The Difference Between BB, CC, And DD Creams

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One of the essential requirements of achieving the perfect make-up look is having a flawless base. An excellent, near-perfect base requires your products to match your skin tone – and this does not stop at simply finding the right foundation shade.

You may have heard of products like BB cream, CC cream, or even DD creams. But do you know what these products are and how they work?

As you continue reading this article, you will learn about these creams, how they work, and the differences between the three products.

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What are BB creams?

BB Cream

The “BB” in BB cream stands for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm.

It is a multi-purpose product that provides the following benefits –

  • This product works as a tinted moisturizer, foundation, SPF – all in one go.
  • It is lightweight on your skin, thus blends naturally without much hassle and irritation.
  • BB creams hydrate the skin due to the presence of humectants, leaving fresh after-effects on your face.


BB creams are practical and useful in more ways than one. They can also help you reduce the clutter and downsize, which will help you and your wallet in the long run.

Moreover, these products are suitable for every skin type, but it does not mean that a standard formulation of a BB cream will be the perfect fit for all.

An example would be people of color, who may have difficulty finding the suitable BB cream that compliments their skin tone. In a situation where they do not use the product closest to their complexion, it may look ashy and artificial.

Since most BB creams contain humectants, as mentioned earlier, it is definitely more beneficial for dry skin types to invest in this product.

However, on the other hand, oily skin types can still use a BB cream, but they should look for formulas that do not leave their skin overly greasy and shiny.


What are CC creams?

CC Cream

The “CC” in CC cream stands for “color corrector” or “complexion corrector,” meaning that this product is to be applied on areas where there is discoloration. This will help you achieve a more even-toned skin which will help in a more effortless make-up application.

In addition, a CC cream may also be used as a foundation, moisturizer, and an SPF, like a BB cream. Therefore, this product will also help you reduce clutter and downsizing.

CC creams are not as lightweight as BB creams, mainly because they are designed to tackle problematic marks and discolored areas on your skin. However, they are definitely more lightweight than a medium to full coverage foundation. Thus, it ensures that they do not trigger any pore build-up that, in turn, can cause acne.

Despite different formulations, most CC creams have Vitamin C, peptides, and SPF in common that protect your skin from aging, free radicals, and dehydration.

Moreover, CC creams are also suitable for all skin types. However, people with oily skin types could definitely bet on this product due to its matte and pore-minimizing properties.

This does not mean that dry skin types should completely steer away from CC creams.

Therefore, depending on your usage and requirements, CC creams may or may not be a suitable replacement for a standard foundation or a BB cream.


What are DD creams?

DD Cream

The “DD” in DD cream stands for “dynamic do-all” or “daily defense” creams. Another name for DD creams is “BB/CC hybrid creams” because they were created for the same purpose.

As the alternative name suggests, DD creams are designed to merge the functionalities of these two popular beauty products.

The anti-aging properties are meant to set a DD cream apart from a regular BB cream, a CC cream, or even the two applied together. But, there are not enough make-up science articles to back this claim.

However, what is common knowledge is that DD creams are pretty lightweight. Therefore you can apply a thin layer of this product on your skin after applying your moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation.


What are the differences between these three products?

Now that you know and understand how these three products work; let us know the critical differences through this table given below –

BB CreamCC CreamDD Cream
PurposeBB creams are used as a tinted moisturizer, a lightweight foundation, and an SPF.CC creams are used to color correct areas of discoloration or hyperpigmentation. They also serve the same functionalities as a BB cream.DD creams are a combination of BB creams and CC creams. Therefore, they serve similar functionalities. However, their anti-aging properties set them apart from these two products.
Skin-type suitabilityThis product is incredibly suitable for dry skin types because it contains high amounts of humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine.This product is incredibly suitable for oily skin types as it has a matte and pore-minimizing finish.DD creams are suitable for all skin types due to BB and CC creams’ properties.
CoverageBB creams have low to medium skin coverage.CC creams have medium to high skin coverage.DD creams have a sheer coverage that primarily focuses on the evening of the skin tone and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


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The Final Takeaway!

The never-ending variety of make-up products and cosmetics can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the beauty world.

It could take you some time to get accustomed to BB creams, CC creams, and DD creams, but this article is here to boil it down to the basics for your understanding.

While these three products have their purposes and advantages, it is essential to know and understand which product you need based on your requirement.

If you have any thoughts or queries, please feel free to mention them in the comments below. You can also share this article with other beauty enthusiasts confused about these products and how to go about them!

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