10 Best ZMA Supplement (Tablets and Capsules) in India

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Interested in knowing the secret weapon in the dietary supplement stack of the energetic and active bodybuilders and athletes? It is none other than – Zinc Magnesium Aspartate or ZMA.

Are you still looking for a suitable ZMA supplement? Your search ends here.

We have the list of the best ZMA supplements after detailed research and surveys. We have mentioned their features which sets them apart from the other available options for an easy and convenient selection.

At the end of the article, our buying guide and FAQs will surely clear all your doubts and concerns for the selection of the best ZMA supplement.


Best ZMA Supplement in India 2024

MuscleBlaze ZMA:

MuscleBlaze ZMA:

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Overall Score: 4.3/5

MuscleBlaze ZMA is one of the premium supplements packed with 100% RDA of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. The supplement is a reliable product to fulfill nutritional deficiencies and enhancing muscle strength and recovery.

It uses magnesium aspartate, which is the superior source of magnesium to assure the best health benefits. Magnesium helps in boosting the body muscles, soothing nerve functions, and improving sleep quality. On the other hand, vitamin B6 helps store and utilize the consumed energy from protein and carbohydrates.

One of the significant benefits of this ZMA supplement found in our research is strengthening immunity and metabolism. The regular intake of this supplement ensures to keep the body active with faster recovery from infections. It is also helpful in producing new cells in the body to assure smooth normal body functioning.

The supplement comes with hassle-free consumption. All you have to do is consume 2-tablets from the pack with water, and you are sorted to avail its benefits for a healthy lifestyle.

The capsules are vegetarian and are suitable for both men and women. Just 2 tablets of this supplement are enough to nourish your body with the desired nutrients, making it a cost-effective supplement delivering amazing health benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • It contains 100% RDA of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6
  • Benefits bodybuilders and athletes in muscle recovery and strength
  • Maintains high energy levels throughout the day
  • Boosts immunity and body metabolism
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Easy to consume; suitable for both men and women


Trexgenics ZMAG PLUS:

Trexgenics ZMAG PLUS

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Overall Score: 4.3/5

Formulated with safe and bioavailable formula, the Trexgenics ZMAG PLUS is known for its trusted quality and efficacy. ZMAG Plus is enriched with many essential vitamins and minerals, which brings the best health benefits for the users.

Each supplement capsule delivers 715mg of magnesium biglycinate, 50mg of zinc biglycinate, vitamin D3 and vitamin B6. This perfect blend of such nutrients helps in improving muscle strength and size. It can also be trusted to bring quick and effective muscle recovery with improved production of new cells in the body.

The regular intake of this supplement is the bone formulation and also supports cardiovascular health as it assists with heart functioning. It also helps in quick calcium absorption, which helps in strengthening the body immunity. The supplement is also found to help support hormone production.

This supplement is ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, and health-conscious people. Both men and women can take it after a rigorous workout, weightlifting and intense cardio sessions. If you struggle to get a sound and relaxing sleep, this ZMAG Plus supplement can be a reliable name to trust.

You are already taking any kind of medication; it is recommended to consult your health expert before adding this Trexgenics ZMAG PLUS to your routine. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised not to take this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for post intense sports session
  • Ensures restful sleep
  • Helps in muscle recovery from dehydration, cramps and muscle stiffness
  • Supports body immunity and hormone production


Now Sports ZMA Sports Recovery:

Now Sports ZMA Sports Recovery

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Overall Score: 4.3/5

Made with the help of non-GMO ingredients following the good manufacturing practices facility, the Now Sports ZMA Sports Recovery is one solid ZMA supplement for those who are looking for a reliable option. It comes with a combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to enhance absorption and muscle recovery from exercise.

The main ingredients in the supplement are zinc and magnesium. Zinc is one of the key players in improving cell and tissue growth. It also helps in maintaining a healthy immune system while accelerating the repair of tissues.

On the other hand, magnesium helps in maintaining electrolyte balance for normal neuromuscular functioning. It is also beneficial in producing the right amount of energy for keeping the body active throughout the day.

Now Sports ZMA Sports Recovery is an ideal product for people having a super-active and rigorous lifestyle. Physical activities can increase the need for these two minerals (zinc and magnesium); Now Sports ZMA Sports Recovery can replenish the requirement making it a value for money product.

