The Effects of Vitamin D on Strength Training

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For many, it is already known that vitamin D is an important vitamin for the body. It is also called ‘solar vitamin’. This name owes it to the fact that especially the sun provides vitamin D production in the body. Only a small proportion, about 10% to 20% are absorbed through food. Several agencies, such as the Nutrition Centre, recommend that at least half an hour outdoors be every day where the hands and head are uncovered. The Nutrition Center also recommends that you take a daily intake of 10 micrograms of vitamin D. Vitamin D maybe even more important for strength athletes. This article looks at the relationship between vitamin D and strength training, such as building muscle mass and muscle strength.


Vitamin D Deficiency in India?

Vitamin D

Especially in the autumn, there is not enough sunlight in the Netherlands to produce enough vitamin D. At-risk groups at extra risk of deficiency are small children up to 3 years old, pregnant women, the elderly and people with tinted skin. In addition to the daily amount of 10 micrograms, the Nutrition Center recommends that these at-risk groups take 10 micrograms of extra vitamin D daily.

Symptoms deficiency of D vitamin

  • Fatigue
  • Palpitations
  • Weak bones
  • Slow recovery
  • Muscle cramp
  • Hyperventilation
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle and joint pain

Vitamin D and strength training

But why is vitamin D specifically good for strength training? Vitamin D has a positive effect on muscle building. It provides strong bones and acts positively on the testosterone arrow. It can also help improve muscle density and counters muscle fatigue. This is the result of a 2011 scientific study conducted in America. The researchers Feldman, Spike and Adams (2011) conclude that vitamin D reduces the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength.

Vitamin D generally has beneficial effects on muscle strength. A study by Bunout et al. (2006) also showed that supplementation with vitamin D and strength training increased muscle strength in the elderly.


A good combination of vitamin D and strength training

This shows that vitamin D and strength training are a good combination as muscle strength and strong bones are important factors for strength training. Stronger muscles are useful because, among other things, they reduce the risk of falling, and thus bone fractures. The purpose of strength training is to make the whole body stronger; both bones and muscles. Vitamin D makes a good contribution to this. If you are a smart strength trainer, make sure your vitamin D levels are up to date!

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