10 Best Glucometer in India (February 2024)

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Diabetes is the most common yet dangerous disease prevalent across the world. In such severe chronic illness, one must regularly check and monitor blood sugar levels.

However, to effectively measure your blood sugar levels, you’ll need a more accurate and efficient device. That’s where we step in with the best glucometers in India that our health experts have segregated to ensure that you receive the appropriate product.

We have curated this list of best glucometers with our team of health experts by testing and comparing products, reviews, cost, effectiveness, and features. All the product reviews are biased-free and personally experienced as well as tested.

So without wasting more time, let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Glucometers in India 2024

Here we have separated the list of the best glucometer in India by comparing, analyzing, and testing 27 products and filtering these ten worthies for your consideration. We have paid extra attention to the needs of diabetic patients so that you get a meter that is easy to use and accurate without any complications or complex mechanisms.

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 10 to 600 mg/dl
  • Memory: 500 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 10 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

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Accu-chek meters have been known as a confided organisation since the 1980s. They are renowned for their convenience and precise readings, the two of which are fundamental for test results. They offer tech-savvy compact and small meters that are easy to use and read.

There are many previous models of this meter, but this one so far has evolved both in simplicity and technology, making it the best meter out there. The size, ease of use, accuracy, and price is what sets this meter apart from its antagonists.

Talking about the meter, Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit comes with a softclix lancer with a puncturing needle through which you can delicately prick the tip of your finger and coax the blood out. While testing the lancet, we felt almost little to no pain, so it should not budge.

You can easily insert the strip into the device’s slot, and it will show a signal when it’s ready to take the drop of blood. In addition, you don’t need a significant drop of blood, and it can be tiny, nearly about 0.5 microliters or less.

We found the reading within 5 seconds, and it can be stored within the meter’s memory. You can recall the memory by simply pressing the “S” button. The glucometer can store up to 500 readings, which is excellent.

There is no manual coding needed for the glucometer, so that’s a plus. Moving on to the features, the glucometer display shows the date and time, which is fantastic, while it also comes with only two buttons to operate, making things a lot better. It also boasts average test results for up to 90 days, which is crucial for picking up the fluctuations.

We loved the double-check feature that allows you to cross-check your results to assure accuracy. You also get a 10 seconds re-dose option, lest you have not supplied adequate blood on the test strip.

Besides that, the display also shows the post and pre-meal markers, allowing you to manage your diet easily and understand the trend better. Another captivating feature that we loved while our testing was the reminder. It reminds you both visually and through audio to test after 2 hours of eating.

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter comes with USB and BlueTooth connectivity, and you can quickly transfer your saved results. The testing is easy, and pricking is almost painless while the results are displayed within 5 seconds.

It also comes with a whopping 10-years of warranty, so you can never go wrong with this meter. We have been using and testing the meter for the past ten months, and we have not found any meter like this. It is small, loaded with features, and easy to use a meter that is at a surprisingly reasonable price.


  • Easy to use and painless process
  • Quick and Accurate test results
  • A ton of Features
  • 10-years of warranty
  • Large memory


  • Test strips are less in quantity, you’ll have to buy another soon.


  • 2-button navigation makes it easy to use
  • Large memory stores 500 test values
  • Virtually pain-free pricking process
  • Accurate and fast results in just 5 seconds
  • Meets the Accuracy criteria

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 10 to 600 mg/dl
  • Memory: 500 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 10 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.5/5

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Another glucometer coming from Accu-chek secures the second position in this rundown, and we have a few more down the list. To be frank, the company is exceptionally known for delivering quality products for years, so it makes sense.

Just like the previous model we reviewed, this one has some similarities, but subtly. However, this model is a tad bit different from the first one we mentioned. For starters, it comes with only one button for all navigation and ON & OFF, making it very easy to use.

Besides that, we loved the edgy test strips with a long and large base, which quickly absorbs the blood from our fingers. The lancing device is the same as before, softclix, which is gentle and comfortable to use, resulting in a painless pricking.

