Mattress Sizes Chart and Bed Dimensions Guide 

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While purchasing a mattress, people often pay attention to factors like fabric, shape, firmness level, and more. But when it comes to the size of mattresses, people usually apply for their guesswork.

People often just look at the size of the mattress and think it might fit in their bedroom, which might turn out to be a disaster as there is a high chance you pick a mattress of the wrong size.

If you face this difficulty as well, then no worries. Here we have discussed all about the correct size of a mattress and bed dimensions, along with mentioning the ideal room surface for the mattress.


10 Different Mattress Sizes

1. Single Mattress

Single Mattress

A single mattress is usually placed either in a kid’s room or guest. This kind of mattress is limited to a single person and can’t be used for more than one person.

The single mattress is around 72 inches in length, while it has a width of 36 inches. Single mattresses are very space-efficient; an ideal room surface for a single mattress is 10ft x 7ft. 

Dimensions – 36 inches x 72 inches


2. Double Mattress 

Double Mattress

A Double Mattress is often considered suitable for a medium-sized bedroom. An ideal room surface for a double mattress is 10 ft x 10 ft.

These mattresses are 48 inches wide along with 72 inches in length. A Double mattress can be shared among two children, a medium-sized couple, one adult, and one child, or with one adult and their pets.


3. Diwan Mattress 

Diwan Mattress 

A diwan mattress has an ideal surface area of 10 ft x 8.5 ft. This kind of mattress is limited to small-sized children or growing children and is not suitable for a single adult or sharing.

Diwan mattress contains a wide of 30 inches while being 72 inches long.

Dimensions: 30 inches x 72 inches


4. Queen Mattress 

Queen Mattress

A queen mattress is one of the most preferred mattresses among couples. This kind of mattress is pretty huge compared to a double bed. The ideal surface area for a queen mattress is 10ft x 12 ft.

Couples with newborn babies or toddlers can comfortably sleep in this bed. A queen mattress might also be great for tall couples and prefer a mattress with enough legroom. However, this mattress is not ideal for small size rooms.

The measurement of the queen mattress is 62 inches wide along with 72 inches long.


5. XL Queen Mattress 

An XL Queen Mattress is large in measurement than a standard queen-sized mattress. It has a wide of around 66 inches, along with being 72 inches long.

This mattress is perfect for those couples who wish to sleep with their newborn baby without compromising their personal space. The idea room surface for the XL Queen mattress is 10 ft x 13 ft. 

Dimensions: 66 inches x 72 inches


6. Olympic Queen Mattress 

Olympic Queen Mattress 

An Olympic Queen mattress measures slightly larger compared to a traditional queen mattress. It is about six inches wider and is preferred for those looking for a mattress more extensive than a conventional queen mattress but don’t want to go all the way with King Size.

Olympic Queen Mattress has a width of 66 inches along with a length of 80 inches. This is an excellent option for tall or plus-size couples who are looking for more legroom and personal space.

This kind of mattress can be suitable for medium-sized master bedrooms but isn’t ideal for small bedrooms. 

Dimensions: 66 inches x 80 inches


7. King Mattress 

King Mattress 

A King mattress is perfect for a plus-sized or tall couple who wishes to share their bed with a grown-up kid. This bed is meant for people with master bedrooms as it requires a good room surface and space.

The Ideal room surface for a King mattress is 10 ft x 14 ft. At the same time, a king mattress has a width of 72 inches along with the length being 72 inches as well.

Dimensions: 72 inches x 72 inches


8. California King Mattress 

A California King mattress is excellent for large-sized master bedrooms. This mattress has a width of 72 inches along with a length of 84 inches.

It offers a good amount of legroom for tall people and provides comfort along with personal space without the couples compromising.

It is suitable for couples with kids or pets as there is plenty of space and room for both. California king mattresses are ideal for a room surface area of 12 x 12. 

Dimensions: 72 inches x 84 inches


9. Twin Mattress

Twin Mattress

Twin mattresses are ideal for children as they don’t require large beds due to their size. Twin beds can be perfect for children with small rooms or who might share their space with a sibling.

Though it might not be ideal for kids who have graduated as they might own a large bed, a twin mattress is 38 in width and 75 in length. Dorm beds, day beds, bunk beds often use these twin mattresses.

Dimensions: 42 inches x 72 inches


10. Twin XL

Twin XL provides the same as standard twin mattresses except for providing more length and legroom for tall adults or teenagers. A Twin XL mattress has a length of 80 inches and a width of 42 inches.

Even though Twin XL might sound large in size, it is limited to one adult or children only, and two adults can’t use Twin XL mattresses.

Dimensions: 42 inches x 80 inches


How To Select A Perfect Mattress Size For Yourself?

Selecting a mattress is more challenging than you might think. It requires some important factors which can help you provide a mattress perfect in terms of size and comfort. Here are several things that can assist you in purchasing a mattress as per your size.


It is essential the sleeper choose a mattress based on their height. If you are tall, then you will require a mattress with good legroom and personal space. Usually, a queen size bed is correct for tall people.

While if you have an average height, then a single or double mattress might be perfect for you. All these components perform a crucial role in finding you a suitable mattress.


Number of People

There are mattresses available as per the number of sleepers. So, if you are a couple or share your bed with your sibling or your pet, it is crucial to specify that during the purchase.

For example, a queen-size bed might be good for a medium-sized couple, but if you are a tall or plus-size couple, you might want to go with a queen XL size mattress.

However, if you wish your newborn baby to sleep with you, then you might want to prefer a king-size bed. It provides more room and space, which can help you sleep comfortably.


Personal Preference 

People who are married or like to share their bed with their companion or sibling might prefer the mattress’s primary material or high firmness level, which might be the complete opposite of what you desire.

In such instances, y’all should go for a split-size mattress as it includes two XL mattresses instead of just one uniform bed.

This way, you can make sure you are able to get the best mattress for yourself that can help you provide a good sleep based on your own individual preferences.


Sleeping Position

When it comes to sleeping, we all prefer to have our own preference, like some are side sleepers, while others are back or stomach sleepers.

It is highly possible you and your partner have different sleeping positions, and based on that, and you might require a distinctive mattress.

In this scenario, both of you should look for a customized mattress that can help you provide the support and comfort you both need, compromising with your personal preference.



1. How can I scale the size of my mattress? 

You can simply scale or measure the size of your mattress by using a measuring tape. For this, you would require to hook the measurement tape in one side of your mattress and then go through the bottom of the other end to determine the size.


2. Does the size of the mattress determine the lasting period of the mattress?

No, the size of the mattress doesn’t determine the lasting period of a mattress. Usually, all mattresses are able to last for around 8 to 10 months and how you maintain your mattress determines how long it can last.


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Choosing a correct size mattress is highly important as no one wants to buy a mattress that is either more considerable to shorter in size. A wrong-sized mattress can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the night. Due to which it is crucial to know the correct size and dimension to prevent yourself from indulging in this issue. Here we have mentioned the size of the mattress along with who should use this mattress and what bedroom it might be suitable for to purchase.

If you have any doubts regarding mattress size, then tell us in the comments.

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