Best MCT Oil in India 2024 (Top MCT Oils for Keto)

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Looking for a safer way to shed those extra kilos around your belly? Try including the best MCT oil in India in your diet.

To help you choose the best MCT oil, we have tested various available MCT oils to make our top 5 MCT Oils list. We have covered every detail about the oil to get you a clear idea of the product.

Besides, the mentioned benefits and related information about MCT oils will also help you make the right choice. MTC has successfully shown its benefits and worth. It is now your turn to make the most of the oil.


Best MCT Oil in India 2024

Sharrets Keto MCT Oil

Sharrets Keto MCT Oil

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Overall Score: 4.7/5

Talking about the best MCT oils in India, it is hard to not mention Sharrets Keto MCT Oil. Made with natural ingredients; the oil has become the favourite of many people globally. It is the number one choice of athletes, bodybuilders, and health-conscious people.

The oil contains 70% C8 – Caprylic Fatty Acid and 30% C10 – Capric Fatty Acid, making it one of its kinds. One of the best benefits of this oil is weight management. The oil accelerates weight management by improving the gut environment, increasing fullness in users, and facilitating heat generation to burn and reduce fat.

We tested the MCT oil and found it perfectly suitable for mixing with coffee, smoothies, shakes, etc. You can also use the oil by using a tablespoon all by itself. Moreover, the oil is an excellent substitute for conventional oil for using salads, sauces, etc.

The regular consumption of this MCT oil helps improve your brain function as well. It is also known to improve the overall health of the users by boosting immunity and improving muscle maintenance.

Quick Tip: Be careful of the fact that the oil is not for cooking

We suggest using the product as it is Halal-certified and is non-GMO. Moreover, it is a vegan product free from gluten, artificial preservatives, additives, etc. The oil is also flavorless and odourless and thus, can be used for multiple purposes without any hassles. It won’t be wrong to say that this MCT oil offers the best value for money.


  • Helps in weight management by improving the gut environment
  • An excellent alternative to conventional oil
  • Improves brain functioning; overall health by boosting immunity and muscle maintenance
  • It can be mixed with coffee, smoothies, and other beverages
  • Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, no preservatives, additives, etc.
  • Suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, health-conscious people


Carbamide Forte Pure MCT Oil

Carbamide Forte Pure MCT Oil

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Overall Score: 4.6/5

If you are looking for natural and 100% pure MCT oil with immense health benefits, then choose none other than the Carbamide Forte Pure MCT Oil. The oil is made with 100% premium quality coconut without fillers or palm. The oil assures its high quality, pureness, and potency with its rigorous testing.

It makes an excellent choice for bodybuilders, health-conscious people, and athletes. It helps them burn the stored fat and use it as an instant source of energy and brain fuel. This helps in benefitting the overall health of the users.

According to our analysis, the oil is easily absorbed by the body, which further helps in burning more fat. As a result, the body produces more energy and thus, remains active throughout the day. This also helps in improving brain functioning with enhanced concentration and alertness.

Many users also rely on this MCT oil for its weight management benefit. The regular use of this oil plays a significant role in controlling appetite, sustaining energy, and burning the desired amount of fat. Besides this, the oil is also loved by users as it improves stamina and enhances mental stamina.

The oil is Paleo and keto-friendly. The users benefit from pure MCT oil as it is free from all artificial flavors, colours, preservatives, additives, fillers, harmful chemicals, etc.

We also liked that the oil is flavorless and odourless and thus, can be mixed with coffee, smoothies, or any of your favourite beverages. Simply drizzle it over any favourite dish to enhance its taste and nutritional count. Moreover, you can also use it with your salad dressing, marinades, and sauces.


  • Made with 100% natural and pure coconut with rigorous testing
  • Helps in weight management with appetite control
  • Quickly absorbed for faster fat burning and instant energy release
  • Improves health and mental alertness by being brain fuel


Unived MCT 70%

Unived MCT 70%

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Overall Score: 4.4/5

The next name is Unived MCT 70%, a well-known and reputed MCT oil in the Indian market. The oil is made using only one ingredient – natural and pure MCT oil powder. Thus, you can completely rely on this MCT oil to offer you immense benefits.

Our test found the MCT oil made with 70% C8 – Caprylic Fatty Acid and 30% C10 – Capric Fatty Acid. The oil is clean and is a rapid source of energy. As a result, many users trust the oil to get immediate energy for the body for active days and suitable brain functioning.

Another essential benefit of this oil is its easy and quick absorption. As soon as you consume the oil, it gets instantly absorbed by the body, thus facilitating the release of the required energy for the body and brain alertness and concentration.

We also liked the ease and convenience with which it gets mixed with coffee, smoothies and other beverages. It causes no hassles or difficulties to the users during mixing, which is an added benefit for first-time users. It can also be used with salad dressing and making unsweetened sauces.

The regular consumption of this MCT oil helps better weight management for the users. It ensures to keep the users full for the maximum time. Along with this, it also boosts the body’s immunity and muscle recovery.

It is a vegan and keto-friendly product that is suitable for each and every user. Moreover, it is free from unwanted flavors, harmful chemicals, preservatives, additives, colours, etc. Thanks to this, it does not cause any significant side effects.


  • It is 70% C8 and 30% C10
  • It is an instant source of energy for effective brain functioning
  • Stimulates weight management and boosts body immunity
  • Easily mixed with coffee and smoothies without any hassles


HealthOxide Natural MCT Oil

HealthOxide Natural MCT Oil

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Overall Score: 4.2/5

HealthOxide is a reputed brand name in the Indian market known for its high-quality health supplements and products. This MCT oil is your complete package of non-GMO, gluten-free, keto-friendly and 100% vegan products. You will surely fall in love with the oil just with its first use.

