10 Best Hybrid Mattresses In India 2024

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Did you know that India is the 2nd most sleep-deprived nation after Japan? A recent study conducted by the Times of India claims that 93% of Indians are sleep deprived. In addition, 87% of Indians complain of poor health because of lack of sleep. Furthermore, sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea are increasing amongst Indians, leading to a night of disturbed sleep.

The most probable solution to all these sleep disorders is investing in quality sleep and a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of several different types of mattresses offering both comfort and support.

However, the complexity in the construction and several layers used can make it confusing to choose an ideal hybrid mattress. Therefore, we decided to do the toiling and tested a wide range of hybrid mattresses for you!

Our detailed reviews and buyers’ guide will help you decide on a comfortable and pocket-friendly hybrid mattress for you and your family to sleep peacefully. Read on to find more!


Best Hybrid Mattress In India 2024

Choosing a mattress online is not easy. As per our buyers’ guide, there are various factors to consider before you can get the right mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. However, you can skip the research and hassle and find the right mattress here, through US!

We have spent a good 72+ hours to get our hands on the best hybrid mattress for you. We personally tried and tested all the mattresses we have reviewed in detail below for you. This would help you get first-hand experience of choosing the right product.

Read on to find out in detail reviews for choosing the best hybrid mattress in India.

Comforto Hybrid 8 Inch Pocket Spring With Memory Foam Mattress

Comforto Hybrid 8 Inch Pocket Spring With Memory Foam Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.7 out of 5

The best hybrid mattress that we could suggest – Comforto Hybrid Memory Foam mattress is crafted with perfection and excellence! With superior quality memory foam along with individually wrapped coils for an uninterrupted sleeping experience.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 8 inches
  • Size: King Size
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 11 years
  • Trial Period: 100 nights trial
  • Suitable for: People with back and orthopedic issues, normal sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc.

The memory foam layer contours very well as per your body shape and adapt to your sleeping style. The upper layer has a plush quilted cover that is skin-friendly and maintains the cozy sleeping surface of the bed.

The layer after the memory foam is the highly supportive foam layer that forms a good base and adds to the mattress’s support. The pressure-relieving memory foam is supported by Turkish padding, and the base has the pocketed springs for isolated comfort to your pressure points.

The springs form an ideal support system for your back and lower body while adding natural bounce to the mattresses. The exquisite design and edge support is very firm for all kinds of sleeping positions.

The upper fabric has a smooth lining that makes it safe and soft for your skin to give you a restful sleep. The mattress is constructed such that it will make you fall in love with your bed.

The mattress is available in a varied range of sizes and comes with a long 11 years warranty. Hassle-free, lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain, this one has all you need from a cozy and comfortable mattress.

We tried the mattress, and it feels quite firm yet comfortable. With an adequate balance of comfort and support, this mattress from Comforto is one of the best hybrid mattresses we have personally come across.


  • Provides excellent motion isolation and back support
  • Available in a varied range of sizes
  • Very plush fabric and material
  • High quality isolated pocketed springs


  • Not as firm as claimed by manufacturers


Dreamzee Lush Globally Certified Hybrid Organic Mattress

Dreamzee Lush Globally Certified Hybrid Organic Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

The Dreamzee Lush Certified Hybrid Mattress gives a hotel-like mattress feeling at home. Offering a luxurious sleeping experience, the memory foam layer helps in relieving all your pressure points to give you a stress-free sleeping experience.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 36 x 7 inches
  • Size: King Size
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Normal sleepers, For moderate back pain, etc.

The upper layer is made of organic modal fabric quilted with organic cotton. This offers a highly plush sleeping experience. Then comes the 100% natural latex layer that keeps the mattress free of dust and mites while providing a good layer of comfort.

Then comes the plush tech foam layer, which is exceptionally soft and literally takes the weight of your body. It can carry any weight and contour as per the shape of your body to give you a warm and cozy feeling!

Then comes the Turkish Felt layer that supports the HD pocketed springs. These are carefully spaced to offer good motion isolation if and when your partner moves on the bed constantly. The pocketed springs also provide decent back support.

The base layer is made of premium knitted fabric which is non-slip and soft. The mattress is of extremely durable quality, coming from the house of Dreamzee. It offers outstanding elasticity for years together and is suitable for children as well as adults.

The material of the mattress is such, it is bound to keep your body cool and regulate the body temperature while sleeping! The elastic ergonomics make it a cozy and premium experience to sleep on the mattress, reminding you of any plush hotel mattresses!

