening Face Wash is enriched with Vitamin C, turmeric extracts, and aloe vera gel. These ingredients altogether help control oil and give your skin a bright glow.

What we also noticed is that after a few washes there is a significant reduction in dark spots. It effectively removes oil, dirt, and impurities.

When it comes to protection against skin damage, you can definitely leave your worries. Unlike most of the cheap vitamin c facewashes, this one uses the most stable and effective form of vitamin c such as ‘sodium ascorbyl phosphate, 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid.

It contains no harsh ingredients like sulphates / SLS, silicons, parabens. So even if you have highly sensitive skin this will still work for you. However, few people felt complained of shinny skin after a few hours of wash.

But this is definitely one of the best facewash if you are looking for a brightening facewash that helps control oil without making your skin too dry.


  • Free from sulphates, silicons, parabens, etc
  • Vitamin C helps lighten skin tone
  • Helps lighten dark spots and skin blemishes
  • Turmeric and aloe vera helps soothe irritated acne-prone skin
  • Keeps your skin free from dirt, pollutants, and acne-causing bacteria


What Is A Face Wash For Oily Skin?

People with oily skin types suffer from various skin issues like acne, dull skin, breakouts, oily T-zone, open pores, and whatnot. A face wash formulated for oily skin types helps you deal with these issues in the best possible manner.

So if you are someone with an oily skin type, using such facewashes will definitely help you keep your skin healthy and not oily or greasy.


Benefits Of Oil Control Facewash

Oil control facewash has more ample amount of benefits for you if you have oily skin type than the other way around. Oily skin can often also mean acne prone skin, large open pores and frequent breakouts.

So having a face wash that does not just control oil production but also keeps your skin healthy and hydrated is a must. And that’s exactly what a good oil control facewash does to your face.

Oil control facewash is formulated in such a way that it won’t clog your pores. This helps prevent breakouts and even fights acne. It contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid. It helps you treat your acne and clogged pores. It also helps in the reduction of dark spots.

The other common ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. It is an exfoliating agent which helps remove excess sebum from the skin. It also prevents the development of new acne.

Apart from these other ingredients like glycolic acid, niacinamide, etc are helps control oil, clogged pores, and even help aggravate allergic reactions if you already have some.

So if you are facing such issues, having a facewash formulated for oil control can definitely make your skin healthy and happy.


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Facewash For Oily Skin?

Choosing the right facewash is no less than a task. A tiny wrong buys and you end up hurting both your skin and money. But since we are here to help you, we bet you it won’t be an issue. Here we have a few things that you should consider before picking a new face wash for your oily skin type.

1. Know Your Skin

If you just think you have oily skin because people told you so, we suggest think twice or check once again. A shiny face does not always mean you have an oily skin type and you need a facewash for it.

Your T-zone can still feel oily by midday if you have a normal skin type. It does not mean your skin is oily. You have oily skin type only if your overall face is constantly greasy or sticky.

The oiliness on your overall face is the indication of having oily skin. And this is the sign for having a face wash specifically for oil control.


2. Know The Ingredients

A face wash for oily skin types is formulated with certain ingredients that help control oil and sebum production. So if you are sure you have an oily skin type, it’s important to have a formula that controls oil production and keeps your skin away from greasiness.

The formula needs to have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, niacinamide, etc. Having at least one of these helps control oil as well as breakouts and acne. Our list already ticks this box and so you need not worry about it.


3. What Facewash Says?

Obviously metaphorically, but every oily face wash is formulated to meet certain skin concerns along with oil control formula. So choose one that meets your need.

For example, if you have acne-prone skin, go for acne control face wash for oily skin. Or if you have dull skin go for oil control brightening face wash.

Our team of experts has already listed the best options that suit different skin concerns for oily skin types. So know yours and pick your favourite from the options listed above.

So we hope now getting a facewash that gets rid of excess oil has become easier. Get healthy, beautiful, and oil-free skin with our 10 best face washes listed above.


How To Use An Oil Control Facewash?

You might think using an oil control face wash is no biggie. But hey, you might just be a little mistaken here. It’s not always the formula of the face wash that works wonders, it is also the application that gives you the result.

So here are a few things that you need to know to keep your face oil-free with oil control facewash.

  • Clean your hands properly to get rid of dirt and bacteria before touching your face.
  • Never use very hot or too cold water to wash your face. Always use warm water.
  • Squeeze only a pea size amount on your fingertips and give it a slight rub before applying evenly on your face.
  • Massage the product on your wet face for 40 to 60 seconds.
  • Now rinse off your face again using warm water.
  • Always use a clean towel to pat dry your skin.
  • Apply your oil control moisturizer and you are good to go.


Skincare Tips For Oily Skin

A right facewash can definitely come to you as a saviour, but along with that, your skin demands some extra care and attention. So here we have for you a few tips that will help you keep your face oil-free and fresh throughout the day.

  • Do not wash your face frequently.
  • Wash your face twice a day.
  • Always remove makeup before sleep.
  • Do not scrub your skin harshly.
  • Using a moisturizer is important to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Do not keep touching your face and acne.
  • Never forget to use sunscreen in and out of the house.
  • Drink more water.



1. How can you control the oil on your face?

Well, facewash for oil control does most of the part but along with that, you should make sure you use it twice a day. Apart from that use blotting papers, apply a clay mask once a week as well as use an oil control moisturiser after washing your face. This will keep your skin looking fresh forever.


2. Can people with oily skin use aloe vera?

Yes, people with oily skin can use aloe vera as it absorbs oil without drying your skin. It can also help treat acne and breakouts. So people with oily skin can definitely use aloe vera gel or skincare products containing aloe vera.


3. Why is salicylic acid good for oily skin?

Salicylic acid effectively cleanses out excess oil and pores. This eventually promotes oil-free skin for a longer duration. It also helps prevent future blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts making it perfect for oily skin.


Final Notes

Well, life isn’t easy but we hope we made finding the right face wash for your oily skin a bit simple. Since there are hundreds of options to choose one from it can be a bit confusing.

So we recommend sticking to our list of top 10 best buys and picking one from them. If you are unsure of what exactly you should invest in out of the facewash listed above, go with our personal favourite The Aroma magic neem and tea tree gel facewash.

This one has both neem and tea tree which helps control oil, removes excess dirt, pollutants, makeup and is even anti-bacterial. We just love it for its functionality and value for money.

If not this you can definitely try the options and keep excess oil, acne, breakouts at bay. Hope you enjoy shopping !!!

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