The oil is made with a natural and high-quality coconut under several testing. This confirms that users will get only the expected health benefits without worrying about any side effects or health consequences. It can easily be used for cold and warm dishes.

Regular consumption of this oil helps promote weight loss by controlling appetite. It also accelerates fat burning and thus, releases immediate body energy and brain fuel. We tested the oil for our different needs and found it absolutely suitable for every parameter.

Besides being instantly absorbed by the body, the oil also improves body digestion. It improves cognitive functioning and gut health. Along with this, it helps in strengthening the body’s immunity to fight against common body infections and issues.

We also liked that the oil doesn’t use any artificial flavors, colours, additives, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. Moreover, it is flavorless and odourless; it can be added to any dish or drink like your bulletproof coffee. As a result, it can be used by anyone in need to cherish fantastic health benefits.

The oil makes an excellent choice for bodybuilders, health-conscious people, gym-goers, and athletes. All you need to enjoy improved performance and an active lifestyle is just this MCT oil, and you are all sorted. So, when are you trying?


  • Made with natural coconut offering the best health benefits
  • Promotes weight loss, controls appetite, burns fat
  • Improves digestion and body immunity
  • Maintain instant body energy and brain fuel
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly


Ketofy – Keto MCT Oil

Ketofy – Keto MCT Oil

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Overall Score: 4.2/5

Last but not least, we have the Ketofy – Keto MCT Oil on our list of the best MCT oil in India. It contains the perfect blend of essential vitamins and minerals accompanied by zero carbs, high fat and medium protein concentration. Talking about the oil, it maintains the perfect macros for the keto diet.

The cooking MCT oil contains 60% of C8, which is instantly metabolized in ketones then used by the brain for better concentration, alertness, and functioning. It also serves as the fuel for the brain to keep it healthy. On the other hand, it is extracted from coconut oil which further benefits the body.

One of the best benefits of oil is weight management. Its consistent use helps control the appetite, which prevents the risks of overeating. The MCT oil is easily digested, thus ensuring faster energy release. It quickly burns the stored fat, which can be used as an instant energy source for an active lifestyle.

In our test, the oil also impressed us with its ability to improve body immunity and gut health. Use this oil in your smoothies, bulletproof coffee, and salad dressings. You can also drizzle it on your favourite dishes to enhance its health quotient with various essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

The oil is free from any artificial flavors, colours, preservatives, additives, or harmful chemicals. Also, as the oil is unsweetened and unflavored, it can be added to anything and everything to enjoy its benefits.


  • Can be trusted for better brain functioning, alertness, and concentration
  • Suitable for weight management with controlled appetite
  • Works as an instant source of energy, improves gut health, burns fat faster
  • Improves body immunity and gut health


Benefits of using the Best MCT Oil in India

MCT oils are considered an excellent choice for weight loss. However, here are some of the other benefits that you can expect from the oil –

  • Boost mental health with enhanced brain functioning, concentration, and alertness
  • Instant source of body energy with faster fat burning
  • Works as an active fuel for brain cells
  • Improves digestion, body immunity, and body strength
  • Supports gut health and muscle management



1. Are MCT oils and coconut oils the same?

MCT oils and coconut oils are high in saturated fats and thus, have similar properties; however, both have their own benefits and risks. MCT oil is a concentration extracted from MCT; on the other hand, coconut is extracted from coconuts and is also a well-known source of MCTs.


2. Is MCT Oil better than caffeine?

Caffeine is an excellent energy booster and is thus preferred by many bodybuilders and athletes. It can be an excellent companion for the morning energy boost. However, adding MCT oil to your coffee simply enhances the dose and the results.

Thanks to this double benefit, many health experts prefer coffee with MCT much better than plain coffee.


3. How much MCT oil dose is recommended for daily consumption?

Like any health supplement, it is better to consume MCT oil in the recommended dose to avoid unwanted health complications. According to the health experts, MCT oil’s safe and suggested dose is 1 tablespoon or 15mL thrice a day.

Quick Tip: Start with 1 tablespoon initially and then increase the dose as you get comfortable with the consumption.


4. Is MCT oil helpful in losing weight?

Yes, weight management or losing weight is one of the benefits of MCT oil; however, there are many other benefits. MCT oil doesn’t accumulate and thus, can easily break down, helping the body to utilize the desired nutrients in a better and fullest way.


5. What is the best way to consume MCT oil?

One of the best benefits of MCT oil is its convenient consumption. As the oil is odourless and flavorless, it can easily be mixed with anything and everything. Mix it with your morning coffee/tea, smoothies, salad, or favourite dish to get the best benefits.


6. What are the side effects of MCT oil?

When taken in excess quantities, MCT oil can cause –

  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Intestinal gas
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Irritation and stomach pain


7. What is the best time to consume MCT oil?

To boost endurance and energy levels, it is suggested to consume MCT oil 20-30 minutes before a workout.



Amidst the mentioned options, we would like to recommend using Sharrets Keto MCT Oil. It makes the perfect alternative to conventional oil and is extremely popular amongst users, especially bodybuilders, athletes, health-conscious people.

This MCT oil has shown its effectiveness in weight management while delivering many other health benefits like improved body health, brain functioning, gut health, etc. It is a complete package that any user can expect.

If you need any other details or information about MCT oil, please leave us a comment. We will get back to you at the earliest with the relevant response.

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