We tried sleeping in various positions on the Dreamzee mattress and found it quite good. It may not be as supportive for people with orthopedic conditions, but it can handle pressure points to give you a relaxed sleep!

This one is a budget-friendly buy, and you must get this one if you are looking for a quality mattress at a great price.


  • Durable and elastic material
  • Breathable fabric
  • Soft cushiony layers
  • Certified quality mattress


  • Does not break-in easily; users claim it may take time to adjust to the mattress


Centuary Mattresses Sleepables 8 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring

Centuary Mattresses Sleepables 8 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring

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Overall Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

Now, this is a modern-day mattress from Centuary that offers the best all aspects a mattress offers. From support to comfort, this mattress has everything nice! Century mattresses are made in India but match up to global quality. They use raw materials that are advanced and high class, matching international standards of safety and quality.

  • Dimensions: 78 x 60 x 8 inches
  • Size: Queen Size
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Normal sleepers, Snuggly sleepers, Kids, Couples

The mattress uses a special type of memory foam that adjusts as per your body shape and easily takes up your body weight. This helps in eliminating pressure points from your body, giving you a relieved and comfortable sleep!

The mattress uses the traditional Centuary style Ulti-Matt Mattress technology that aids in perfect spine alignment and maintaining body posture during sleep. The mattress is not very firm, feels very plush upon sleeping, but uses pocketed springs for a good amount of support.

The pocketed springs are spaced in such a way, that there is absolute motion isolation, letting you sleep peacefully even if your partner moves. The springs are encased in small fabric pockets for ultimate protection and durability.

It uses a blend of memory foam and Polyurethane foam for its layers which is extremely flexible. These mattresses are literally zero maintenance. The GSM knitted fabric layer is very durable and does not come apart for years. It has a zipper for ease of removal and regular cleaning!

The stiff foam layer at the bottom is an added benefit as it is non-slippery and adds to the height of the mattress. The mattress has a good thickness of around 8 inches and comes with the Centuary protect antimicrobial shield.

With good edge support and available in a variety of sizes, we are in awe of the quality of the mattress. It gives quite a plush sleeping experience, and the brand is very renowned altogether!

The mattress comes with a 7-year warranty, and we love how easy it is to maintain and clean the mattress as well. So if you are looking for a luxurious sleeping experience, then this hybrid mattress is a great buy for you.


  • Antimicrobial technology-enabled upper layers
  • Pocketed springs with a fabric cover for durability
  • Offers a plush sleeping experience
  • Available in a varied range of sizes


  • Not very good for orthopedic support as claimed
  • The quality is not worth the price as claimed by users


Doctor Dreams Hybrid Pocket Spring and Soft Foam King Size Mattress

Doctor Dreams Hybrid Pocket Spring and Soft Foam King Size Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

Doctor Dreams literally claims to be the mattress of your sweetest dreams! With an amazingly soft fabric that will make you smother into comfort on a whole new level. Each layer of this premium quality mattress promises optimum comfort for all kinds of sleeping habits and postures.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 6 inches
  • Size: King Size
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Warranty:
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Normal sleepers, Snuggly sleepers, Kids, Couples

The mattress has the highest number of pocket springs to provide the support and bounce you need from your mattress. It makes you feel rested and wake up feeling fresh.

The anti-sagging material makes sure that the edges remain intact, all thanks to the foam encasement for a firm feeling! The upper layer of the mattress is made of Tencil Fabric which is extremely skin-friendly and soft to sleep on. The fabric is also very elastic, easy to clean and maintain.

A layer of soft foam follows this and breathable netted cover that keeps the mattress cool and provides an additional base layer to sleep on that is soft and supportive.

A firm layer of pocket springs keeps the mattresses’ natural bounce intact yet provides the necessary support to your pressure points. In addition, the support side walled layers make it easy to climb on and off the bed, adding to the firmness of the mattress while aiding your joints and muscles.

Finally, the bottom-most layer is made of soft foam, which makes the base layer of the mattress and is non-slippery. The mattress also offers great motion isolation making it extremely couple-friendly.

It is available in a variety of sizes, making it best for all types of sleepers and all types of families. Moreover, it is quite a pocket-friendly mattress of premium quality and can even support heavyweight people.

We tried the mattress first hand for you and loved the plush and heavenly feeling it had to offer. However, if you want to buy it for any severe orthopedic issues, you may want to skip this. Else, for a cozy, dreamy, and good night’s sleep, this is your ideal companion!


