How To Apply Eyeliner? (Detailed Guide)

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Even if you are not into makeup, the skill to apply eyeliner is something almost everybody fancies to learn. Eyeliners can either make or break your whole look with a simple stroke.

It can be found in every girl’s vanity, even if they keep it lowkey. For most people out there, applying eyeliner is their go-to no makeup, makeup look.

Even if you are a newbie, consider this your ultimate guide about applying eyeliner. Read on to know more!


Is Applying Eyeliner Even Safe?

Is Applying Eyeliner Even Safe?

Before we talk about the application of eyeliners, let us first understand if they are even safe to apply.

It is safe! It comprises thickeners such as natural gums, clays, castor oil, waxes, and color. Activated charcoal and mineral pigments extract the color of the eyeliner.

Refrain from buying cheap and unbranded eyeliner as it increases the chances of fake ingredients and toxins, which may damage your eyes in the long run. Also

If you are a regular eyeliner user, try avoiding direct contact with the eyelid as it may cause irritation and itchiness.

ADVICE: Do not use an eyeliner past its expiration date or if it is more than three months old. 


Does the Right Eyeliner Make A Difference?

Does the Right Eyeliner Make A Difference?

1. Pencil Eyeliner

As a beginner, pencil eyeliner will work best for you. It is best suited for beginners. If you want to create a natural and smudged look, you should go for pencil eyeliner. It longs lasts and requires regular sharpening.


2. Liquid Eyeliner 

 Suppose you can efficiently work with the pencil eyeliner. It’s time to level up your eyeliner game with a liquid eyeliner. With the help of liquid eyeliner, you can create better smooth and swooping lines with a clearer and sharper look. You can fill it in a pen or a vial and apply it with the help of a brush.


3. Gel Eyeliner

If you want to create more dramatic lines and want your eyeliner to stick for an extended period, you can use a gel liner. Although it is less dark than liquid eyeliner, it is best for people with oily skin as it sticks better than any other.


How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner?

How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner

1. Sharpen or shape your eyeliner

The sharpness of your eyeliner pencil will decide how your eyeliner will look. You can create as sharp and precise a line you want; it depends on the edge of your eyeliner. Or you can create a round and thick line after dulling the pencil.

Note: To sharpen your pencil, use an eyeliner sharpener and to dull the pencil, use a tissue and rub your eyeliner over it to make it dull.


2. Hold the upper corner of your eyelid

Place your fingers on the upper edge of your lash line and pull it upwards gently so that the eyelid is stretched. This will help you to create an even straight line along your upper lash line. You can close your eyelid as you pull it in order to make the pencil go smoother.


3. Start from the inner corner

Start by lining your inner eyelid, gradually move towards the outer area of your eyelid. Make sure that you go slowly and take pauses to ensure that the line is evenly created.

ADVICE: If you want your eyes to look bigger, then use a lighter color only on the inner edge of your eye. You can take the cream or beige color to start with.


4. Do your lower lash line as well

Place a finger on your lower eyelid and pull it. Then start applying liner in a straight line using short strokes to ensure that your line is even throughout. You can line just the outer part to make your look more subtle and natural.


How To Use Liquid Eyeliner?

How To Use Liquid Eyeliner?

1. Shake well before use

Before you start using the eyeliner, make sure it is well mixed. Close the lid tightly, then give it a good shake. After shaking you are good to proceed further.


2. Start From the middle

Place the brush close to your eyelashes so that it is on your upper lash line. Place it in the middle, start applying and move outwards slowly and make a straight line.


3. Line the inner edge and fill in

After you’ve done the above step, start lining the inner edge of the upper lash line. Go slow and connect it with the first line that you made; after you are done, fill in the gap between both the lines to make it one solid line.

Tip: If you’ve made a mistake, dip a cotton swab in the oil and use the tip of the swab to fix it.


4. Create a wing 

Making a wing is completely optional, but I can assure you no woman can kill the urge to draw a wing. It is an involuntary action for most eyeliner users out there. If you want to achieve a winged look, from the outer corner of your eyelid, just follow the curve of your eyelid.


How To Use Gel Eyeliner?

How To Use Gel Eyeliner?

Gel liner comes in a small container, and you’ll need a liner brush to use it. Unscrew the lid from the container and put your liner brush into the gel eyeliner. Make sure you only dip the tip of the brush in the eyeliner gel.

1. Begin with your inner and outer corners

Start by applying the gel eyeliner at your inner lash line and move towards the center, but do not fill it, not yet. Now, apply some eyeliner to your outer lash line and move towards your outer edge.

Tip: If your eyelids are covering up your eyeliner, then apply the liner in an arch shape. 


2. Fill in the center

After you have lines on the inner and outer edges of the eyes, it is time to fill in the gap in the center of your lash line. Use soft, gentle strokes to apply the eyeliner evenly and smoothly. Do it a few times to make it perfect.


Different Styles Of Applying Eyeliner

  • The Classic Line- Before diving into more complex styles, it’s best to master the classic line first. The Classic Line Eyeliner looks best with liquid, pencil, and gel eyeliners. Follow your lash line from your inner to outer corners. Draw small dashes along your eyelid line. Then fill in the spaces slowly.

Following are the steps to follow:

  • Smoky look- Smudge out the eyeliner in the under-eye and outer corners. You can also use multiple eyeshadows to complete this look. The application process is the following: line your under-eye.
  • Cat Eye- After achieving the Classic Line eyeliner look, add a small upward flick around the outer corner of the eye. If you’re fortunate enough, then Cat Eye can be done with one clean glide over your eye.
  • UnderEye- Liquid eyeliners are not a good choice for this look as they may get into the eyes. Consider using pencil eyeliners, gels, or eyeshadows for this look. Mostly under-eye technique can be skipped, but it is essential for a smoky eye look.
  • Waterline Technique- Water lining is best with pencil eyeliner. Start by applying eyeliner inside the lash line. The waterline technique can be paired with smokey eyes for more drama.



1. How can you prevent smudging or smearing?

Use a primer before applying your eyeliner. And you can also use sealers to make your eyeliner long-lasting and prevent smudging.


2. Which eyeliner is best for beginners?

Pencil eyeliner is best for beginners, and it is easy and safe to use.


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Applying eyeliner may merely be an outline over the eyelids, but if done the right way, it can take your look to the next level. Make your eyes look bold, attractive, and appealing. If you know the art of applying eyeliner well, you can stand out in a room full of people. A little practice will make you perfect.

We hope now you are a pro at applying eyeliners! Have you got any further queries or want to share your opinions? Feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below!

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