6 Mistakes to Avoid While Working Out Your Biceps

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For a long time, most men want bigger biceps since they associate them with manhood. But it is worth noting that there is more to a man than his muscular body or biceps. 

However, nowadays, even women are fond of building biceps and intense body workout sessions. Yet, many people struggle to grow big guns after spending a lot of their time on regular and fixed workout plans. 

This could be because of common mistakes that most people commit during a workout session.

This article provides a few of these mistakes to prevent you from committing them in the future.


What are the six mistakes to avoid while working out your biceps?

What are the six mistakes to avoid while working out your biceps

Have you noticed how you work out intensively for biceps but see no improvement? This could be because you are committing minute mistakes without even realizing that they are mistakes that could affect your fitness goals. Listed below are a few mistakes that most people commit while working for biceps.


1. Skipping post-workout meals Meal

First, gain a healthy weight, then focus on exercise. So, if you exercise regularly, then never skip the post-workout meal since your body needs the energy to repair the damage caused during the exercise. 

For this, you need to have food with more protein content and less fat content. Proteins are known as the building block for muscle growth and development. 

Since we lose a lot of calories while working out, try to have protein-rich food at regular intervals.

If you do not get the necessary protein from your daily diet, you can also consume protein supplements but always consult a doctor regarding the dose and whether it is safe for your health. 

Avoid junk foods at all costs; instead, consume more veggies, chicken, egg white, milk, and so on as these items are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.


2. Training excessively for long durations

After working out for a fixed period, give your muscles, arms, and legs some rest. After each workout, muscles lose strength which can be powered up when given proper rest. 

This rest period should last at least 36 – 48 hours after each workout so that our body can repair the muscles and tissues. The process by which our body gets proper rest to repair itself is called “Super Compensation.” 

Since our arm muscles are smaller than other muscles in our body (like calf muscles or back muscles), they cannot handle much stimulation. 

Muscle mass increases when muscles are given proper rest. This means that arm muscles take much longer for “super-compensation”. However, give yourself a break of a day or two after five days of a continuous workout session


3. Only arms training

Only arms training

Some researchers from Norway found that training our legs before training our arms will help build bigger and stronger muscles quicker. 

They also found that when we train our arms alone over a long time, it will not be as big as after the leg training. 

More testosterone (hormone) and growth hormones are produced in your blood when focusing on leg training. This is why they say that doing arms training after leg training is more effective. 

Leg workout exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc., when combined with arm workout, the muscle gets stronger, and the muscle mass increases.


4. Only working out for biceps.

Only working out for biceps.

You cannot build muscular biceps without making the surrounding muscles stronger. Most of us work out only for biceps but not triceps, leading to muscle imbalance. 

Doing bicep workouts will make it bigger and stronger, but the muscles might get weaker and won’t grow properly

So, it would help if you worked out for triceps like you work out for biceps as it makes the upper arm look bigger. 

What most people (especially teenagers) do is that they stop their biceps workout when they don’t see any growth.

But this is because there is muscle imbalance which is why your workout should include dumbbell press, pull-ups, close grip bench presses, reverse grip barbell rows, etc., to increase your arm muscle and core strength. 


5. Swinging too much

While lifting dumbbells, do not do “bicep curl swingers.” You must be wondering what this means. Have you noticed how some people lift dumbbells in a swing motion? 

This is the wrong way to lift weights, and you should strictly avoid it. While picking dumbbells or any weight, choose one that you can hold, lift and release without the swinging movement.

Be conscious while doing this, so if you catch yourself swinging the weight, stand against a wall to do this process. 

This will restrict your elbow movement, which results in swinging. Once you are conscious of the posture, try lifting the weight standing away from the wall.

 Remember – practice makes perfect. The muscle gets activated while lifting and lowering the weights. So, the swinging movement may cause injuries to your elbow. So, lift weights in a steady posture. 


6. Not including variety

Curling is a weight training exercise whereby you lift the dumbbells to your chest. Even if biceps workouts are simple, two-headed muscles are built through curls. 

Curling slowly is the best way to pump your biceps. But over some time, bodybuilders tend to follow a fixed, monotonous exercise pattern. And they may hit a plateau.

Practice different curls like EZ bar, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, and so on to build biceps more effectively. Do unilateral exercises after each rep (3 push-ups) for the biceps. 

At times, switch to unique workouts like underhand Chin-ups, rope hammer curls, etc., as it helps in hitting the biceps in different ways and angles. 

Change your position during your workout session; opt for standing and sitting exercises, workouts that focus specifically on your arms and legs, and so on.


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Your takeaway  

There are some common mistakes that most people commit while working out. Some of them include monotonous workouts, over-exerting workout sessions, skipping food, doing bicep curl swingers, and so on. 

Be conscious when you work out and keep a logbook to make corrections to your diet and workout plan whenever you spot these common mistakes.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you know of any other biceps workout mistakes, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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