How to use an epilator on pubic hair?

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Hair removal is a difficult process, especially when it requires to be done near the pubic region. You cannot expect to miss a turn as it can potentially cause extreme pain.

This is why several people prefer using an epilator, instead of a razor, when it comes to public hair.

While it is more convenient, how should one use it? Read ahead and learn!


How will you use an epilator for pubic hair removal?

Epilators are available in three types: electric spring, rotating disc, and tweezer-style epilators. They come in both wired and wireless forms and have various attachments.

A wireless wet tweezer-style epilator is considered the most suitable one for the pubic region as it is safe and bearable. You have to grip, pull, extract, and discard the removed hairs to use any.

But, as you know, pubic areas are sensitive, so you have to use the epilator carefully. Therefore, read on to know the use of epilators in the pubic region in detail!


 1. Wash the area

Wash the pubic area where you want to epilate as the pubic region quickly invites the bacteria inside them. So, cleaning the area with water or soap will prevent bacteria and other infections from causing microorganisms to get in. Also, do not forget to wash your epilator’s tweezers before use to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

If you are using a wireless epilator under the shower, it is not necessary to wash the region separately. While you epilate, the area will keep on getting wet. Also, epilating in the wet area will be comparatively less painful.


 2. Exfoliate

The second step would be exfoliating your pubic region before starting the epilation process. The first benefit of exfoliating the area is preventing ingrown hairs, and the other is the removal of dead and damaged skin cells. And as you know, the pubic region is very delicate. Therefore, use a gentle exfoliator to avoid lumps and bumps, and infection.

Either use any natural home remedy as an exfoliator. Or, use a gentler scrubbing tool, massage it on the area and bikini lines for around 3 minutes, and then wash the region with cold water. Exfoliation will make the epilating process smoother and open up the pores of the area.


Tip: You can exfoliate the region two days before the epilation process for easier hair extraction.


 3. Trim hair

The long hairs on the pubic area may stick to the epilating device, and the process may get more painful for you. So, trim your pubic hair to a short length before epilation. Trimming will also reduce the chances of injuries and ingrown hairs.

Epilating long hairs may break the hair instead of pulling it out from the roots, thereby increasing the odds of ingrown hairs. You must trim a hair longer than a centimeter before epilation. Use a blunt scissor, surgical scissor, trimmer, pubic clipper, or hair cutting shears.


Advice: Wash and disinfect the trimmer or scissor before use to avoid infections.


 4. Use epilator


Now, epilate the area holding the epilator 75 degrees or perpendicular to the skin. And then start moving it opposite the hair growth direction. Move the device very slowly and steadily to avoid hair breakage and cuts. Also, do not hold the epilator under pressure and too close to the skin.

The pubic area is smaller and more sensitive, which makes it challenging to epilate that area. Also, epilating in the pubic area is painful compared to other body parts. And the probability of boils, rashes, and redness is more than in the other areas. So, epilate the pubic area carefully and gently.


 5. Moisturize the area

Moisturizing after epilation is essential as it reduces irritations and smoothens the area. Also, it will prevent dry skin and clogging of pores and hair follicles. Keep moisturizing the area for a few days daily after epilation and wear cotton panties to let the area breathe and not get sweaty.

Use organic or natural moisturizing creams, gels, or oils in the area. Virgin coconut, olive, or vegetable oils are the most suitable for the pubic region.

Epilation is a long-lasting hair removal method. So, do not repeatedly epilate the area. You can epilate again in 28 days if needed.


Advice: Choose the right epilator for your pubic region. And follow the procedure mentioned above to use the epilator correctly to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs.


Benefits of removing pubic hair with an epilator

Using an epilator on the pubic region to remove hair smoothens the area’s skin more similar to wax but more than the other methods. Also, as mentioned above, it takes almost 2 to 3 weeks to regrow hair. So, you need not epilate the pubic area for a longer duration.

An epilator is convenient to use anywhere compared to other hair removal methods. And it is cost-efficient, and the process of epilating is clean enough. Also, it is safe to use in all sensitive and delicate areas like bikini areas, pubic regions, underarms, and face.


Side effects of pubic hair removal

If you do not use the epilator the right way or your skin is very sensitive, you may experience various side effects. Let us see them, along with some of the common side effects!


 1. Pain

As mentioned above, epilating the pubic region is too painful. And for some, it is unbearable. If you are epilating for the first time, you will experience unbearable pain.


 2. Inflammation

Some of you may experience irritation, itching, burns, rashes, and redness in the region you epilated. Also, you may see bumps and pus in the pubic region due to some infection because of the wrong epilation method.


 3. Injury

As said before, hold the epilator correctly and move in the right direction. Also, keep the epilators and trimmers away from the vulva and vagina to avoid injuries.


 4. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are the most common problem in many after epilation. It occurs when the hair grows back into the skin rather than coming out of the layers. The affected area’s skin starts thickening, and bumps, acne, or pimples come out. It is itchy and irritating for some. Otherwise, it cures on its own.


 5. Vaginal infection in women

If you do not follow what is written above, you may make your pubic area prone to bacteria and increase the risks of infections. As said before, do not trim or epilate on the vagina. And disinfect the device before and after use to not transfer the bacteria to the vagina.


 6. Skin darkening

You may see a darkening of the pubic area or the region around the infected or ingrown hair.


 7. Bleeding

Due to cuts or bruises caused by the inappropriate use of epilators, you may see bleeding, which may increase the risks of infections. Therefore, avoid injuries and stubbles and use the epilator carefully.


 8. Damaging

The damages could only occur because of the improper use of the epilator or the reasons mentioned in the introduction part of the side effects.


 9. Lack of sexual activity

Hair on the pubic area or cuts and infection caused due to epilation may decrease your sexual activities with your partner.


Bottom line

It is important to use the epilator in the right way to get the best results and avoid any side effects. Also, an epilator has various benefits and comes in different types and attachments to use in sensitive areas.

Do not forget to moisturize the pubic area after the process of epilation. Tell us about your experience of using an epilator in the comment section below and also the results you got from it.

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