How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup? (A Complete Guide)

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Looking beautiful every day is every girl’s wish. Make-up is a magic wand that instantly makes women look beautiful. However, some days feel too lazy to get up and apply make-up.  Nonetheless, sometimes the time restriction to get ready can also prohibit you from applying make-up. Do you want to know how you can look beautiful without makeup? Well, you have come to the right place.

Let’s look at some natural ways to make you look beautiful, even without a pinch of makeup.


Take Good Care of Yourself

Take good care of yourself

Do you routinely eat junk food? Are your sleep schedules messed up? If that’s the case, we are sorry to inform you, but you are not taking good care of yourself. Hey, don’t worry, we got you all guarded.

1. Good Mental Health

Taking good care of yourself starts from taking good care of your mind and body. Mental peace is the ultimatum that helps your skin glow and shines your smile. We understand that life cannot be good at all times, but you need to routinely keep a self-check on your mental health. Take part in activities like meditation and yoga routinely to bust away stress.


2. Good Physical Health

Your physical health plays a crucial role in beautifying you too. Regular consumption of junk food increases the toxins in your body, making it unhealthy. Junk food also makes you obese and lazy. Hence, a balanced diet is essential. A balanced diet keeps your body in good health and shape.


3. Adequate Sleep

Sleep is essential to our body. Track your sleep regularly and note how many hours of sleep works the best for you. Generally, a beauty sleep may vary from 6-8 hours. While we sleep, our body rests too. Our body balances hormones better with good sleep.

Nonetheless, a good sleep ensures hydration to our skin and maintains the integrity of collagen, a protein that tightens and builds our skin. Thus, a good sleep ensures glowing skin on waking up, an active body, and, most importantly, no dark circles or puffy eyes! A silk pillowcase is gentle on your skin and hair. Hence, a silk pillow can provide additional benefits on a night of good sleep.

Author’s note: Self-love is skincare too. A happy self is happy skin. Loving yourself, with all your flows, keeps you happy and glowing.


A Skincare Routine is a Must

A skincare routine is a must.

A skin-care routine always helps keep your skin in good health and shape. Skin-care routines need not be extended or tiring. It’s okay if you cannot devote time to a skincare routine every morning. However, a night skincare routine always works the best for your skin.

We got you covered if you do not know what your skincare routine should contain.

1. Face Wash

Your skincare routine can start with washing your face with a gentle face wash. Face wash will help remove the dust and toxins that might have settled on your skin.


2. Exfoliation

Your skincare routine should not include daily exfoliation. Exfoliation only twice a week can yield the best results. Our skin routinely sheds off dead cells. Dead cells on our skin may lead to darker colors and dull skin. Exfoliation is the only way to get rid of these dead cells. So, exfoliate your skin regularly to make your skin glow and grow!


3. Moisturize

As soon as you wash your face, moisturize. Moisturizers ensure that your skin is well hydrated, and we know that well-moisturized skin glows.


4. Massage 

Massaging your skin often helps it relax. You can use a lotion or a moisturizer to massage your skin. Massaging with a lotion or moisturizer helps hydrate the skin and provides additional benefits. Nonetheless, a good facial massage ensures reduction in fine lines, a better texture and integrity of your skin, and a calm mind. Face rollers and ice packs also ensure a good massage and can tone your face too.

Author’s note: Do not forget to apply sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun. Sunscreens guard your skin from all the harmful UV radiation that can dull your skin and cause dark spots. 


Drinking Plenty of Water is a Must

Drinking plenty of water is a must.

Keeping yourself hydrated is the best thing you can do for yourself. 8-10 glasses of water a day can yield health benefits and glowing skin. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins from your body. Good hydration ensures delayed skin aging and hence no wrinkles or fine lines. Hydration also keeps your skin cells hydrated, giving them a glow.

According to a study published in the Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology Journal, higher water intake in one’s regular diet has a positive impact on skin physiology and can help with dry skin too!