The supplement undergoes all the essential safety, purity and quality certifications to prevent causing any severe side effects on the user’s health. The recommended dosage for men is 3 capsules a day, while for women, it is 2 capsules a day. A bottle of this supplement contains around 90-tablets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ensures speedy growth and repair of cells and tissues
  • Maintains a healthy immune system
  • Promotes smooth neuromuscular functioning
  • Keeps the body active and energetic throughout the day


Nutrija ZMA:

Nutrija ZMA

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Overall Score: 4.3/5

Next on our list of the best ZMA supplement is Nutrija ZMA. The brand ensures premium quality with a balanced blend of the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

It brings 30mg of zinc, 450mg of magnesium, 10.5mg of vitamin B6 and 5mg of boron with some added Bioperine. The regular consumption of this supplement supports muscle growth and strength. It is a must-have supplement for athletes and bodybuilders to accelerate their muscle growth process.

For people who struggle to get sound and peaceful sleep at night, this product works wonders. Its daily consumption improves the quality of sleep with a better relaxation. These capsules also support quick and effective muscle recovery.

Vitamin B6 present in this supplement ensures faster protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism to create red blood cells. It is also one important nutrient to improve mood and reduce depression.

Thanks to its quality of being quickly absorbed, this supplement is loved for showing immediate results. It is a vegetarian product that comes in a bottle containing 30-tablets. These capsules are easy to consume and can be consumed by both men and women.

However, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women to consume this Nutrija ZMA. Also, if you are consuming this supplement for the first time, it is advised to consult your health expert first.

Highlighted Features:

  • Increases testosterone levels
  • Supports muscle growth and strength
  • Improves the quality of sound and restful sleep
  • Easy to consume and quickly absorbed


Naturyz Triple Strength ZMA Plus:

Naturyz Triple Strength ZMA Plus

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Overall Score: 4.1/5

If you are looking for a ZMA supplement that can provide 3-times better benefits than a regular ZMA supplement, then the best name to choose is Naturyz Triple Strength ZMA Plus. The supplement is enriched with the perfect blend of essential nutrients to keep the body super-active throughout the day.

Each capsule of this supplement nourishes the body with 450mg of magnesium aspartate, 30mg of zinc and vitamin B6. This helps in improving the body immunity and metabolism to maintain the desired energy levels in the body. This makes it a suitable and ideal product for athletes, bodybuilders, sportsperson and working men.

The Naturyz Triple Strength ZMA Plus contains black pepper extracts and 250mg of Tribulus, besides these essential nutrients. This benefits the users to fight against inflammation, joint pain, coughs, headaches, dizziness, etc.

The regular intake of this supplement also helps in improving muscle strength and size for a quick recovery. It also helps in muscle relaxation after a tiring and rigorous workout or hectic day. It ensures proper energy utilization to support the efficient working of the nerve system.

It is a vegetarian product and, thus, can be consumed by both men and women without worrying about side effects. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet; however, you should consult your health expert before including it in your diet.

Highlighted Features:

  • A suitable product for athletes, bodybuilders, sportsperson, working men
  • Improves body immunity and metabolism
  • Help against inflammation, joint pains, dizziness, coughs, headaches, etc.
  • Boost muscle size and strength with quick recovery


GNC Pro-Performance ZMA:

GNC Pro-Performance ZMA

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Overall Score: 4.1/5

The GNC Pro-Performance ZMA needs no introduction in the health supplement market. Over the years, the brand has delivered some excellent quality products to fulfill the nutritional deficiencies according to the varying needs and requirements of the users.

Similar to other products from the brand, the ZMA supplement is no exception for health benefits. The supplement is enriched with 12mg zinc citrate, 60mg of magnesium aspartate, and 2mg of vitamin B6. Many health experts have suggested using this GNC Pro-Performance ZMA for balanced, active and overall good health.

The regular intake of this supplement helps in promoting good, sound and high-quality sleep. It also helps in improving the user’s mood by treating depression and anxiety. The supplement is also known to relax the body muscles with improved immunity and body metabolism.

Another important benefit of this supplement, according to our survey, is accelerated muscle growth and strengthening. The supplement is one trusted choice of many athletes and bodybuilders for maintaining their performance during the exercise sessions. It also helps in quick muscle recovery after a hardcore workout session.

This vegetarian product comes in a bottle packaging containing 60-tablets in a bottle. It is an unflavoured supplement that can be easily consumed without leaving any aftertaste. It is suitable for both men and women but not for pregnant and nursing women.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ensures good and sound sleeping experience
  • Cures depression and improves the user’s mood
  • Relaxes the nerves
  • Promotes muscle strength, growth and recovery


Green India ZMA Supplement:

Green India ZMA Supplement

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Overall Score: 4/5

Green India ZMA Supplement is a clinically tested formula containing essential vitamins and minerals to boost testosterone with other vital health benefits. The main ingredients of this supplement are zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium and black pepper extracts which are known to attract the desired nutritional health benefits.

