What Are Cold Pressed Oils? (Guide to Cold Pressed Oils)

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Oils are a primary need in every household to prepare meals. In recent years, cold-pressed oils have generated a lot of popularity in the market.

These oils are highly known in the fitness industry for their health-related benefits. However, many of you might still wonder what cold-pressed oils are? Why is it so much in demand, and what benefits does it provide to us?

Well, no worries now because in this article, we will answer all the questions related to cold-pressed oils and their benefits, why to use them, and more, so stay tuned.


What Are Cold Pressed Oils?

Cold-pressed oil is extracted from olive, sesame seed, canola, sunflower, coconut, or sunflower without any heat. Because when the heat gets applied, it degrades the nutritional quality and flavor of the seed.

Cold-pressed oil retains all the nutritional value, aroma, and taste making it great for cooking requirements. Therefore, this method takes place by crushing the nuts and seeds through the pressure they force out the oil.

Cold-pressed oils are different from the regular oils you use for cooking as it is extracted from vegetables, seeds, and fruits.

At the same time, cold-presses are obtained by crushing oilseeds. Some of the Cold-pressed oils available are Olive oil, Coconut oil, Groundnut oil, flaxseed oil, etc.


How Is Cold Pressed Oil Manufactured?

Cold Pressed Oil Manufacturing

Now that we have talked about what cold-pressed oils are, let’s look into how these oils are manufactured. The method of preparing Cold-pressed oils starts by crushing oil-bearing seeds or nuts under a low heating procedure.

These nuts or seeds are placed in a large cylinder. Then they are rotated continuously and then crushed till the oil is extracted and collected.

Because there is no involvement of chemicals and heating, these oils do not lose their natural flavors, nutrients, aroma, and more.


Why Are Cold Pressed Oils Better Than Regular Oil? 

Cold-pressed oils include Vitamin E, necessary fatty acids, vitamin C, antioxidants, and other essential fats. This helps in maintaining the natural form of potent nutrients along with preserving the nutrients of their ingredients.

So using cold-pressed oil can be beneficial for people suffering from chronic diseases. Hot-pressed oils involve heat that destroys essential compounds of nuts and seeds.

The process of creating hot-pressed oils through excessive heating ends up killing all the nutrients as it involves chemicals like bleaching soda, acetic acid, and more. Due to this, Cold pressed oils are considered healthier.

Consuming Cold-pressed oils may help in reducing bad cholesterol and may help in protecting your heart. These oils also help reduce your intake of various refined fats and blood pressure levels.

All these help reduce the risk related to strokes. Cold-pressed oils may be a bit more expensive than regular oils, but when it comes to health and safety, you should definitely go with cold-pressed ones.


Types of Cold Pressed Oil 

Now that we have explained cold-pressed oils, let’s look into some types of cold-pressed oils present in the market:

1. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed Coconut oil is obtained from coconut milk which is great for cooking meals. This coconut milk is extracted using a wooden mill procedure without any unhealthy elements.

This coconut oil is completely natural, healthy, and pure. It contains beneficial anti-bacterial properties, fatty acids that help in boosting the immune system and provide energy.

The cold-pressed coconut oil also helps in increasing the metabolic rate and provides better digestion for the body. Coconut oil can even be used for skin care as it contains moisturizing elements that can do miracles for people with dry skin.


2. Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold-pressed olive oils are made by pressing the olives in order to produce oil without any involvement of heat.

Usually, this oil type is used for salads as cold-pressed olive oil adds more texture and flavor to your food and makes it aromatic and rich in nutrients. People who love salads should give this olive oil a try. You won’t regret it.


3. Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Cold-pressed mustard oil is a must-have in the kitchen as they are highly used in making vegetables, curries, and more. By adding cold-pressed mustard oil to your meal, you can add more aroma to your dish.

This oil is cold-pressed using great quality mustards by ensuring natural properties and good health are intact with mustard, which can make the meal more delicious and healthy.