  • Made of skin-friendly fabric
  • Offers excellent motion isolation
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers
  • Pocket-friendly budget mattress


  • The mattress sinks in extensively while sleeping on it.


Durfi Hybrid Memory Foam Soft Pocket Spring Hotel Comfort Bed Mattress

Durfi Hybrid Memory Foam Soft Pocket Spring Hotel Comfort Bed Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Here is a mattress that strikes the right chord of support and comfort in one product. The Durfi Hybrid Memory Foam with pocket springs mattress is one of its kind. Durfi is known for its range of sleeping products, from mattresses to toppers, pillows, and mattress protectors.

This mattress makes sure to support your pressure points and distribute your body weight adequately over the mattress. The topmost fabric is purely antibacterial, ensuring safety from microbes and dust mites to you and your family.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 8 inches
  • Size: Double Size
  • Firmness: Soft to medium
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Small families, Kids, Snuggly sleepers

Followed by which is the cotton candy memory foam layer that contours very well to the shape and weight of your body. It adequately distributes your body weight without causing any sagging or depression on the mattress for years. This helps in creating ultimate support, especially across the pressure areas.

This is followed by the high resilience foam that adds a layer of support and firmness to the mattress. The pocket spring layers are supported by two layers of Thermo bond felt to hold the springed layers together.

The pocketed springs are very ventilated not to make the bed feel stuffy and extremely warm. It is good to add to the natural bounce of the bed while supporting people with back and orthopedic issues.

The bottom-most layer is made of anti-skid fabric that stays on the bed without slipping due to extreme movement. The mattress is certified for orthopedic use to support your spinal and other pressure points.

It is extremely durable and comes with a 10 years warranty. The mattress can literally take up anybody’s weight and won’t sag for years. Each layer is treated for microbial protection to ensure safety for you and your family.

You can customize the thickness of the mattress, as it is available in varied thicknesses of 6 inches, 8, and 10 inches. The mattress also offers great motion isolation making it quite couple-friendly. In addition, it does not sink by adding pressure but in fact, adds to providing support to your joints.

We personally loved the overall feel of the mattress after sleeping on it. It may feel a little plush in the beginning, but eventually, you will get used to the bounce. As claimed, it is not as firm, rather it takes your body weight and sinks a bit. The memory foam could have been better in terms of firmness, but the comfort is beyond compare!

For the ones who love to be cozied upon by their mattress, we highly recommend this for snuggly sleepers and families with small kids.


  • Pocketed springs are very bouncy and supportive
  • Does not sag very easily for years
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Has antimicrobial layers for a safe sleeping experience


  • The springs tend to make noise
  • The mattress can sink with prolonged use, as claimed by users


Loom & Needles Hybrid Pocket Spring & 100% Natural Latex, Memory & HR Foam Queen Bed Mattress

Loom & Needles Hybrid Pocket Spring & 100% Natural Latex, Memory & HR Foam Queen Bed Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

This hybrid mattress from Loom and Needles is a blend of safe and cozy! Made of 100% natural materials, this mattress is comfortable and safe to sleep on. It uses no poly foam or any synthetic materials in the making.

  • Dimensions: 78 x 60 x 6 inches
  • Size: Queen Size
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 11 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Normal sleepers, a family of 2 or 3 (with a small child), people with back pain, stomach sleepers

The mattress is FSC and Euro Latex certified, and the latex is sourced from natural forests, having antifungal and antimicrobial properties. In addition, the raw materials in the making of the mattress are sourced in a very sustainable manner.

Talk about the layers of the mattress; the topmost layer is made of 100% natural latex Pincore which is extremely durable and comfortable. The layer beneath the latex layer is graphite-infused memory foam which is very ventilated and takes the shape of your body.

The memory foam layer helps support the pressure points of your body while giving you a rested experience. Then comes the layer with pocket springs. This layer offers great motion isolation and does not make you feel disturbed even if your partner moves in the bed constantly.

The pocket springs add to the natural bounce of the bed and are great for supporting your back and neck muscles. A layer of firm foam follows this with special foam encasement around the edges. This provides support while climbing and getting off the bed, making it a firm and comfortable surface to use.

The quality of the mattress is such that it does not sag or roll-off, giving a very medium-firm feeling, neither too soft nor too hard. It is effortless to lift and place; the mattress requires zero maintenance and will surely last for a lifetime.

It is suitable for two adults or even a small kid considering the size. The mattress comes with an 11 years warranty which is quite long considering other mattresses in the same range.

