How To Remove Tan From Face? (12 Effective Methods)

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Spending a day out in bright sunlight can leave you with significant tanning in your skin. While some people like going out and getting tan. But for many people, including me, witnessing your entire face get tanned can be extremely annoying.

All I would want at this point is just to get rid of this tan from my face as soon as possible. Many of you might wonder what can be done in order to get rid of tan from the face? Due to this article, I will add various ways to get rid of tan from the face easily.

12 Different Ways To Remove Tan From Face

Tanning is common and temporary. Due to which you can get rid of tan by using these simple and easy steps:


1. Lemon Juice & Sugar

Lemon Juice & Sugar

Add around two tablespoons of lemon juice to a bowl and add one tablespoon of Sugar. Mix both the lemon juice and sugar properly and then apply it over the tanned areas.

Massage the tanned area gently in circular motions for 3-4 minutes. Sugar has the ability to work as a scrub so you can use it like one. Then you remove this pack with the help of water. Lemon works great in removing suntan as it has various skin lightening elements.

Mixing Sugar with lemon juice provides a great exfoliated scrub that helps in getting tanned skin.


2. Tomato Juice & Yogurt

Tomato Juice

Take about two to three tablespoons of tomato juice and add one tablespoon of Yogurt. Mix both tomato juice and Yogurt together and apply it to your face. Keep this on for around twenty mins and then remove this pack using water.

Tomato juice contains citric acid that helps in getting rid of tan naturally. Tomato works as a great element to remove suntan making it an obvious choice to use.

Apart from tan, tomato juice also helps in removing pigmentation and dark spots easily. At the same time, yogurt helps in soothing and moisturizing the skin.

You can use this pack two or thrice a week to easily get rid of tan from your face.


3. Lemon Juice & Honey


To make this mask add lemon juice of lemon along with a sufficient amount of honey. Mix both lemon juice and together for 2 minutes. Apply this pack of honey and lemon juice to your face using a brush and keep it for 15-20 minutes.

Then rinse it off using cold water. Lemon juice contains bleaching properties that help in lightening the texture and tone of the skin. Also, lemon juice assists in preventing tan naturally from the face and body.

Note: Don’t come in contact with the sun after using this face mask. Any contact with the sun after using lemon juice on the skin can cause skin damage and redness.


4. Papaya & Honey


Take 1/2 cup of papaya and mash it in a bowl. Add three to four drops of honey and mix it well. Using a brush or your hands evenly spread this pack on your face and keep it on for around twenty-five mins.

Then wash it using cold water. Papaya has bleaching and exfoliating properties, which helps in removing sun tan from the skin easily. Adding Honey makes the skin nourished and moisturized.


5. Milk & Turmeric

Milk and Turmeric

Milk is great in removing tan so take a sufficient amount of milk along with some turmeric. Combine both milk and turmeric together. Keep it on until it gets dry, and then remove it with water.

At the same time, Turmeric helps in skin lightening and healing, which makes this pack one of the best solutions to remove tan from the face.

This is a very natural remedy, and the ingredients don’t cause any damage to the skin, so you can use this pack daily until the tan is removed.


6. Sandalwood Powder & Coconut Water

Sandalwood Powder & Coconut Water

Take around one tablespoon of sandalwood powder and one tablespoon of coconut water combine both of them well together. Then apply this paste of sandalwood and coconut water to your face.

Keep it on for around fifteen mins and then remove it using water. Sandalwood contains natural oils that help in getting rid of tan. Coconut water is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties along with hydrating elements, which helps in keeping the skin nourished and moisturized.

Use this mask thrice a week to easily get rid of tan from the face.


7. Coffee, Yogurt & Turmeric

Coffee is another great element that can help you remove suntan. Directly combine coffee with a few tbsp of yogurt and turmeric. Then using a brush spread it on your face, keep it on for a few mins then remove it using water.

Coffee also can work as a great substitute for a scrub so in case the tan is intense you can use it like a scrub as well before the pack.

While yogurt helps in keeping the skin hydrated, and Turmeric helps in brightening up the skin. It can also potentially remove a few spots from your face.


8. Potato Juice & Lemon Juice

Potato juice contains skin-lightening properties that help in removing tan and pigmentation. So combine the juice of potato with the juice of lemon well and then roll it all over your face.

Leave this on you for around ten to fifteen mins, then remove it with water. This pack can even help in getting rid of pigmentation and dark spots from the face naturally.

While lemon juice has skin lightening and exfoliating properties, which does wonders in removing tan. Apply this pack of potato juice and lemon juice twice or thrice a week for best results.


9. Yogurt & Honey

Yogurt & Honey 

Merging yogurt and honey is another great way to remove tan. Just combine both the components together and lay it over your face. Wait for around twenty mins and then remove it with water.

Repeat this pack thrice a week for amazing results. Yogurt contains natural anti-tanning properties, which help in getting rid of tan easily. While Honey helps in keeping the skin soft and hydrated due to its hydrating properties.


10. Multani Mitti & Aloe Vera

Multani Mitti

Add three tablespoons of Multani mitti in a bowl and add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with a few drops of rose water. Try blending both aloe vera and multani mitti together to form a good texture and use it on your face.

Keep it for a few mins and then remove it well and gently with water. Multani mitti is an old age remedy that helps in getting rid of tan as it is enriched with various anti-inflammatory properties.

While aloe vera gel and rose water help in making the skin fresh and moisturized.


11. Bengal Gram Flour & Turmeric

Bengal gram flour is highly famous in rural areas for removing suntan. It is considered one of the most natural ways of treating tan and providing glowing and nourishing skin.

To use this method just blend Bengal gram flour with turmeric if you want then you can add some rose water or milk to form a paste-like consistency. Then use it on your face and wait for about fifteen to twenty mins then remove it.

 In case the pack gets dried, spray some water and gently massage your face. Bengal gram and Turmeric contain bleaching properties that help in getting rid of suntan from the face.

Since it is a completely natural procedure and will not cause any harmful factors to your face you can use it again after a few days.


12. Wheat Flour & Turmeric

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is another great component to treat suntan through natural procedures. Combine a few amounts of wheat flour with milk and turmeric and use it on your face. Wait for a few mins and then remove it easily.

Then wash your face using water. Wheat flour contains skin brightening properties that help in getting rid of tanned areas easily. Turmeric is another great skin brightening ingredient, and Milk helps in hydrating and soothing the skin naturally.



Can I remove tan from my face overnight? 

No, it isn’t to completely remove tan from your face overnight. Usually, any remedy takes at least 3 to 4 days to entirely remove tan.


Can tan removing packs also remove pimple marks? 

Tan removing packs helps in generating your natural skin tone back. These packs may help lighten some pimple marks, but they won’t get rid of them completely.


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Tan is extremely common when we come in contact with the sun. It can be irritating to see tan all over your face, but now, using all the steps mentioned above, you can easily get rid of tan from your face.

All these steps are affordable and easy to make. I hope by following the above-mentioned suggestions you can easily remove tan.

Tell us in the comments which pack you are most likely to try in order to get rid of tan from your face.

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