How To Use Face Serum in 5 Simple Steps

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Face serum is a popular beauty product that helps in solving various skin-related issues. With tons of variety and ingredients available, you can easily find a face serum that completely suits your skin.

According to research, using a serum before a moisturizer can help provide your skin with essential ingredients faster.

But because the consistency of these serums is liquidy, people often face confusion on how to use it. Some people directly apply it on your skin like a moisturizer, while some overlook the neck area. But no more confusion now.

In this article, I will mention the correct way to use a face serum and the measures that should be served before using a serum.


The Proper Way to Use a Face Serum 


To get the highest benefit of your face serums, you have to follow the 5 steps before and after using the serum, which is as follows: 

Step 1. Clean your skin 

Clean your skin 

Before using a serum on your face, you should make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed. Use a face wash on your skin as per your skin type and give your face a good cleaning.

This step helps remove any kind of dirt or oil from your skin which could hinder the incorporation of the face serum.


Step 2. Use a Toner or Facial Mist 

Toner or Facial Mist 

Once you have cleansed your skin correctly, then you should go in with a good toner. Take a cotton pad, spread a few toner drops, and gently apply them to your entire face and neck.

You can also use a facial mist that includes nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut water, rose water, and more.

It is essential to use a toner or facial mist because it allows the liquid or serum to pass through your skin more quickly than bare skin.


Step 3. Apply Face Serum 

Apply Face Serum 

Now we get on to face serum. There are specific directions that need to follow in order to get the most benefits of the serum.

  • Firstly it’s essential to not go overboard with the product and use the required amount of serum.
  • If your face serum consists of a standard application, then you use about two pumps of product or a pea-size amount. 
  • But if you have a dropper formula, then go for around three to four drops of serum.
  • The serum should lightly cover your face and neck area and not be coated in your whole face and neck.
  • Now take face serum and rub it on your palms to activate the serum and gently use it on your face and neck and pat it all over your skin.


Step 4. Leave it on For Five Minutes

Once you have applied your serum, let it sit on your skin for five mins and don’t use any other product over serum.

Using any product right after applying serum will not let the goodness of serum absorb in your skin properly.

A proper-formulated serum will absorb your skin rapidly and will leave a glowing look on your skin.

However, if your serum isn’t able to absorb in your skin properly and leaves a sticky, oily feel, it might not be doing its job correctly.


Step 5. Use a Moisturizer 

Face Moisturizer

Once you have applied the serum, let it sit on your face for five minutes. Then use your moisturizer on your face and neck evenly.

Face serums do contain moisturizing properties, but day and night moisturizing cream shouldn’t be skipped, especially for those who have dry skin.

This will help you provide nourishment and hydration. Moisturizers also help protect your skin from dryness and bring out the glow in your skin.


5 Benefits of Using a Serum 

Benefits of Using a Serum  

Some of the benefits of using a face serum are as follows:


1. Nourishes your skin 

It’s vital to provide excellent care to your skin serums are one of the products that help in soothing your patches.

Even if your skin is oily and generates oils in your skin quickly, still you should use a serum as it will help provide the proper amount of nourishment, making your skin greasy.


2. Provides Collagen 

Face serums contain a high level of collagen that helps in boosting your skin and providing glowing skin by plumping out the wrinkles and fine lines. Serums assist your skin is becoming more radiant and smoother.


3. Protects your Skin 

The serum helps you in protecting your skin from several harmful effects on the environment. It contains numerous active ingredients such as vitamin C and E that prevent your skin from sun damage and air pollution.


4. Light consistency 

Unlike oils, face serums aren’t too heavy in consistency and don’t make your skin greasy or clog your pores. It contains viscosity which makes the serums almost like water and gets easily absorbed in your skin.


5. Hydration 

Serums contain numerous moisturizing and hydrating elements that can help hydrate your skin by fighting the dullness of your skin. Ingredients like hyaluronic acids help keep the moisture locked in your skin and make it smoother and soft, which makes it one of the best face serums.

People with dry skin should definitely go with a moisturizer after the serum as they require more hydration.



1. Should I use a serum on my face daily? 

Ans – Yes, serums are suitable for your skin, and they can be used twice a day, once in the morning to protect your skin the entire day and once at night before going to bed.


2. What do serums do to your skin? 

Ans – Face serums include several vitamins and good ingredients that help your skin repair and prevent impurities from entering your skin.


3. What is the correct age to use anti-aging serums? 

Ans – You should start using anti-aging serums in your early twenties. This will help protect your skin at an early age.



Face serums can be great for your skin; not only does it just help your skin glow, but they also solve various skin-related issues as they are available in tons of ingredients and skin types.

Here we have mentioned the perfect way of using a face serum. By following these steps, you can gain maximum benefits and goodness of these serums on your skin, which makes these face serum a must in your beauty regime.

Tell us in comments if you have any doubts or concerns about face serums.

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