We happened to try this mattress from Loom and Needles and loved the overall sleeping experience. Each layer is extremely strong and equally firm to not make you sink into the bed. Of course, it is a bit overpriced, but the quality of the mattress is the show-stealer.

If you are someone looking for moderate support, a good amount of firmness, and safety for you and your family, this mattress is a sure fit for you.


  • Latex layer is 100% natural and sustainably sourced
  • The memory foam layer offers good ventilation
  • Adequate amount of plush and bounce


  • Highly-priced
  • The upper latex layer can feel very hard to sleep on


Sealy Baby Posture Perfect 2-Stage Hybrid Waterproof Mattress

Sealy Baby Posture Perfect 2-Stage Hybrid Waterproof Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.2 out of 5

Just like us, our babies also need to have a good night’s sleep. And not just sleep, the bed is the most visited place which needs to be safe for your kids to play on and carry out their fun and frolic.

Therefore, Sealy Baby Posture Perfect 2 Stage Mattress supports your baby in their growing stages to offer them an experience worth remembering!  It is a crib-sized mattress that combines layers of spring and soybean memory foam. Springs make the bed bouncy, while the memory foam makes sure to give a comfortable napping experience.

  • Dimensions: 51.63 x 27.25 x 5.5 inches
  • Size: Crib Size (for babies)
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Warranty:
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Infants and Toddlers (Below 3 years of age)

This is 2 staged because it supports your baby’s growing years is the infant and toddler stage. The infant to toddler design makes sure to give your baby a good night’s sleep. The layer below is quite firm while the upper layer feels very cushioned and pampering.

The outer cover is also waterproof so no worries if your baby messes up the bed in any way. It has airflow pockets on the outer cover which keeps the bed fresh and ventilated. The baby mattress is engineered and imported from the USA because Sealy Kids does not compromise on quality for kids.

It is a Greenguard Gold certified mattress tested for its quality and does not use any chemicals in the making. It does not have any toxic fire retardants or substances and follows the CHCC regulations of manufacturing.

The dimensions of the mattress are such, that it can fit any toddler bed frames easily. It is relatively easy to maintain because of its waterproof nature and ventilated layers. The foam layers are CertiPUR – US certified and contain certified flexible polyurethane foam.

We asked several families with toddlers who tried and tested the mattress for their kids. They have never seen their baby sleep so comfortably as with this mattress from Sealy. The mattress is certified safe, comfortable, and bouncy.

What more can a baby ask from its bed??


  • Waterproof upper layers good for baby usage
  • Certified mattress for safety and chemical testing
  • Perfectly fits all types of baby and toddler beds
  • 2 stage bed for providing comfort in crucial growing years


  • The product often received damaged as claimed by users
  • The springs are a bit noisy


Amore Hybrid Eurotop Memory Foam Mattress

Amore Hybrid Eurotop Memory Foam Mattress

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Overall Ratings: 4.0 out of 5

If you want to give yourself a luxurious yet comfortable sleeping experience, then the Amore Hybrid Eurotop mattress is an ideal buy for you. The mattress makes sure to relieve all your stress by knocking out pain and makes you hibernate in a deep sleep.

In terms of making you feel comfortable, it provides adequate and balanced comfort, is not too firm, and neither does not sink you into the bed.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 42 x 8 Inches
  • Size: Single Size (Other Sizes available)
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Snuggly sleepers, children, adults with no back or orthopedic issues

This hybrid mattress from Amore promises to provide advanced orthopedic support all thanks to the high-end memory foam. In addition, it completely takes up your body’s shape to provide support to the necessary pressure points in your body.

The top layer is made of heavy GSM knitted fabric, which is firm yet soft for your skin and does not make you feel suffocated while sleeping. Then comes the memory foam layer that contours to the shape of your body and adjusts as per the body’s density. This is followed by the comfort foam layer, which builds an additional layer of firmness combined with comfort.

The mattress combines several layers which also includes a nonwoven foam along with a support foam cushioning. In addition, there is a Turkish felt layer on either side that supports the pocketed springs within the mattress. Pocketed springs are perfect for back support while maintaining the slight bounce of the bed.

With several layers of Turkish and non-woven fabric, finally, the base layer has an anti-skid fabric. This does not allow the mattress to skid off the bed. Therefore, any movement while sleeping will not cause any accidents due to the mattress slipping off.

The Eurotop mattress from Amore offers zero disturbance when two people sleep offering great motion isolation. This makes it couple-friendly. You can also customize the size based on your personal requirements with no extra charges. The layers within the bed offer certified germ protection making it safe to sleep and last for years without any maintenance hassles.

