How to Test Water at Home with a Water Test Kit

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We always try to keep our family away from Impure or contaminated water. People often invest a good amount in purchasing an Ideal water purifier to get clean and healthy water.

According to research, around two billion people utilizes water sourced from contaminated faeces.

But have you ever felt your water is tasting different, or you think a scent coming out of your water and wonder if you can run a test over it to know If they are suitable for your consumption or not?

Well, now you can because water testing kits allow you to test contamination and pollutants existing in your water efficiently.

In this article, we will mention water testing kits and how to use them to get reliable results.   


What is water test kits?

Water testing kit

Home water test kits contain several test strips that can help you test water effortlessly in your comfort space. You can find numerous variety of methods, shapes and styles when it comes to these test kits.

Some even include chemical titration tests that function towards iron and hardness. Meanwhile, a TDS electronic meter can help check the pH and TDS levels in the water.


What are the different options for home water testing?

What kind of water you want to test also plays a vital role in testing kits. So, if you reside in a city area and want to test your drinking water, then a basic water testing kit can be suitable for you as it includes testing contaminants such as lead.

However, if you want to test water from a well, then you would require a test kit that contains a screen for pesticides and is extra comprehensive because well water is likely to have more contaminants, due to which a more advanced water testing kit is required.

Also, before you test your water using a kit, it’s essential for you to be clear about what you want to find out, whether it’s the hardness level of water, contaminants like arsenic, bacteria or something else.


How to use a Water testing kit? 

  • If you are using a water test strip that you need to dunk the strip into the water and then let it swirl around. After a few seconds, you will witness the colour in your test strip.
  • Compare that colour on the strip to the colour mentioned on the side of the bottle to test your water.
  • Another method of testing water is titration water kits. In this, you drop chemicals into the bottle used for testing.
  • It is recognized as one of the most reliable and precise methods to measure water. You just have to take in a bottle and use a drop of chemical and wait for a few mins.
  • Water will start to change colour, and through the colour scale provided, you can quickly test your water.


Important things to follow while using your water testing kits 

In order to get the right water testing results, there are a few additional tips that you should follow:

  1. The bottle which you are using for testing water should be clean, so the resulting can be purely on water.
  2. Check the date of your test strips before using them and make sure it isn’t expired.
  3. If you are utilizing chemicals for the titration method, then carefully check that chemicals are reliable and suitable for testing.



Do water test kits provide reliable results? 

Yes, home water test kits do provide reliable and accurate results. The colour change helps you know how contaminated your water is easily.


What are a few symptoms of unhealthy water? 

Some symptoms of unhealthy water are appearing cloudy, smell, metallic taste and more.


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Home water test kits are great for testing water at your home. These kits are super easy to use and also inexpensive. By simply using these kits, you can measure how contaminated your water is easy.

Also, a wide range of variety, shapes, styles and more makes it even more beneficial for us to measure all the impurities, harness, pollutants and more.

Here we have mentioned how you can use these water testing kits and protect yourself from water impurities.

Tell us in comments if you have any doubts about water testing kits.

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