The consumption of this supplement during the nighttime helps faster muscle recovery and improves muscle size and strength. When taken regularly, it brings evident benefits to enhance the sleep quality as well. It makes an ideal product for bodybuilders and athletes looking for a supplement to bridge the nutritional gap.

It is also a trusted ZMA supplement to improve immunity and metabolism with quick cell production. This ensures maintaining the desired energy levels all day long for an active lifestyle.

As the supplement contains all the essential nutrients, its daily consumption prevents any health side effects due to nutritional deficiencies. It is advisable to consult a health expert before taking the Green India ZMA Supplement as per your health conditions.

It is a vegetarian product and makes in a bottle containing 60 tablets. The recommended dosage for men is 3 tablets a day before sleep, whereas for women, the recommended dosage is 2 tablets before bedtime. The supplement undergoes strict quality checks with GMP, ISO, and WRG certifications to assure its quality standards.

Highlighted Features:

  • Improves the muscle size and strength
  • Ensures sound, relaxing and restful sleep
  • ISO, GMP and WRG certified for premium quality
  • Suitable for both men and women

Alvizia ZMA:

Alvizia ZMA

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Overall Score: 4/5

With their tagline “invest in your health”, Alvizia ZMA gives you all the right reasons to choose it as your trusted health companion. The brand is known to maintain and deliver its quality products to satisfy and fulfill the varying health needs of the users.

Each capsule of this supplement delivers 340mg of magnesium aspartate, 12mg of zinc methionine aspartate, vitamin B6, and 1mg of pyridoxine HCL. The best-assured benefit of this supplement is strengthened muscles and joints. Its regular consumption helps in muscle growth with effective and quick muscle recovery.

Another appealing benefit of this ZMA supplement is improved quality of sleep. When taken before bedtime, this supplement ensures sound, restful and relaxing sleep. This also helps in improving skin health while fighting the signs of aging and other related issues.

The Alvizia ZMA has also shown some amazing and significant results for enhancing immunity and metabolism. It ensures to keep up the energy levels for bodybuilders and athletes.

It is a non-vegetarian product. Each bottle of this supplement contains 90 capsules. It is a gluten-free supplement made with NON-GMO ingredients. All safety and quality standards are maintained for this ZMA supplement to ensure just the best health benefits for the users.

These capsules are suitable for anyone in need. However, these are not advisable for consumption by pregnant and nursing mothers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strengthens the muscles and joints
  • Improves skin health and sleep quality
  • Enhances the immunity and metabolism
  • Non-vegetarian product


Healthvit Fitness ZMA:

Healthvit Fitness ZMA:

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Overall Score: 3.8/5

The next name on our list of the best ZMA supplement is Healthvit Fitness ZMA. Healthvit is one well-known name in the health industry delivering high-quality health supplements. Similar to the other amazing products from the brand, this ZMA supplement is no exception as it brings the best health benefits within no time.

It is a natural mineral supplement enriched with magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Zinc is one of the key players in creating new cells with quick carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also helps in improving the immune system for faster wound healing.

On the other hand, magnesium helps in improving the body’s metabolism for better functioning of nerves, muscles and bones. It also plays a significant role in enhancing muscle strength with quick muscle recovery.

The Healthvit Fitness ZMA is also known to keep the body energetic with its richness in vitamin B6. Thanks to this, the body can store and utilize the consumed energy from carbohydrates and proteins.

It is a suitable supplement for both men and women. It also makes a reliable product for people who have insomnia. The regular consumption of this supplement improves sleep patterns. You can also trust this ZMA supplement to prevent common nutritional deficiencies for a healthy lifestyle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fastens the creation of new cells with quick wound healing
  • Ensures smooth functioning of muscles and bones
  • Maintains high energy throughout the day
  • Prevents the common nutritional deficiencies with better sleep quality


Onelife ZMA:

Onelife ZMA:

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Overall Score: 3.7/5

Onelife ZMA supplement contains all beneficially vital minerals – zinc, magnesium, black pepper extract, and vitamin B6 in the purest and natural form. This supplement has all the essential qualities to be your reliable and trusted companion to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

It delivers 10mg of zinc, 150mg of magnesium, 2mg of vitamin B6 and 5mg of black pepper extract. The required amount of zinc helps in maintaining high muscle strength and a healthy immune system. It also helps in improving and rejuvenating the skin health and quality for a glowing radiant.