We asked several consumers and tried the mattress for ourselves. The mattress offers top-notch comfort and adequate bounce due to the memory foam and the pocketed springs. The upper knitted layer is very cozying too, making it comfortable for all kinds of sleepers.

If you are a sucker for comfort and not expecting too much support from the mattress, this one is your buy!


  • Provides great motion isolation
  • Very ventilated and comfortable
  • Adapts to the body temperature due to cool memory foam
  • Plush upper layers are soft on the skin and good to sleep


  • Not very durable as claimed
  • The layers start sagging within a few months of use


Dreamzee Elevate Luxury Hybrid Organic Mattress 

Dreamzee Elevate Luxury Hybrid Organic Mattress 

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Overall Ratings: 4.1 out of 5

  • Dimensions: 72 x 36 x 5 Inches
  • Size: Single Size
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: People with orthopedic issues, Bachelors, Solo sleepers

The Dreamzee Elevate Luxury Hybrid Mattress gives you all that is expected from a high-quality hybrid mattress. It serves the purpose amazingly, is not extremely comfortable but supports your pressure points quite well.

Made of multiple layers, the mattress offers the best of all types of mattresses. It offers medium comfort and is very firm, to adequately support your back and other pressure points of the body.

All the mattress layers are 100% organic and natural, meaning it has zero chemicals to cause any harm to your health. The upper layer is made of quilted modal fabric followed by a layer of 100% organic cotton fabric. These layers do the job of protecting the inner layers of the bed while offering you a soft surface to sleep on.

The two cotton layers are followed by a one-inch 100% natural latex layer with antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, the organic latex layer keeps the mattress naturally resistant to dust mites, molds, and bacteria.

The one-inch cool memory foam layer makes sure that you sleep feeling airy and cozy while maintaining adequate body temperature while sleeping. It takes the shape of your body while you sleep and retains the shape to support your body’s weight and pressure points well.

At the bottom, you will find a high resilience foam layer that is extremely thick to support the other upper layers of the mattress. This is good for carrying your body weight as well as supporting people with back issues. This is followed by a soft premium quilted knitted fabric at the end.

The upper layers made of organic cotton are extremely skin-friendly providing a smooth touch and comfortable sleeping experience.

The mattress is certified with Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles and comes with a 7 years manufacturer’s warranty. We personally loved the multiple hybrid layers, and the quality of the mattress is not a compromise at all.

However, if you are looking for sheer comfort from this mattress, then you may want to skip purchasing this one. This mattress from Dreamzee Elevate is a healthy and supportive combination for people with orthopedic issues like back and shoulder pain.


  • The quality of the upper cotton layers is good and comfortable for the skin
  • Has an organic latex layer to protect from dust mites and microbes
  • Suitable for people with back and other orthopedic issues
  • Firm at the edges for adequate support while climbing and getting off the bed


  • Not comfortable to sleep, feels hard
  • Does not provide as much cooling, feels warm


Wake-Up Queen Size Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Wake-Up Queen Size Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

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Overall ratings: 4.2 out of 5

Remember the cozy, comfortable feeling upon sleeping on a 5-star hotel bed? You can experience the same pleasures with the Wake-Up Queen Size Hybrid mattress. Neither too firm nor soft, just the right amount of firmness, bounce, and support to care for you with comfort.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 60 x 10 inch
  • Size: Queen Size
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Trial Period: 10 days trial and replacement
  • Suitable for: Adults, Couples, People with back pain issues, etc.

The mattress has pocket spring coils that cover around 5 inches of the mattress’s various layers. This makes the bed bouncy and responsive, encasing you into a good night’s sleep.

Making use of coils in the mattress keeps the airflow going and keeps the mattress well ventilated. You will wake up feeling all fresh and energized, as though you have slept like a baby.

The mattress has a foam encasement that makes sure to provide the right amount of firmness. It also helps in providing support across the edges of the bed to support your pressure points.

The multiple dense foam layers almost take the shape of your body to give you a snuggly feeling while you sleep. It helps in relieving the pressure points and reducing stress from your body.

The upper layer is made of cotton knitted fabric with quilted foam. This provides the right balance of soft and firmness at the edges. It also protects the inner layers of the mattress and is replaceable. Then comes the high resilience soft foam that almost takes up the shape of your body and supports the pressure points. It is a high-density transition foam that easily takes up your body’s weight to offer a relaxing sleep.

