10 Easy Fitness Tips for Working Women

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It gets difficult to make out time for your fitness as a working woman. But it is easy and manageable with work. Do you know how? No?

So, read on! This article will provide you with some of the easiest tips you can include in your schedule with office work to stay fit.

You must be facing joint pain, fatigue, and much more minor health issues on reaching home after work. So, to avoid letting them worsen, read the article and try to follow them by adding them into your daily routine!


Tips for Fitness for a Working Women

You do not get time between work, family, children, and the kitchen. But, you must keep a balance between personal and professional life. And you should consider your health top of anything. So, implement the below-mentioned points to your busy schedule and stay fit to work harder.

1. Sip and Eat Healthy

Sip and eat healthy

The easiest initiative to stay fit could be drinking lots and lots of water all day long. And include healthy sips like fresh fruit juices, protein, milk, smoothies, etc., instead of packed and stored drinks. These will keep you hydrated, help reduce risks of various diseases, and help balance body weight. But, try to eliminate caffeine and sugar from healthy beverages as too much coffee or sugar can make you feel tired to exercise, which is essential to stay fit.

Nutrients like calcium, folic acid, Vitamin C and D, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron, protein, and fiber are vital in a diet to stay fit. So, replace your home kitchen food items with healthy snacks for proper food consumption. Also, eat a good breakfast before leaving for work to gain more energy and boost metabolism to focus on work more efficiently.

Advice: Reduce refined carbs intake to avoid diseases, weight gain, and lack of fitness. Also, replace junky fatty foods with healthy fats like nuts, seeds, vegetable oil, and fatty fish.


2. Take a Break Walk

Take a break walk

Do not make an office chair your home! Just go for a short walk whenever you get a break from work. Or roam in the office room in your free time. The best time to take a walk is after lunch to let go of the slumps to keep you energized and focused for the rest of the day. It may also help freshen up your mood.

A daily short walk between work can provide you with a healthier life by keeping you fit. It may also help lose extra fat and prevent health problems like diabetes, cancer, etc.

Advice: Keep your back straight and touch your foot to the floor whenever you sit on your office chair to avoid back problems and boost your mood and self-confidence.


3. Start Online Workout Classes

Start online workout classes.

You are not getting enough time to go to the gym or for a walk or run. Right? So, join online training classes and get some time at the office to exercise if not at home. In these classes, you need to follow the guidelines given by the instructor online. It can help you save time and stay fit.

You will find many exercises that could be performed while sitting on your desktop chair. So, involve them while working and perform other exercises in your free time. Instead of online workout classes, you can also join online yoga or meditation classes, which will relax and calm your mind.


4. Try Something New!

Try something new!

Firstly, choose activities according to your convenience. And do not stick to one particular exercise. Try new and exciting things like a hula hoop, hiking, mindfulness, or Zumba. Keep on switching them so as not to get bored. These fun exercises will motivate you to continue exercising daily and help keep you fit. You can also keep changing your sitting place and position to do office work for a change if possible.

Tip: Spend some time every day on your hobby. It will rejuvenate you and keep you healthy by keeping you relaxed and happy.


5. Follow a Buddy System

Follow a buddy system.

A buddy system will keep you healthy, happy and motivate you to live longer. So, make new friends and gather in new social circles. And you can also join them for workout sessions. It will be fun and motivating to exercise daily together to maintain fitness.


6. Do Not Forget the Main Four

Do not forget the main four.

You want to involve every part of your body while exercising daily. But you do not get enough time to work on each part, so what to do? You can focus on the four exercises which could help keep each part of your body healthy to stay fit. What are they? They are squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks. Thirty minutes of a workout consisting of these four exercises will work. Make three sets of 10 to 12 times of each exercise and repeat them daily.


7. Do Not Push Yourself Harder

Do not push yourself harder.

Do not overdo work by pushing yourself. Leave the work whenever you feel tired and relax your body and mind for some time. And take proper rest whenever you get time in the working hours.

Try to go out on weekends with your family or friends. It will help you get a break from work and fill you with energy. Also, rather than sitting lazily on the couch, you can cook and try new recipes on the weekends.


8. Take a Beauty Sleep

Take a beauty sleep.

7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to stay fit and healthy for everybody. Lack of sleep can distract you from work, may ruin your mood, and trigger cravings. You must take a beauty sleep every day to keep yourself energetic to work the next day and keep your mind free from stress. You can drink a glass of warm milk before bed or perform bedtime yogas and meditations to get beauty sleep.


9. Go for Regular Full-Body Checkups

Go for regular full-body checkups.

Monitoring your health is essential to stay fit and live longer. A full body checkup every year or in a few months’ gaps will let you know about the internal health problems to cure them timely or take precautions as soon as possible.

Keep handy health check monitors with you for everyday checkups—especially a Holter monitor to keep an eye on your heart rate. A good night’s sleep, nutrient-rich food, and daily exercise will help keep your heart healthy and decrease the leading risks of heart diseases.


10. Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself

As mentioned in all the other points, to stay fit, you need to exercise, eat and drink healthily, and improve your overall lifespan. All of which is not possible until you challenge yourself to accomplish the goal. The way you are competitive in your work life, you have to be competitive in your personal life to stay fit.

Try to include healthy food in your diet plan even if you do not like them. And perform exercises daily, ignoring the pain and muscle tears. Regular exercise will lessen the pain and make the challenging exercises easier for you. If you will not accept the challenge and stop exercising and eating junk foods may affect your health.


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It is not easy for working women to focus on their health issues. They are busy with office work and then family and kitchen work. So, this article has discussed ten fitness tips to let you focus on your health along with work.

You can start with online workout classes and involve squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups for a full-body workout. Eat and drink healthy and go for a walk in break. Keep yourself relaxed, take a beauty nap, and go out for weekends to rejuvenate yourself. And remember not to overdo work to avoid stress and other health issues.

We hope you found this article helpful. And yes, do not forget to share your experience reading this article in the comment section below.

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