Like other Accu-chek models, this one requires no coding, and you can easily insert the test strip and get the results instantly. The meter display is larger and easy to read than the one we mentioned above, so that’s definitely a plus. While we were inspecting the meter, the grip and hold were comfortable, just like navigation and use.

Besides that, the results were shown within four seconds, making it faster than the other models. The display also supports target range indicators that help get a better understanding of the blood sugar levels.

The meter display shows relevant and easy to use information, removing all sorts of misunderstanding and complications. It also promotes average test results and displays them on the meter. In addition, you get a USB transfer, and you can even transfer your data online to the company’s portal.

Our experience with the meter was smooth, and we loved the test strips with a long and significant edge that can pick up the blood from anywhere along the border. You just have to touch the edge simply, and it will quickly absorb the blood.

Unlike the other model we have discussed, this one allows the user to choose the test strip options, and it ranges from 10, 25, and 50 vials. Not to mention, the price of this glucometer is attractive.

We did not like the meter because you don’t get the memory option and cannot store the results. You’ll have to record the results manually every time. Unfortunately, that’s a tradeoff with such a low price and accuracy.

All that said, overall, the meter is fantastic and has pretty decent features, let alone a good accuracy with fast results and price.


  • Target Range indicator for personal goals
  • Large edge test strips that can pick the blood easily
  • Painless pricking
  • Excellent accuracy and fast results


  • No Memory


  • One button navigation makes it easy to operate
  • It takes four seconds to provide results
  • Accepted accuracy according to new standards
  • Test strip options
  • Large and easily readable display

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 1 microlitre
  • Measuring Range: 20 to 600 mg/dl
  • Memory: NA
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 10 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.3/5

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OneTouch Select Plus glucometer comes with a good range of valuable features for all those individuals looking to control their diabetes. The meter is sturdy and comes in a good case for overall protection. Not only did our health experts but also India’s Best Diabetologists recommend the meter.

The meter is easy and straightforward to use without any sort of coding or multiple buttons to complicate the process. Thanks to the ColourSure technology that aids in understanding the traits of the blood glucose levels.

We loved the accuracy and speed of the meter, and the colours differentiate between understanding the results better. The glucometer is accepted to the ISO standards for accuracy. The delica plus lancing device is easy to use, and the pricking is gentle and painless.

While using the meter, we loved the range of options the meter had to offer. For starters, the colour indication of whether the results are in range or too high or low. In addition, you can easily change the ranges within the settings.

There are a variety of settings options you can choose, such as time/date, language, control test, range, meal tagging, and so forth. All these menus can be easily navigated, thanks to the intuitive buttons.

The test strips are cheaper than most of the competitors out there. With that said, the only downside we experienced while testing the glucometer was that the strips require a lot of blood than standard measures, which is one microlitre.

Be that as it may, the glucometers come at a reasonable price and with five years of proven accuracy according to the standards.


  • No complexity and easy to use
  • Excellent ColourSure technology to discern the range of the test results
  • Pain-free testing and comfortable lancing device
  • A lot of features and options
  • Test strips are cheaper


  • No warranty


  • Meets the standard criteria of ISO
  • The menus are easy to navigate
  • No complex buttons and simple to use
  • Excellent accuracy and fast results

Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer

Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.6 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 10 to 600 mg/dl
  • Memory: 720 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 10 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

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Again another glucometer on our list is from Accu-chek, making it the best glucometer brand in the market. However, unlike the previous two models we probed and tested, this one boasts unique features and quality. The Accu-chek guide is excellent for those individuals who are newly diagnosed with diabetes.

The glucometer comes with a test strip vial, the meter, a bottle of control solution, a lancing device, a USB cable, and 2-coin cell batteries. Therefore, we felt that it is the best choice for beginners, all thanks to the features and items.

While working with the meter, we found that it was easier to remove a single test strip from the vial than most other brands. As with all the other lancing devices that come with Accu-chek, this one is the same and has Clixmotion technology that prevents any vibration while making the pricking process pain-free.

Besides that, the display shows date, time, average, range indicator, and you can even add your comment to the result. The backlit LCD screen shows a visible reading at night as well. The light added near the test strip slot makes testing the glucose levels easy, even in poor light conditions.