The pocket springs cover the majority thickness of the bed and it is supported by another layer of felt and cotton knitted fabric below. These are made of tempered steel that is extremely durable and passes multiple quality checks before reaching you. The pocketed springs also support sleepers with back pain issues and are in fact recommended by doctors too.

The mattress is couple-friendly so you can sleep peacefully even when your partner moves. It has antibacterial properties making it easy to maintain and harmless to sleep for years. In addition, the queen-size mattress comes with a ten years warranty, making it highly durable and worth the buy.

After trying the mattress, we felt that it had the right amount of firmness and bounce. The quality of the cotton knitted foam is very good, and the bed feels very airy. As claimed, it does take the shape of your body, giving you a cradled comfort while sleeping.

We guarantee you will get a comfortable sleeping experience with this queen-sized mattress from Wake-Up.  Therefore, this is a must-buy and try!


  • High-quality foam layers in the mattress
  • Durable and comfortable
  • No partner disturbance
  • Good for people with back pain due to pocketed coils


  • Expensive as claimed by certain users
  • Replacement can be a hassle due to poor customer service


What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress combines all types of mattresses, being memory foam, latex, gel, or spring mattress. It is a multi-layered mattress that offers the comfort you desire from your bed as well as support to your body while sleeping. First, let us look at the layers that these mattresses majorly comprise.

Starting from the bottom, the different layers are:

  • Base Layer: The base layer in hybrid mattresses is usually made of foam. It is usually minimally thick, around an inch or two. The base layer provides sturdiness, stability, and padded support to the mattress from the bottom.


  • Support Layer: This covers the majority portion of the mattress since it is packed with pocketed coils or springs. This layer adds to the bounce and support offered by these mattresses.


  • Comfort layer: The comfort layer comes on top of the springs and coiled layers. This is the second most crucial layer because this is where your body primarily rests. The comfort layer is made of a body-hugging, comfortable material like latex, cooling gel, memory foam, etc. This layer is also quite thick to provide a good amount of cushioning, around 3-4 inches.


  • Cover: The final topmost layer to keep all the other layers covered. The cover is also designed to provide comfort and cooling while you sleep. The cover protects the inner components of the mattress while also adding to the cushioning that your body needs.

The cover is usually made of durable and flexible material because it is the most exposed portion that covers the rest of the layers.

Hybrid mattresses are constructed to provide comprehensive support to your body. Right from the neck to your shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, and even your feet. It molds as per the shape of your body and supports the minor body curves.

The elastic layers, generally latex or gel foam, avoid disturbance due to excess motion on the bed. So you can sleep peacefully without being disturbed even if your partner is constantly moving in their sleep.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses offer more advantages than disadvantages. Here is what you need to know when it comes to weighing the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress.


  • It adapts to any body shape and type
  • Can support heavyweight sleepers
  • Suitable for people with back issues and other sleeping problems
  • Long-lasting and supportive
  • Versatile mattress offering the best of all types of mattresses
  • Good breathability
  • Avoids disturbance due to excess motion
  • Offers the right balance of bounce, support, and comfort



  • Highly-priced
  • The mattress can cause off-gassing issues if not of good quality
  • Can be difficult to choose the right type based on the complexity of the mattress


Research And Studies

Wakefit Co. is a mattress company that carried out a study titled the Great Indian Sleep Scorecard. Their study had around 16000 respondents who filled a survey. Of which the results were surprising.

  • 16% of people in India believe they have sleep apnea
  • 48% people complain of back problems
  • 80% of people feel sleepy at work

One of the reasons contributing to these results is the lack of proper sleeping conditions, like a comfortable mattress.

A study carried out in North Middlesex University Hospital gave some positive results upon using a Hybrid Mattress. There was a 52% increase in inpatient admissions from 2012 to 2014, but this was inversely proportional to the cases of bedsores and bed ulcers formed in hospital beds.

Bedsores and bed ulcers can be a result of poor sleeping surfaces and conditions.

However,  implementing a power hybrid mattress turned tables.

The hospital sales increased, the mattresses were cost-effective as they lasted for years, and patients rested with less stress and discomfort caused due to irregular mattresses.

Changing your sleeping conditions and investing in a quality hybrid mattress can improve your sleep quality and overall health up to ten folds.


Is a Hybrid Mattress the Right Choice For You?

Hybrid mattress has turned to be an optimum sleeping solution for most people with sleep disorders.

However, some people may have different tastes and opinions when it comes to choosing the right mattress for their sleep issues. These set of points might help you decide if a hybrid mattress is the right buy for you?

