What Is The Best Sleeping Position To Lose Belly Fat?

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Belly fat can be pretty annoying for everyone to witness, due to which we often find ourselves looking out for proper diet, exercise, routine, and more to reduce this fat.

But did you know a person’s sleeping position can play an equally important part in treating this belly fat? Yes, you heard right, sleeping position can make a lot of difference.

According to a Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine study, belly fat is connected to short sleeping duration. Like short or unhealthy sleep duration can cause excess fat, a correct sleeping position can help you prevent it.

In this article, I will discuss all the beneficial sleeping positions that can help you reduce belly fat, along with several other sleeping factors that can help you lose weight.


3 Best Sleeping Position To Reduce Belly Fat

1. Sleeping On The Stomach

Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach or prone position is considered one of the best sleeping positions to lower your belly fat. In this position, the person sleeps by lying on the bed horizontally on the stomach and the head on the pillow.

When you lay on your stomach, your abdomen area tends to get additional pressure from the weight of the body. Due to which it blocks your abdomen and prevents any excess fat accumulation.

Despite stomach sleeping being recognized as an unhealthy sleeping position, there are some measures you can take to prevent it from affecting your health. Here are beneficial things to follow:

  • Instead of spending your entire night on stomach position, consider only spending around two to four hours in this position as two to four hours is enough for achieving all the benefits of belly fat.
  • You can switch to your regular sleeping position after two to four hours.
  • Use an excellent supportive pillow in your neck and the head area, along with a good quality mattress while sleeping in a stomach position to prevent any neck pain the next morning.
  • Suppose you are a side sleeper or back sleeper and aren’t comfortable sleeping in a stomach position. In that case, you should try lying on your stomach for a few minutes every night until you get a relaxed sleeping stomach or prone position.
  • You can try switching from stomach position to side position in between your sleep. This way, you can prevent any breathing obstruction, chest tightness, and blood flow in your body.


2. Back Sleeping Position

Sleeping On Your Back

The next position is sleeping on your back; though it isn’t as effective as a stomach sleeping one, it might help you reduce weight.

Back sleeping is an easier position to sleep in, and you won’t require much practice as people often sleep lying on their back.

When you sleep on your back, your body has a hard time transforming the food you have taken into fat. Instead, it turns that food into energy, or it promotes it to leave the body.

This position can work on your stomach pressure. This position can be great for people suffering from back or knee pain issues.


3. Abdominal Breathing

Now that we have talked about the most effective sleeping position to reduce belly fat. Let’s look into another important thing that needs to be followed to lose belly fat: breathing.

You must practice abdominal breathing properly along with following the sleeping position to reduce your belly fat.

Abdominal breathing is one of the renowned fat loss exercises that can help you reduce your belly fat by working on your core muscles. It is very simple as all you have to do is inhale from your nose and then exhale from your mouth.

But following this method regularly, you can easily enhance your weight loss process. This exercise improves your bowel movements by working on your stomach and waist.

Soon you will find your waistline more distinct than it used to be as you incorporate this abdominal breathing into your routine.


Factors That Can Build Up Belly Fat Loss Effectiveness

Even though sleeping position does help reduce your belly fat, it isn’t the only thing that can help get rid of it. Certain factors play a crucial role in your weight and belly loss. Here are some of the crucial measures that need to be followed to lose weight:

1. Sleeping Early

If you want to prevent your abdomen fat, you need to avoid staying up late at night. When you stay up longer at night, it increases your chances of eating something, which can result in weight gain.

So, try to sort all your work during the day, so you can go to bed as early as possible. Apart from preventing you from eating late at night, early sleeping can also result in good health, helping you get a good amount of sleep and lose weight effectively.


2. Sleep At A Cool Temperature

Sleep At A Cool Temperature

Most people sleep better in a cool temperature room. Apart from this, a colder room is more helpful for burning calories as we need some good fats in the body to process.

Brown fat, which is brown adipose tissue, is utilized for acclimatizing your surroundings. This fat is activated through cold temperature, which works by acting as an internal heating jacket for the body.

This can help in activating more brown fat cells and eventually help in burning your fat. Therefore, it is beneficial to sleep at a colder temperature as it might help you lose weight.


3. Sleep In Dark Room

Sleep In Dark Room

A dark room can help in providing a sleep-promoting hormone known as melatonin. Sleeping can regulate the hunger hormones in the body and help in promoting calorie burning.

It can also transform food into energy instead of fat because of the melatonin provided. Melatonin can help in influencing your metabolism and can help in converting brown fat, which is considered harmful for the body, to white fat.

White fat is essential for the boy, and it doesn’t impact or accumulate around the stomach or other areas of the body.

Small light exposure can also impede the production of melatonin, so it is better to sleep in a room with complete darkness to prevent those extra fats from your body.

To achieve total darkness, turn off all the lights in your room and cover the curtains, which will help block any sort of light from passing your room. A dark room can also help in providing coolness, and make you sleep better at night.


4. Avoid Using Your Phone Before Sleeping

Avoid Using Your Phone Before Sleeping

Using electronic devices right before your sleep can provide negative energy and might become a potential distraction when you try to sleep. The blue light emitting from your electronic device can also hamper the melatonin production in your body.

This can result in you sleeping less, and the less you sleep at night, the more your body tries to make up for overeating.

Therefore, it is always best to avoid using your phone before sleeping. Instead, you should try reading a book, and switching off your phone before sleeping can also help prevent a distraction in the middle of the night.


5. Have A Green Tea During Daytime

Green Tea

Green tea contains various compounds that can help you burn fat. It includes antioxidants such as ECGC that can improve your metabolism, caffeine, which can stimulate the brown fat from your body, and more.

Because of caffeine involvement, it might not be the most sleep-friendly beverage, due to which it is often consumed during the daytime.

The beneficial properties work even after hours of intake. Therefore, a regular intake of green tea can help you burn fat and calories faster.


6. Try Exercising Around Three Hours Before You Sleep

Performing exercises three hours before you sleep can help enhance your metabolic rate, which can help burn calories when you have fallen asleep. After the activity, sleeping in a stomach position can help you get excellent weight loss results. You can also perform some stretches before bed for a good night’s sleep.



1. What stimulates should I avoid right before sleep? 

To make your sleeping position work properly in reducing your belly fat, you should avoid stimulates such as caffeine, alcoholic beverages, chips, and similar foods and beverages as they can impair your system.


2. Should I exercise right before sleeping to lose belly fat? 

No, exercising right before bed can affect your sleep quality by making your body more awake, which can cause trouble in sleeping. Therefore, it is better not to exercise right before sleeping. Instead, you can exercise with a reasonable time distance of about three hours.


3. How many hours of sleep are beneficial for burning calories? 

Eight hours of sleep can be beneficial for your body as to when you sleep. Your body burns calories regardless of being at rest. Lack of sleep can affect your health, so you should get at least eight hours of sleep every night.


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Reducing belly fat can be pretty tough for everyone. But with the proper measures, techniques, and knowledge, you can make your weight loss journey easier.

Therefore, here we have mentioned all regarding the sleeping position that can help you reduce belly fat. Along with additional factors can help enhance the effectiveness of belly fat loss.

If you have any doubts about a sleeping position for belly fat loss, tell us in the comments.

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