Mustard oil contains good fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-3 help manage your cholesterol level and may reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.


4. Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Sesame oil contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help in reducing health-related risks like heart and joint.

This sesame oil can be practiced for cooking and a healthy diet as it has many nutrients present, which can help reduce weight.

Apart from this, sesame oil can also be great for skincare because it has vitamins present, which can help treat your skin and hair.


Shelf Life Of These Cold Pressed Oils

Cold-pressed oils are minimally treated and unfiltered. They produce lower yields and due to which they have a shorter shelf-life.

Meanwhile, the regular oils are treated with various chemicals, and they also go under hydrogenation procedure which makes their shelf-life longer and also increases their yield capacity.

The shelf-life of Cold-pressed oils are shorter as compared to the regular oils but still, you can use cold-pressed oil for about three to four months. Some might even have a longer shelf-life so always check the label as it always mentions the expiry date.


Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oils

Here are some advantages produced by Cold-pressed oil:

1. Rich In Nutrition

Nutrition Rich Oil

Cold pressed oil can be great in providing your body with essential nutrients such as lecithin, antioxidants, vitamin C, A, E, and protein. All this helps in keeping you more healthy and fit without any involvement of harmful chemicals and oils. Athletic and fitness enthusiasts go for cold pressure oil.


2. Boost Your Immune System

Immune system

Cold-pressed oil is enriched with oleic acids that are highly beneficial in boosting your immune system.

Apart from oleic acid, Cold pressed oils are also a rich source of natural antioxidants that helps in reducing the cell damage from your body by preventing free radical damage.

Though you should now switch from regular oil to Cold pressed oil won’t show you instant results in the immune system. You need to use it for a while to witness a good change in your body and health.


3. Low Cholesterol

Cold-pressed oils are low in cholesterol level as the nutrients are saved in the manufacturing process.

Due to which this oil helps in reducing heart-related risks and also helps in losing weight for many people as low cholesterol levels are easier to digest. Due to which this oil can be great for people suffering from heart-related diseases.

The natural nutrients saved also help in making your skin more glowing and healthy. Therefore, Cold pressed oil is excellent for skincare as well.


4. It Doesn’t Contain Any Unhealthy Chemicals

The primary motive why you should use cold-pressed oil is because it doesn’t contain unhealthy chemicals.

They are entirely free from toxins like BHA, Gallate, BHT, and Propyl, which can be very harmful to your body and cause several health issues.

So, if you want to avoid toxic chemicals and consume organic oil that is good for your body, you should switch to cold pressed oil.


How Can You Use Cold Pressed Oils For Cooking

You can prepare food in Cold pressed oil with medium heat as they contain low smoking points. Unlike hot-pressed oils, which contain high smoking points, they are used for preparing food at high temperatures.

Switching from regular oil or hot pressured oil to Cold pressed oil can be a bit expensive and difficult but it can have a major impact in making a difference in your well-being and health. 



Should I use cold-pressed oil for frying purposes? 

No, you should not use cold-pressed oil for frying purposes because exposing cold-pressed oil to high temperatures can lead to the breakdown of unsaturated fats, making it unhealthy and unsafe for consumption.


Should I use cold-pressed oil in my hair? 

Yes, you can use cold-pressed oil in your hair as it contains fatty acids like omega-9, omega-3, and omega-6, which works as a great hair mask to prevent frizziness of your hair and also helps in moisturizing your hair.

You can even use this oil for styling purposes by applying it to damp hair.


How do you know if the olive oil is cold-pressed? 

The one way you can tell whether it is cold-pressed or not is by the quality of the oil. Also, if the olive oil is certified and labeled as high phenolic, the oil is cold-pressed.



Oil is one of the essential components of cooking. The demand for cold-pressed oils has been increasing in the last few years.

In this article, we mentioned all about cold-pressed oil, its benefits, uses, and more. I hope through this article, all your doubts and concerns regarding cold-pressed are solved.

If you have any queries about cold-pressed oils, then tell us in the comments.

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