  • Require extra support while sleeping

A hybrid mattress has supportive coils and springs that add to the firmness and provide solid and adequate support. Therefore, for people who are on the heavier side, the mattress is perfect for supporting their weight.


  • Suffer from backache and orthopedic issues

People suffering from joint pain and back issues require extra support points at particular sections of their back and joints. The hybrid mattresses have firm coils that provide support across different pressure points.

These mattresses provide the right balance of firmness and softness, making you feel rested after you wake up.


  • Heating issues at night

If you sleep in a hot environment or your mattress feels too warm when you sleep, then a hybrid mattress is an ideal buy for you. It has several layers, one of which is made of gel, which promotes cooling.

The supportive coils maintain the airflow across the mattress so you don’t keep tossing on your bed during warmer days.


  • Suitable for particular sleeping positions

If you sleep on their stomach or by the sides for most of the night, you need a mattress that provides proper support. Hybrid mattresses have multiple dense layers that ensure the mattress does not sink to the bottom with your body weight.

This reduces the chances of causing sprains and body pains after you wake up. In addition, you can sleep in any and every position with all the support and comfort you desire from a mattress.


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Hybrid Mattress?

Out of all the different types of mattresses, the hybrid type is the most structurally complex of all. It has several layers that must suit your unique sleep requirements.

With the numerous brands available in the market, it can be challenging to choose an ideal hybrid mattress, each one of them claiming to be better than the other.

Therefore, we decided to help you out by giving a comprehensive buyers guide on choosing the best hybrid mattress for your individual and family’s needs.

1. Health And Lifestyle Needs

It is essential to look for a mattress based on the purpose that it serves. Once the purpose of buying the mattress is clear, it helps you make an easier decision on what kind of hybrid mattress you are looking for.

Some people have severe back-related and orthopedic problems. Therefore, they need a mattress that supports their pressure points and joints well. A hybrid mattress that is more firm and supportive with coils and springs adds to the firmness and does not sink upon applying pressure. This helps in supporting your back by providing a firm base while sleeping.

If you are looking for a snuggly, comfortable sleeping experience, you might require a soft cushioned mattress with a memory foam layer. For added durability at a reasonable price, you might be looking for a mattress that is sustainable.

A hybrid mattress fulfills all these needs, be it durability, comfort or convenience. These features ultimately make it worth the price.


2. Sleeping Positions

Different people have different sleeping positions. Some are prone to sleeping on their back, some side sleepers, some sleep on their stomach. While some are just unpredictable!

Therefore, choosing a hybrid mattress with the right combination of memory foam, latex, or gel along with adequate support with coirs and springs is the key.

At the same time, pregnant women or older people prefer something cool and comfortable. Therefore, a hybrid mattress with memory foam or gel layer is a good choice for them.

For children and couples, hybrid mattresses with a latex layer are comfortable due to the softness and bounciness that it offers.


3. Size And Thickness

The size of the mattress depends on your sleeping position, number of members sleeping on the bed, size of the bed, etc.

Generally, there are four sizes available in India:

Single Size: These mattresses usually range anywhere between 72 x 36 inches to 75 x 36 inches in size. These are suitable for a child or a single bed.

Double Size: These mattresses range from 72 x 48 inches to 75 x 60 inches in size. Double size mattresses are suitable for two normal-sized adults.

Queen Size: These mattresses generally are in size range of 72 x 60 inches to 78 x 60 inches. Queen size mattresses are ideal for small families of 3 with a small child or two adults who can sleep very comfortably.

King Size: King Sized mattresses are usually in size range of 72 x 72 inches to 78 x 72 inches. King-sized mattresses are beyond comfortable for two adults or two adults with a small child.

Apart from the size, the thickness of the mattress is also important to consider. The thickness determines the durability and comfort of the mattress and whether it can support your weight.

Shorter and thinner people can go for a thin-sized mattress, while the standard thickness of a hybrid mattress is around 8 inches. This is because it comprises several layers. If you are on the heavier side, you may need a much thicker mattress.


4. Quality And Durability

Your mattress should be worth the price you pay and do justice in terms of long-lastingness. The brand name and the quality of foam or latex used also determine the durability of the mattress. Usually, a good quality mattress lasts for 7 years or even more, depending upon the usage and sleeping habits.

The durability of the mattress also depends upon the mattress type. Memory foam and latex mattresses are more durable as compared to coir or spring mattresses. Since hybrid mattresses combine several layers, they tend to last longer than 7 years, depending upon the usage.


