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Living vegan is increasingly part of a “hip” lifestyle. Formerly known as wool socks, vegans have now arrived in the trendy social circles. But what is behind a vegan lifestyle?


What is VEGAN?

Vegan Protein Supplement

Surely the most striking feature of a vegan lifestyle is the complete renunciation of animal products (meat, fish, dairy products, egg – everything from the animal). For ethical reasons, the rejection also extends to the keeping of farm animals, the consumption of hone  or to processed products of animal processing such as gelatine and numerous cosmetics. There is also no use of wool or leather clothing or products for which animal testing is common. Vegans eat exclusively plant-based protein and foods.

But how should the body, especially in muscle building phases, get much-needed protein? The classic Whey Protein contains animal protein because it is made from milk.

But you can be unconcerned, there are some other ways to meet the protein requirements in a plant-based way.


Whey and its properties

Whey is a by-product of cheese production from milk as a source of protein. In its purest form, as a whey protein isolate, it consists of 90% protein – a relatively expensive but high-quality product. The so-called hydrolysate is even richer in protein.

The best-selling and used variant is the whey protein concentrate with 80% protein content with only low carbohydrate and fat content. Especially after intensive training, the muscles benefit from the building materials they need for a good regeneration and the building of new muscle mass. In addition, Whey provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety and can thus promote reduced carbohydrate intake.

These whey variants are suitable for vegetarians who do not completely do without animal products, but vegans do not use this type of whey protein either, as the powder is obtained from milk.

For those who completely do without products of animal origin, there is a vegan whey made specifically from vegetable protein. This is absorbed by the body similarly quickly and also offers all the advantages of animal whey. The amount of protein to be absorbed during the day with protein shakes (especially in muscle-building phases and by intensively training athletes) must take into account that too few proteins/amino acids are often absorbed during normal meals. Vegan protein shakes can therefore make a valuable and simple contribution to the protein supply, but the demand can also be met by protein-rich ingredients and/or snacks. Particularly high in protein are e.B. legumes, various cereals, nuts (especially cashew nuts) and soy.


Vegan Whey – How is it used?

Vegan whey can be consumed like any other whey. The powder can be mixed with water or a vegetable milk variant to form a normal whey shake, comparable in consistency and taste. The powder can also be coated with vegetable quark or yoghurt. Tastefully, you have different options. After a restful, as much as eight hours of sleep, the body will best absorb the proteins contained and metabolize them within a very short time – important for a healthy lifestyle oriented towards sporting goals. Vegan whey such as classic whey can also be used around training.


Whether conventional or vegan whey, both variants have comparable properties and contain the essential aminos required by the body.

But beware – vegetable protein contains slightly less amino acids, so we recommend a particularly balanced and varied diet around the protein shakes!

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