If you often forget to drink water, you can even use reminders on your phone to remind you of drinking water. Nonetheless, eating fruits and vegetables rich in water, like watermelons and cucumbers, can also keep your body hydrated. Green tea can also prove beneficial in hydrating your body. Thus, drinking water is compulsory if you look forward to clear, glowing skin.


Regularly working Out is a Beautifying Process too

Regularly working out is a beautifying process too.

Dedicating even 30 minutes a day for a quick workout isn’t that difficult. A minimum of even 3 hours of workout a week benefits your body to a large extent. It’s not necessary to do a heavy workout or powerlifting. Even a brisk walk in the park, swimming in your pool, or cycling on the roads can generate excellent benefits. An essential factor is to keep moving your body.

When we exercise regularly, our body releases endorphins – the happy hormones. They help us calm down and keep stress at bay. Nonetheless, a regular workout also ensures improved blood circulation. Thus, our cells get more oxygen and nutrition. All these factors make our skin glow.

Research published in the Aging Cell demonstrated that regularly exercising aids in skin metabolism and can help attenuate skin aging.


Be Well-Groomed

Be well-groomed.

Your first impression is your last impression. If you are not well-groomed, you might not look elegant or make an excellent first impression. Not being well-groomed depicts how less self-care you do.

Thus, pluck out those extra eyebrow hairs. Get rid of your facial hair routinely. When your legs and hands are adequately waxed, they seem prettier. Ensure that your hair is well cut and not messy when you step out in public. Your nails should be cut appropriately. Your hands and feet can look best with a manicure and pedicure. A regular shower and 2-3 sprays of deodorant are also part of being well-groomed and clean. When you are well-groomed, your confidence shines too. A well-groomed personality stands out in the crowd. Hence, being well-groomed can make you look beautiful.

Author’s note: Your smile can drive people crazy too! Make sure you brush regularly and greet everyone with a smile. A smiling face makes everyone happy, and you shine beautifully.


Dress Up Well and Neat

Dress Up Well and Neat

How you dress up is a reflection of you. No, we aren’t talking about the length of your skirts or your ripped jeans! We are expecting you to dress neat and dress up nicely.

Your dress should be appropriately ironed and suit the occasion. Do not wear clothes you are uncomfortable in. Uncomfortable fittings can decrease your confidence, and you might not be able to pick up a conversation. Choose dresses that compliment your body shape and your natural complexion. 

When you arrive well dressed at a place, people pay attention to how much time and effort you devote to be present there. Indeed, your dress-up can also determine your interest in being at the place you are.

Author’s note: Make sure you have a good posture too. Your posture is a direct link to your personality. If you have bad posture, try sitting against the wall for half an hour a day. Do not have an arched back. 


Your Face Needs Some Moisturizer and Lip Balm Regularly

Your face needs some moisturizer and lip balm regularly.

Your skin might routinely get dried up. It needs hydration. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing helps hydrate the skin cells. Hydration of our skin cells gives the skin radiance and makes it brighter. Moreover, moisturizers keep your skin soft and pretty. Nonetheless, a lip balm helps to give a shine to your lips and prevents them from drying up as well.

Just a moisturizer and a lip balm can make you look elegant when used daily. However, do not forget to wear your sunscreen when you step out in the sun!

Author’s note: If you have a pimple on your skin, do not touch it. Do not try to pop out the pimple. Instead, use a pimple patch. Nonetheless, pimples may disappear on their own as well if you do not fidget with them. 


We know you started with one question in mind, and it’s one of the most frequently asked questions too!

Is it possible to be pretty without makeup?

Yes, you can look beautiful even without makeup. Taking good care of yourself and your lifestyle highly impacts your skin and can make you look pretty without any makeup.


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You are beautiful just the way you are. There is no doubt that make-up makes you even more poised and beautiful. However, your skin routinely needs a break from make-up too.

Your skin is the most sensitive, and it needs gentle love and care. So, when you can look beautiful even without make-up, why bother! So, go get up, take care of yourself and your skin, and you will look the most beautiful!

Drop-in a comment below and tell us what you do to look beautiful on your non-makeup days.

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