How to Check for Bed Bugs (4 Signs of Bed bugs)

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Bed bugs can make you wake every morning with itchiness and dark spots all around your body.

With good hiding ability, they tend to live in your without you wondering for months, which makes it essential for everyone to know about ways to check whether there are bed bugs in your house or not.

According to research, about 97% of bed bug experts perform these bed bugs treatments every year. So, it is always better to be aware of whether you are facing this certain issue or not.

Here we have suggested several ways to spot if there are bed bugs in your house, along with all the potential places where you might find bed bugs.


Where to Check for Bed Bugs? 

If you want to find out if you have bed bugs in your house, you should start by checking certain areas.

Since bed bugs have small bodies, it is easy for them to hide in small crevices or cracks near your bed.

Some of those areas where you might find bed bugs hiding are furniture, bed frames, headboards, mattresses, footboards, and more things that are within 5-7 feet.

They primarily hide in such a short distance to your bed so they can easily come out at night and feed.

Apart from these areas, other possible places where you can find bed bugs are window areas, floor moldings, wall outlets, door moldings, and edges where carpet connects with the walls.

Bed bugs spread rapidly, and they might shift to other rooms in your house after a few times as they need a more protected area.

Apart from checking your house, make sure you don’t purchase stuff like used mattresses, beds, or furniture without thoroughly examining it. Assure which mattress is good for you in terms of health and hygiene, along with looks and comfort.


4 Signs of Bed bugs

If you feel itchiness after waking up in the morning without having it the previous night, then it might be a sign of bed bugs. A used mattress, furniture, or bed can be a major reason for sudden bed bugs in your house.

Even though bed bugs might be great in hiding, they still leave a few signs that can help us know whether bed bugs are living in your house or not. Few other signs of bed bugs are as follows:


1. Skin Shedding

Skin Shedding 

bed bugs shed a lot of their skin which can be a major sign of these bugs. This skin looks similar to the bug and is usually the same in shape and translucent in color.

They might appear like a shell and can be in different sizes based on the life stage of the bed bug that shed the skin.


2. Stains of blood in your bed sheets or pillow

Another sign of bed bugs is spotting rusty or dark spots in your mattress, walls, and bedsheets. These dark spots are the excrement of bed bugs, and they might even bleed on a piece of fabric as a marker would.


3. Odor

Bad Smell

Bed bugs contain a scent gland that might produce a musty odor. This smell might come across differently for everyone as some tend to find the smell like coriander, while for some, it might be like spoiled raspberries.


4. Eggs or Eggshell 

You might also find eggs of bed bugs or eggshells, which are about 1mm in length. They are pale and yellow in the skin as they grow; they shed as well.

If you feel there might be an infestation in your house, take off all the bedding in your house and thoroughly look for these bed bugs signs or their excrement.

Examine all the seams from furniture or wood framing areas, take off all the dust cover over the box springs in the bottom and look for signs.

Don’t forget to check around the bed or the closed areas of your bed like a bookshelf, edges of carpet, outlets, and more. There is potential that bed bugs might be hidden in your clothes, so check your closet as well. If you cannot find any signs but still feel you have bed bugs, you should call in an exterminator who will be able to solve this issue.



Where does a bed bug bite you to get blood? 

Bed bugs usually bite in areas like the arms, neck, face, and legs. They tend to bite the upper body area more than the legs areas.


Do bed bugs go away on their own? 

No, bed bugs don’t usually go away on their own they look for blood in order to survive, and they are hard to get rid of easily.


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A large number of people face the issue of bed bugs daily. Due to which everyone must know how to check if they might face this issue. Here we wrote down all the ways to check or know if you might also be facing this concern or not.

If you have any confusion about how to check for bed bugs, let us know in the comments.



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