The results are fast and accurate, and they appear in less than four seconds. Another excellent feature that hooked our eyes was the push-button to eject the test strip. This feature is impressive, as you don’t even have to touch the used strip to remove it — simply push the button and eject it in the dustbin.

The best part about the meter is its memory, and that is 720 test results, which is enormous. You can store around 720 results in your glucometer, and if you connect the meter with its app (MYSUGR app), you can store unlimited reading, which is nuts.

You can even view the averages of your test results for the past 7, 14, 30, and 90 days. According to our reconnaissance, the customers found this glucometer to be easy to use and straightforward.

Addressing the demerits of the meter, the very first one is the price it is available. Though it offers good features and an excellent display, it lacks the tech-savvy look and screen. On the other hand, although the price is a bit costly, the amenities offered are fantastic, let alone the quality of the meter.


  • A spill-resistant container with wireless app connectivity and proven accuracy according to the standards
  • Fast and accurate results within four seconds
  • Bright backlight and portlight making it easy to read in the dark
  • Test strip ejector for easy, fast, and hygienic disposal


  • A tad bit costly


  • Spill-resistant body and test strip vial
  • Easy to use and read both during the day and at night
  • Navigation is easy, and there’s a dedicated button for strip ejection
  • The test strip has a broad area and needs tiny blood

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 20 to 500 mg/dl
  • Memory: 300 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 50 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.2/5

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If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to use, and simple glucometer, Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer is your best choice. Dr Morepen is one such manufacturer that produces high-quality pharmaceutical products with international standards.

Since the pace of life has taken control over every one of us, we all are too occupied to take out time for ourselves; Dr Mopen addresses this issue well by manufacturing quality self-diagnostic products for home testing.

This innovative glucometer aids in measuring blood sugar levels accurately, comfortably, and quickly. It comes with ten lancets and 50 test strips, which is the best part of this product we loved.

The test meters are of good quality and quickly absorb blood. We also performed a control solution test, and the meter stood well in the part of accuracy as well. The meter is budget-friendly and user-friendly. Moreover, the test results are shown within 5 seconds, which is really fast for the products in the same price range.

The display is larger and easy to read, and the Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer can store up to 300 test results, which is honestly less, but at the same time fair for the price it’s offered. In addition, the meter supports BIOSENSOR technology that aids in receiving the blood quickly and processing it.

The Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer needs no coding as it comes with an auto code monitor, so there’s that. The only thing we did not like is the lack of connection to the system. You cannot connect to a system to generate reports.

However, it still has one more great thing that it requires a 0.5 microlitre blood sample.


  • Affordable and easy to use, the glucometer
  • A large display screen that can store around 300 test results
  • Fast and accurate results within 5 seconds
  • No complex mechanism and no coding required
  • 50 test strips come with the meter


  • No feature for connection to a system


  • Efficient glucometer that produces results in five seconds
  • The testing is entirely pain-free and needs a sample size of about 0.5 microlitre
  • Aesthetically the device has a great large display, and the meter is lightweight
  • The meter is auto-coded and doesn’t require any sort of calibration.

Dr. TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 20 to 500 mg/dl
  • Memory: 1000 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 10 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

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If you are looking for the best yet cheapest glucometer in the market, Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer will not disappoint you. Instead, you’ll be more than happy to purchase one, especially if you are a tech nerd.

Dr TrustFully is a famous brand in the USA, and its products are popular in India as well. However, the thing that separates this glucometer from other competitors is the features that come with it at such a low price.

We could go on and on about the features, but the one we found unique in this glucometer is the early ketone alert. Yes, it provides early information about the variations seen in your blood sample relating to keto, which helps prevent ketoacidosis (KDA).

Something similar to that is another feature that interferes with blood oxygen and forestalls galactose and maltose intervention. Besides that, the alarm function makes it more valuable and convenient.

During our test, the process was simple and almost painless. In addition, it delivers the results within 5 seconds, which is fast, especially for its available price range. Furthermore, the meter also supports smiley indicators where the happy face shows satisfactory results while the sad one relates to concern.