5. Firmness

Hybrid mattresses come with different firmness levels. This depends upon the different layers that come in a mattress. If the hybrid mattress has a thicker memory foam layer, then the mattress would not be as firm.

At the same time, if it is made of an additional latex layer, the mattress would be medium-firm. If the thickness of the coir or spring layer is more, then the mattress would be very firm.

You can choose a hybrid mattress with varying firmness based on how soft or hard you like your mattress to be.


6. Support

Hybrid mattresses are known to be suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Therefore, when it comes to supporting, hybrid mattresses are a great choice indeed. However, you would want to confirm with the thickness of several layers that it is made of to ultimately decide if it can provide the optimum support.

For example, if the hybrid mattress has a thicker memory foam layer, it will provide medium support. Compared to a hybrid mattress that comprises more springs and coils, it would provide better support to the back and feet.

The best way to check this is by trying the mattress first hand and opting for a return or replacement if it does not support adequately.


7. Motion Isolation

Hybrid mattresses are most comfortable when it comes to motion isolation. Motion isolation means you have an undisturbed sleep if you have a disruptive partner who tends to move too much in their sleep.

One of the best ways to check this feature in your hybrid mattress is to opt for a trial or go to a store and check it firsthand. Then, take a partner along and ask them to move and check if it impacts your side of the bed.

If it does not, then the hybrid mattress offers excellent motion isolation for an undisturbed sleeping experience. Else, you can always opt to return the mattress.


8. Easy Maintenance

The major factors to consider for easy maintenance of a hybrid mattress are removing the covers and cleaning them easily. Easy maintenance includes ease of cleaning and disinfecting the mattress from time to time, changing covers, customizing any of the layers for better longevity of the mattress, etc.

If all these factors are ticked, then your hybrid mattress is good to go in terms of maintenance!


9. Risk-Free Trial And Return

When you purchase mattresses online, they often provide a try-and-buy feature. Through this, you can actually use the mattress for a night and check if it gives you a comfortable sleep or not. Usually, hybrid mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers, so the chances of not feeling comfortable are less.

However, it is better to look for a hassle-free trial and return feature instead of taking the risk and wasting your money later.



1. Do Hybrid mattresses get hot?

The temperature that the hybrid mattress maintains depends on the materials used in the making of the mattress. Mostly, hybrid mattresses that use polyurethane foams made of chemicals release heat and toxins that are harmful for sleeping.

Therefore, choosing a hybrid mattress with gel memory foam and pocketed springs provides appropriate ventilation and coolness. This helps maintain the temperature of your body while asleep, making you feel relaxed.


2. Is a hybrid mattress better than a memory foam mattress?

Not necessarily. The choice as to which type is better ultimately depends on how you want your mattress to be. Ideally, hybrid mattresses combine multiple layers of memory foam and latex and spring coils that make the bed firm and not sag over time.

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress offers a cloudy feeling, making you feel all cozied and snuggled. Therefore, a hybrid mattress is better than memory foam in terms of durability but not in terms of comfort necessarily.


3. Is a Hybrid Mattress good for back pain?

Yes. A hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for back pain. This is because it combines all the possible layers like memory foam, latex, and spring coils to support your pressure points in the best way.

Therefore, if you are confused about what mattress to choose for back pain, a hybrid mattress is always and any day better.


4. How long do Hybrid Mattresses last?

Hybrid mattresses can last for up to 7-10 years if properly cared for. However, you must change your mattress every 10 years for health reasons.



Your bed is a place where you seek pleasure and comfort. Therefore, your mattress should be capable of providing you a restful and sound sleep. At the same time, it should relieve your stress by supporting your joints and pressure points adequately. This makes you feel fresh after each sleep, and there are negligible chances of sprains or sleeping errors.

A hybrid mattress is a solution for most sleeping problems. Hybrid mattresses are an ideal investment for improving your sleep quality, whether they are aching joints, neck sprains, backaches, or a cozy and comfortable sleeping experience.

We have reviewed some of the best hybrid mattresses in town. However, the best one, according to us, is the Comforto Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress. With high-quality pocketed springs that offer excellent motion isolation to the superior quality quilted fabric at the top.

The mattress comes with a 100-night trial offer as well, along with an 11 years warranty. It is durable, flexible, and provides ultimate orthopedic support too. You will definitely love sleeping on this one.

Read our reviews and buyers’ guide on the best hybrid mattresses in India. Make sure to tell us, which is the most comfortable mattress according to you through our comments section below.

Until then, sweet dreams and sleep sound!!

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