Magnesium, on the other hand, helps in assuring high-quality sound sleep with improved exercise performance. It reduces the build-up lactate during the exercise and decreases fatigue. It ensures to keep the blood pressure levels under control.

Besides the 2 main ingredients, the supplement also brings the benefits of vitamin B6 to maintain high energy levels for the entire day. Black pepper extract helps in better and quick absorption of the required nutrients for improving the body’s metabolism.

It is a vegetarian product that combines the desired health benefits in a pack to be your dependable companion for an energetic lifestyle. The recommended dosage for adults is 3 capsules daily before bedtime. Make sure to consult your health expert if you are under any kind of medication or are a nursing mother.

Highlighted Features:

  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Enhances exercise and workout performance while reducing the build lactate
  • Supports immunity and high energy
  • Controls the body’s blood pressure levels


Buying Guide – How to choose the best ZMA Supplement?

ZMA supplement has gained immense popularity in the past few years. People are relying on the supplement for a healthy lifestyle. However, the decision to choose a suitable ZMA supplement requires paying close attention to many considerable factors.

Some of the crucial factors which should be addressed during the selection of ZMA supplement are as follow –

  1. Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 quantities:

The very first thing that should be given the most attention is the available quantities of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. The chosen supplement must contain a balanced blend of these nutrients to deliver the expected and desired health benefits.

Ideally, the supplement should have 30mg of zinc, 450mg of magnesium and 10-11mg of vitamin B6.

  1. Other essential nutrients:

Besides having the essential nutrients (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6), you should also check for the other vital nutrients present in the chosen ZMA supplement. Most health expert prefers some additional vitamin D3 for better absorption and faster results.

Black pepper extract is also one additional favourite ingredient in ZMA supplements to support the digestive system.

  1. Purity:

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Supplements with compromised purity and wrong ingredients reduce the overall benefits and impact of ZMA supplements.

Thus, you should look for such ZMA supplements available with their authenticity and purity certifications. Our hands-on experience with some ZMA supplements has indicated that independent testing methods are the most reliable when choosing the best pure ZMA supplement.

  1. Dietary considerations:

If you are a beginner with the consumption of ZMA supplements, then you should avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Some people are more sensitive than others and thus, can face some minor side effects during the initial days.

The recommended daily dosage for adult men is 11mg, and for adult women is 8mg to avoid any significant side effects.

  1. Brand:

Avoid buying your ZMA supplement from any local brand name. Buying the ZMA supplement from an original and well-known reputed brand name ensures purity, 24*7 assistance, and maximum benefits without any hassles or side effects risks.

  1. Cost:

Take a quick look at the cost of your chosen supplement and compare it with some reliable supplement options. This avoids over-spending while buying the supplement with a detailed idea of the cost per serving.



  1. Which is better, ZMA or testosterone booster?

Many different types of research highlight mixed results for both ZMA and testosterone. While there are no strong evidences of ZMA increasing testosterone in healthy men, many other studies confirm ZMA increases testosterone in zinc-deficient people.

ZMA is rich in zinc content, which helps fulfill the nutritional gap and thus ensures its maximum benefits.


  1. Can ZMA cause hair loss?

No, ZMA is not responsible for hair loss. In fact, the consumption of ZMA, in a suitable amount, helps improve the hair quality and growth. It also helps in reducing the risk of hair fall.

However, when ZMA is consumed in excess, it can increase DHT hormone, which can possibly cause hair loss in some people.


  1. How quickly does ZMA work?

According to the latest research, ZMA shows significant results within 7-weeks of continuous consumption. The supplement helps increase the testosterone and growth hormones, which are linked to significant muscle growth.

Its consumption is also beneficial to improve the energy levels in bodybuilders while enhancing the performance of the athletes.


  1. What is the best form of zinc to take?

Amongst the many available choices, zinc gluconate is one of the most effective and trusted forms of zinc. It ensures to fulfill the nutritional deficiency without costing you a fortune.

However, if you can invest a little more with supplements, you can buy zinc picolinate, which gets absorbed really quickly.



Like multivitamins, ZMA supplements specifically target some of the common nutrient deficiencies for athletes, bodybuilders, and health-conscious people. Amidst the mentioned names, we strongly recommend MuscleBlaze ZMA to avail the desired benefits.

With 100% RDA of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, this ZMA supplement delivers every expected health benefit. It improves sleep quality, maintains muscle strength and growth and is suitable for both men and women.

If you have any more doubts, drop us a message in the comment section.

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