Other than that, it comes with a vast memory of 1000 results, and that is amazing, especially for that price it is available. We also liked the alternative testing sites available such as the forearm, upper arm, thigh and calf, making it more comfortable and convenient while preventing soreness to your fingers.

Not just that, but it also has a test strip ejector button to safely dispose of the used test strips. The accuracy and efficiency of the product are unquestionable, and we felt that while testing.

There are many connectivity options available with the meter and measurement units, so the overall user experience is not bad. We think the only thing that could cause concern is that the meter can be tricky for some people to use as many features and technology are included.


  • Ample Lancets and strips
  • 1-year of warranty
  • Automatic meter with fast and accurate test results
  • Easy to hold and lightweight as well as cheap
  • LCD screen and big display that’s very easy to read


  • The features and settings are a bit overwhelming for users not acclimated to the latest tech.
  • The strips are a bit costly.


  • The intelligent device alters you with early ketone in your blood samples
  • The meter also prevents the interference of oxygen, maltose, and galactose variations in the blood sample
  • The glucometer boasts alternative testing sites for a comfortable experience
  • It features a massive memory of 1000 test results
  • The glucometer comes with a test strip ejector button

One Touch Verio Flex meter

One Touch Verio Flex meter
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.4 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 20 to 500 mg/dl
  • Memory: 500 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 10 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.4/5

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Coming up next is the One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer, which is an excellent meter for young and old generation as it is simple and easy  to use as well as reasonably priced. In addition, the meter instantly apprises whether the blood sugar levels are too high, low, or in range, all thanks to the ColourSure technology.

Talking about the design and functionality, the glucometer features a compact, slim design that is very easy to use and carry. We figured accuracy is something we all can rely on when it comes to the One Touch Verio glucometer during our inspection.

The test strips are constructed with gold, metals, and palladium, promoting better accuracy and quick blood absorption and faster results within five seconds. During our product survey, the one thing that sets this product apart from the rest, and we loved the most, is the blood sample size, which is 0.4 microlitre, the lowest of the products we have reviewed so far.

The meter also promotes the OneTouch Reveal app that helps you further manage the blood sugar levels and their impact on your diet, exercise, and therapy. One such unique feature is the highlighting and drawing of the timeline for your events and activities.

It emphasises when you are consistently out of range and thus helping you modify the plans that could fit the bill. The app also works as your record book, giving you a visual representation of activity and food and their impact on your sugar levels.

You can easily connect and sync with the application of the glucometer so that you can have the data and the information anytime and anywhere you need it. In addition, with the help of the application, you can easily share your data with your doctor, family, and friends.

The only snag of this glucometer is the lack of features that you’d get at the same price on different meters, such as average, portlight, and backlight. We felt that the company should’ve focused on them as well.

Though that might seem like a deal-breaker, it does offer good features with the application, such as managing your data and highlighting when you are out of the range. Besides that, the memory is good as well, which is 500 test results. Not to mention, a low blood sample is needed, so that’s a fair trade-off.


  • Big screen, easy to use, and read
  • Lightweight, compact, and slim design
  • Good connectivity and features with the app
  • Low blood sample required
  • A sturdy case and test strip are of good quality


  • The meter lacks some useful features that could’ve been included


  • Large and easy to read and use
  • 500 test results storage memory
  • Good connectivity options and better synchronisation with the app
  • Affordable and lightweight meter
  • Requires less amount of blood sample

BeatO CURV Glucometer Kit

BeatO CURV Glucometer Kit
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.6 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 20 to 500 mg/dl
  • Memory: NA
  • Lancet: 50 QTY
  • Strips: 50 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.1/5

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If you were reluctant about taking a glucometer with you every time, how about a glucometer that is much similar to a coin and a pen drive? BeatO Curv glucometer is a meter without a display, but the display is your mobile phone screen. Indeed, the product is a new kid out in the market but is already beating the known meters.

So what is BeatO? It is a device that converts your smartphone into a glucometer, and you do that by simply connecting the device (with a USB-C port) to your phone and insert the test strips in the machine. You’ll get the results on your mobile display.

