How Long Does Whey Protein Last?

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Have you ever consumed expired Whey Protein? If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, you probably buy whey protein in bulk to save money.

But the problem arises when the expiry date is near! Sometimes you are not able to finish the protein till the expiry date. Thus, the whey and your money both get wasted.

So, the real question is can you consume whey protein after its expiry date? Is it safe? And how long exactly do they last?

If you want to know all the answers, then this article is for you! Here we will discuss some aspects of whey protein’s overall life period. So, let’s get started.


What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein Supplement

Whey protein is the mixture of protein extracted from the whey—the liquid material used as a by-product in cheese production.

It has all nine essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce. That is why it has become viral among gym-goers and athletes.

Unlike casein (another protein extracted from milk), whey protein is a fast-digesting protein that provides instant energy to the muscles; however, our body has access to amino acids for only 2-4 hours.

It helps to boost immunity and also increases lean muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis; thus, it improves performance during an intense and productive workout.

Now, let’s head back to our main topic, i.e., how long does whey last?


Does Whey Protein Go Bad?

Does Whey Protein Go Bad

Every whey protein comes with the label of best-use or by-use, and it can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, on average, it is up to 12-19 months from the production date.

However, you should note that the use-by date on the label does not mean that whey has expired. It just means that it is best before the date, so, yes, you can use it after the use-by date, but you have to store it properly.

Well, it is a bit difficult to tell how long your whey protein can last, but we have done the research, and here’s an estimate of Whey Protein shelf life.

If whey protein has opened, then after the use-by date, you can consume it for 3-6 months. After six months, whey protein will go bad unless you store it in a tight container. After opening the bottle, the risk of getting moisture and bacteria in the protein increases.

If whey protein has not opened, you can consume it for 6-9 months after the use-by date. However, most whey protein supplements include vitamins as well. After the expiry date, vitamins lose their nutritional value, and so do whey protein.


Here’s a recap of the shelf life of whey protein.

Whey Protein (Opened Pack) 3-6 months after use-by date
Whey Protein (Closed Pack) 6-9 months after use-by date
Homemade Whey Protein 6 months


Is it Safe to Consume Whey Protein After Use-by Date?

Is it Safe to Consume Whey Protein After Use-by Date

Precisely, there is no harm in consuming protein after the expiry date till its shelf life. After its shelf life is over, it is unsafe to consume!

Suppose you bought Whey protein that has a use-by date labeled—12/2021. So, it is safe for you to consume from 06/2022 to 09/2022. We suggest you drink whey protein until its shelf life is over.

But will it be effective? Well, you can get plenty of proteins till the shelf life of whey protein. However, it can lose some nutritional value, especially if it is adulterated. If your whey protein has more whey, then it will last longer and be safer to consume.

Although, after shelf life also, whey protein cannot become deadly, it can cause some problems such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and so on.

But how to tell your whey protein has really expired? Let’s have a look.


How to Tell If Your Whey Protein Is Bad?

Usually, whey protein will not go bad unless it has come into contact with water, moisture, or other containments.

But you can check the following things to tell if it has expired:

Use your sense of smell

When whey protein gets bad, it smells fishy or wet cardboard. So, take a little sniff, and if you smell any foul odor, do not drink it.


Use your sense of taste

If your whey protein doesn’t have a foul odor but tastes like fish or wet cardboard or has a bit different flavor, then throw the protein away.


You can also tell by checking the texture of whey protein

If it has an unusual texture or it contains wet clumps that is caused due to moisture, then it has gone bad.

Now, let’s come to an essential section that is how to store whey protein.


Storing Whey Protein

As already told, moisture can ruin the whey protein way before the use-by date. We suggest you keep your whey protein in a dry place (21o C). Don’t think to keep it in the refrigerator as the cool temperature will cause condensation.

Also, don’t store it in the basement or any place where there is humidity. Also, you should check the info given on the pack of whey protein. Usually, it contains where to store it safely, or you can visit the manufacturer’s website.



Whey Protein is an essential protein we all need! You should never waste your supplements. That is why either you finish it before the use-by date. If you cannot, then finish it before its shelf life is over. But don’t throw it unless it has gone bad.

So, that’s all for today, guys! See you in the next article; until then, eat healthy, drink healthy!

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