10 Best Upper Body Exercises for Women

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Have you decided this new year to get back into shape? Are you having a hard time losing your upper body fat? Look no more; I have ten efficient upper body exercises designed especially for women.

Doing some exercise early in the morning helps you start your day on a positive note, but you can do these exercises at any time of the day. All the exercises listed below do not require any equipment or machines.

Today we will be looking at ten exercises to help you accomplish your upper body goals.


10 Upper Body Exercises for Women

We know that stiff joints and tight muscles Hinder our day-to-day activities and negatively impact our mood; hence, resistance training is vital for muscle and bone health.

Cardiovascular diseases have proven to be fatal over the years, and Aerobic exercises have offered significant relief to patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. You will be able to complete all ten exercises in less than 30 minutes and observe the results in two to five weeks.

1. Arm Circle

  • Extend both your arms to the side, keeping your body posture straight
  • Rotate your arms in outward circles to the side. Then change the direction of the rotation as you bring your arms to the center
  • Arm circles help with burning the fat in your arms.
  • Continue for 45 seconds before moving to the next exercise.


2. Lay Down Push Up

  • The first step is to lie flat on your stomach on the ground with both hands stretched to the side.
  • Push yourself up from the ground, then lower yourself back slowly and maintain control of your body.
  • Lie back down, spreading your hands to the side
  • Repeat the steps for 45 seconds or ten times, depending on if you’re doing it based on reps or a timer.
  • When you do a push-up, make sure that your shoulders align with your wrists when you come up.

AUTHORS NOTE – You can do a push-up two ways, either by pushing your whole body in the upward direction or touching your knees to the ground.


3. Pike Push-Up/ Shoulder Push-Ups

  • Position your hands just outside the shoulder width, raise your hips high, keeping both the legs straight.
  • Push downwards by leaning in the forward direction without bending your leg.
  • The goal is to keep the load on your shoulders. Pull yourself back up, getting back into the initial position.
  • You will experience your shoulders and your arm muscles working up along with your core.
  • If the original exercise is strenuous for you, you can try to increase the length of your legs and then try the exercise. If you want to try this exercise on a difficult level, place your feet on an elevated surface following the same steps.
  • Continue with this exercise for 45 seconds.


4. Superman

  • Start by lying on the ground flat on your stomach, both your arms stretched in front of you.
  • Raise both your legs and your arms off the floor, keeping your stomach flat on the ground
  • Hold the Superman position for two or three seconds before relaxing and lowering your arms and legs back on the ground.
  • The Superman exercise highly emphasizes your lower back, upper back, and your glutes.
  • Continuous this exercise for 45 seconds and then move on to the next exercise.

AUTHORS NOTE – If this exercise is getting harder for you, you can try lifting either both the hands or the legs at one time alternating between the both.


5. Superman Rotation

  • This exercise is known to strengthen your body and develop a better posture.
  • Position yourself on your stomach lying on the ground, make sure your neck is in line with your spine
  • Lift your upper body, placing your hands behind your head
  • Turn to your left and then turn to your right, maintaining the same position.
  • Remember not to release your upper body towards the ground until you finish a reap or complete 45 seconds.


6. Dolphin Hold

  • Dolphin hold is a challenging exercise that helps in strengthening your arms and toning your abdomen.
  • Start by getting into a primary plank position, press your palms into the ground straightening your legs. Move into the dolphin position by bringing your legs towards your hands and lifting your hips in the upward direction.
  • Ensure that your back is flat and your neck is relaxed.
  • Hold this position for 45 seconds.
  • If you find this exercise easy, you can try the advanced variation by lifting your head and pushing your body weight forward and backward.


7. Back Squeeze

  • Stretch both your arms to the side. Palms facing out.
  • Bring your arms jointly in front of you, then bring them further behind as much as you can.
  • Make sure to do this in 1 uniform motion. You will experience a squeeze in your shoulder blades.
  • Remember not to stop before the stipulated period; rest when one rep or 45 seconds are complete.
  • This exercise helps with your shoulder blades, back, and arms.


8. Tricep Chop

  • Sitting down, put your hands together, arms taking them to the back.
  • Bring your hands to the front in a fast motion like chopping something.
  • Chop harder each time, giving a jerk to your hands; the harder you shop, the more fat you burn.
  • The tricep chop exercise helps you in getting slimmer arms.


9. Side Push-Ups

  • Place yourself on the ground on your right side, place both your legs on top of each other, fold your right arm hugging your body.
  • Press your left hand on the ground, pulling your body upwards.
  • Hold for a second and then slowly lower your left hand, maintaining the balance of your body.
  • Carry on with the exercise for the next 45 seconds before switching to your left side.
  • Perform the same steps on your left side.


10. Plank Rotation

  • Start by laying on the ground on your right side, place your elbow directly beneath your shoulder, hold your hips up.
  • Remember to keep your top foot forward, which helps with the proper positioning of the pelvis.
  • Now you will be facing towards the ground, pushing your left hand on the ground as well. Hold on for 2-3 seconds.
  • Switch to your left side, holding up your right arm this time.
  • Alternate between both sides for 45 seconds.
  • You can do a couple of variations in this exercise to increase the difficulty level.
  • You can start by taking a dumbbell in your left hand when lying on your right side.

What you have to do is to bring the dumbbell across your body without touching your hand on the ground, and again bring your hand back in the air, pointing towards the roof.

Remember, when you are using a dumbbell, you have to do one side at a time.



1. What are some warm-up exercises?

A warm-up can help your body get ready to exercise by elevating your body temperature and inducing blood flow to all parts of the body. Warming up also reduces the probability of getting injured while working out. Some warm-up exercises include jump rope, spot running, leg bends, jumping jacks, etc.


2. Is it possible to build muscles only with dumbells?

It is possible to gain muscles only by using dumbells. Fun fact, you don’t even need dumbells to gain muscle, as calisthenics have also helped you gain muscle. It would be better to start small and work your way up, eventually increasing the weights.


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This article covered ten effective exercises that you can do at home, under 30 minutes, targeting every single upper body muscle. These exercises have significant benefits in helping you reduce or tone your upper body fat.

Remember that consistency is critical in achieving a fitter and healthier body. It would be best to do these exercises at least four to five times a week to get better results.

Let us know if these exercises benefited you in the comment section below.

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