The meter automatically records your blood sugar and saves you the trouble of doing it manually. We have used the device, and we have to say it is very small, lightweight, compact, slim, and accurate. To use the BeatO Curv, you’ll have to follow the steps:

  • Open the app, and it will ask you to connect the glucometer
  • Connect the device with the USB port (type-c) of your mobile
  • Next, insert your test strip in the slot on the BeatO curv
  • Transfer your blood sample to the strip
  • Your sample and test results are automatically updated on the app — Simple!

The app itself also offers various features such as personalised diet plans, monitoring and managing diabetes, discounts on strips, tests, medicines, and doctors’ consultation virtually. The app also allows you to take notes of your tests and even change the meal plan or other factors affecting your BG levels.

It also displays the results with colour codes where Green represents within range, Red for above and Yellow for below the range, respectively. The sample size is 0.6 microlitres, and the shelf life of the product is around two years.

The accuracy and speed are impressive, albeit the speed is a bit more than most competitors out there, 10 seconds. It also provides a graph report for your average tests, fasting, meal, and post-meals. When we tested the graph, it really helped to discern the trends and understand them, making the modification process easier. You can easily download the graph.

The meter requires no battery, and it saves your reading automatically while providing AI personalised insight according to your results. In addition, it also offers 50 strips and lancets, which is fantastic.

The only practical problem with this meter is that the app crashes sometimes, and we experienced it. Though it still works fine after a reboot, it makes the whole process arduous and vexatious.

That said, the features and items offered at such a low price are unbelievable.


  • Small, very lightweight, and accurate meter
  • No need for any manual task; it automatically updates in the app and stores results
  • The app comes with varying features
  • Easy to use and carry along
  • It comes with a quick guide and waterproof pouch


  • The app sometimes crashes


  • Holistic management of diabetes
  • Easy to use and read
  • Unbelievably lightweight and comfortable to carry along
  • The app records all the test and saves them
  • It also provides personalised reports, meal plans, and managements

Control D Glucometer

Control D Glucometer
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 20 to 500 mg/dl
  • Memory: 500 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 50 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

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Another small and pocket-friendly glucometer on our list is from Control D. Though the brand is not so famous, it has managed to intrigue our health experts with its excellent features and ease of use.

The meter comes with an affordable price and 50 test strips, which is impressive. The test strip boasts carbon electrodes and laser patterning with fast draw technology that aids in better blood absorption and provides higher accuracy.

The sample requires 0.5 microlitres and provides the test results in 5 seconds, and the speed is excellent without compromising on the precision either. Furthermore, the lancing device helps you to adjust it in 5 depths. There is no coding required, and the device has intuitive buttons that make it easy to use.

Accuracy is one of the best things about the meter, and it is what gives this one the upper hand over other competitors, let alone the price. The test strips are made from quality material and are tested in three different labs against the YSI Auto analyser.

The meter also features a test strip eject button to safely and hygienically dispose of the used strip. The meter measures the unit in mg/dl, which is accepted and preferred worldwide.

Not just that, but you also get a lifetime warranty with this purchase, making it more reliable and convenient. However, while we were testing the product, it showed a bit of variation, showing a bit higher value. We are not sure if that happens to you, but it did when we inspected the product.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • It comes with 50 test strips
  • Excellent accuracy and fast results
  • Quality test strips and tested in 3 different labs
  • Good memory and strip ejection button


  • A tad bit of variations in test results


  • A valued packed kit
  • Adjustable lancet and painless pricking
  • Quick and precise results within five seconds
  • No coding and easy to use

Accusure Simple Glucometer

Accusure Simple Glucometer
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitres
  • Measuring Range: 10 to 600 mg/dl
  • Memory: 500 test results
  • Lancet: 10 QTY
  • Strips: 25 QTY
  • Overall Score: 4/5

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Last but not least, AccuSure simple glucometer. No, don’t confuse the company with Accu-chek; both are different companies, but this one has managed to get the last spot on our rundown and for good reasons.

For starters, there are a ton of features that come with the meter and that too at such an attractive price. This is the best meter for all those individuals constrained by budget but doesn’t want to compromise on the features and accuracy as well.

The display features a 4th generation BG monitor showing time and smiley indicators to understand the test results better. The display is large and easy to read, while the accuracy is approved in the standard criteria.

