What is Calisthenics?

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Calisthenics – whether you have just started hitting the gym or you are a regular gym-lover, you surely must have heard of this name. Isn’t it?

But why this classic exercise type is worth your precious time when you have all the dazzling and advanced fitness trends around? This is because Calisthenics never lost its charm; instead, it is getting better and better every day.

If you still haven’t heard of this amazing and effective form of exercise, then this quick read is undoubtedly for you. We have collected everything you should know about Calisthenics and how it is beneficial for you.


Know Calisthenics a little better:

Know Calisthenics a little better


Calisthenics originated from Greek words like ‘Kalos,’ which means beauty, and ‘Sthenos‘ which refers to strength. Initially, Calisthenics was just seen as a reliable way to promote health to ensure beauty and enhanced lifestyle. It was later that Calisthenics was introduced as a training method similar to gymnastics.

Calisthenics is an exercise form that uses the weight of your body with gravity to have resistance in all the strength exercises. It ensures to strengthen endurance, coordination, and body mobility. To state it in simple words, calisthenic is one of the trending body-weight resistance training exercise training.

Calisthenics has a wide range of exercise activities. You can start from the simplest – squats and move to the more advanced form like muscle-ups. The advanced calisthenics exercises are very similar to gymnastics.

One of the best things about Calisthenics is that it can be incorporated with any other form of exercise and can be done anytime and anywhere you want.


What are the common misconceptions about Calisthenics?

What are the common misconceptions about Calisthenics


Similar to other forms of exercise, even Calisthenics comes with a lot of misconceptions. These misconceptions generally stop people from trying this amazing exercise form. If you, too, are confused due to any misconception, you can find your answers here.

Calisthenics doesn’t support muscle building:

It is often believed that Calisthenics doesn’t support muscle building, just like weight training. However, according to fitness experts, Calisthenics is a proven and effective way to have stronger body muscles. It surely will take time, but it will be worthy to rely on.


Calisthenics is not for women:

As Calisthenics needs a lot of upper body strength and apparently women have lesser upper body weight than men, there is this misconception that women shouldn’t try Calisthenics.

This is simply not true. Women can also master this form of exercise; however, it may take a longer time to develop upper body strength. Thus, if you are a woman planning to try calisthenics exercises, you just need a little more patience, time, and dedication to master them.


Unprogressive resistance in Calisthenics:

Another misconception about Calisthenics is that you cannot progress in resistance beyond your body weight. Surprisingly, it is not at all true. There are many ways to go beyond the resistance limit in your calisthenics training. Here are some of them to try:

  • Use a resistance band
  • Increase the repetitions you are doing
  • Enhance the difficulty level of the movements
  • Add more weights
  • Include jumping versions of the exercises to boost your heart rate

With these small additions, your calisthenics exercises can add a lot more value to your body muscles and strength.


What is the primary difference between weight training and calisthenics training?

weight training and calisthenics training

There is a constant debate to understand the most reliable form of exercise between – weight training or Calisthenics. Some prefer are in favor of weight training while for some calisthenics is the best.

However, in comparison, both forms of exercise were found to have their own benefits and strengths. Both of them are important and can be used simultaneously with one another to get the best benefits.

  • Weight training helps to rapidly enhance your body strength. You can always increase the amount of weight you lift to get in the maximum benefit in return.
  • Calisthenics, on the other hand, is impressive and convenient for beginners. It also helps to have a strong and lean body with muscles, however, just with little time.

Calisthenics is very similar to weight training – it just uses your body’s own weight rather than using any external weight.


Benefits offered by Calisthenics:

Calisthenics can offer many benefits, not just for the body but also to improve your lifestyle and standards. Here are some of the calisthenics benefits to look into:

It can be tried anywhere and anytime:

As Calisthenics use your own body weight and no external weights, there isn’t any need for equipment. This means you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym or any particular place for practicing Calisthenics; it can be done anywhere without any hassles.

Moreover, you can do these exercises anytime during your busy schedule.


It is excellent for beginners:

Many calisthenics exercises are quite simple to try. This makes Calisthenics a trusted and suitable form for beginners who are just starting with their exercise lifestyle. You can also learn the correct body form with Calisthenics and then advance your workout style with external weights.


It is a full-body exercise:

Rather than just focusing on a body part, Calisthenics is a form of exercise that targets the entire body. With regular practice, you can increase your body strength throughout. It can help you in the long run as it impacts the whole body.

It is one of the best sustainable ways to have a stronger body gradually without burdening the body muscles.


It can burn more body fat:

Calisthenics exercise involves the use of the chest, back, arms, legs, and core. Different body muscles are used simultaneously for one form of calisthenics exercise form. The engagement of these different muscles helps in burning more calories and thus helps in weight management.


Improves your everyday lifestyle:

All the movements in Calisthenics are functional, which can help to improve your daily lifestyle. The various calisthenics movements can be relied on to enhance body strength, stability, postures, movements, and mobility.

Calisthenics can improve your health with its long-term abilities to:

  • Lose excess body weight
  • Improving sleep positions, postures, and quality
  • Stimulating your heart health
  • Minimizing the risk of type-2 diabetes


It is fun and interesting:

Are you tired of your dull and monotonous exercise routine? Try calisthenics exercises, which are fun, engaging, and exciting in every possible way. After you master the basic skills of Calisthenics, you can try anything with your body.

You will try and do so many things and movements with your body that you have never imagined before. Trying something new every day sounds interesting, isn’t it?


How often should you do Calisthenics?

According to health experts, Calisthenics should be a part of your workout routine for at least 4-times a week to get optimal results without any hassles or burdening the muscles. However, you can make your own exercise plan according to your body type and needs.



If you are just starting your workout lifestyle and looking for innovative, advanced yet effective training methods, Calisthenics can be the best solution for you. The different calisthenics training help to enhance your physical health without the need for any additional equipment.

For more details and knowledge on Calisthenics, write to us in the comment section. We are here with our possible assistance and information to help you become the master of Calisthenics without any struggles.


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