The strip vial comes with 25 test strips, each made of better quality, absorbs blood samples faster, and promotes better accuracy. It comes with a good shelf life and has a sturdy case that offers better protection overall.

Besides that, it also has a massive memory of 1000 test results and a strip ejection function. Not only limited to that, but it also has early signs of ketone alert, preventing any sort of further complications. The strip indicator informs while inserting the strip into the slot, and the results are processed within eight seconds, which is a bit more than most standard glucometers we have reviewed.

Our experience with this glucometer was perfect, but the only deal-breaker that unfortunately comes with this one is that it requires coding and is not auto-coded. In addition, though it provides 25 strips, the strips are expensive when you run out of them.

Overall, the meter offers a good range of features and accuracy as well as a lifetime warranty, but the coding part demands strenuous efforts.


  • A lifetime warranty and easy to use the meter
  • Sturdy case and quality test strips
  • Quick and accurate test results
  • Ketone Warning function


  • No auto-coding
  • Strips are expensive


  • Before and after meal presentable
  • Large display that shows average tests and time
  • Strip indication light and ejector button
  • It can store 1000 test results with date and time
  • Alternative testing site and less pain while pricking

Glucometer Testing Importance?

The only sure way you can know about your blood sugar levels is by testing them at any given time. Frequent blood glucose testing will help you understand how high or low your blood sugar levels are before they can get any worse or cause you some severe problems. In addition, it will help you to assess in balancing the meal, exercise, and insulin therapy.

Not only will these results help you in understanding your glucose levels, but they will also provide essential information and help your doctor to adjust your overall plans. Additionally, the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial(DCT) points out that regular testing of blood sugar levels diminishes the risk of developing long-term complications.

Source:- https://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/37/1/9

Blood sugar testing can also provide valuable information for managing diabetes. Regular testing can help you:

  • Keep an eye on the effect of the diabetes treatment plan on blood sugar levels.
  • Find out how low or high your blood sugar is and act accordingly.
  • Understand what impact your nutrition and physical activity have on your sugar levels.
  • Apprehend how stress or illness affects your blood sugar levels.
  • Monitor your weight with a weighing machine, and perceive the effect it has on your glucose levels.

Overall, testing your blood sugar levels is crucial, and you should frequently check, especially if you are the ones mentioned earlier.

How to Use a Glucometer at Home?

As we mentioned earlier, one must acculturate by using a glucometer and doing a quick blood sugar test. So if you are not acquainted with the same, don’t worry. Here we have mentioned everything you need to know for safe testing.

But before you hop and start the test, ensure to read the user manual as it provides crucial information according to your device and model. Most of the instruction manuals are friendly and easy to understand.

Things You Need Before the Test

There is nothing fancy you need before the just:

  • Spirit prep pad or soap and water
  • Cotton Swab
  • Glucometer
  • Lancet Device
  • Test pad or strip
  • A diary to record the readings

Steps Before Testing

So before you plunge deeper and prick your finger, you should ensure you’re following these guidelines:

  • Get started with the lancing device
  • Sanitise or wash your hands and the finger you tend to prick
  • Getting ready with the machine (glucometer) and the test strips
  • Disposing of the test strips after usage
  • Don’t use the used strip or expired strip
  • Make sure you are inserting the strip correctly

Using the Glucometer Safely

Now let’s get to the context of the pertinent question.

  • Take the glucometer, alcohol prep pad, test strip, and lancing device.
  • Wash and clean your hands to forestall any infection. You can use alcohol lest if you don’t have a sink nearby.
  • Shake your hands and warm them before pricking the finger. It helps to flow the blood, and for that, you can rub the hands or shake them cross-check or run them through warm water.
  • In any case, ensure to keep your hands dry before testing or pricking for the blood sample, as water can dilute the sample ending in a lower number.
  • Massage the finger you decide to prick and make sure you are not using the same finger every time for the test, inhibiting soreness.
  • Next, switch ON the glucometer and adequately insert the strip into the machine. Generally, most of the glucometer will apprise you when it’s ready to pierce your fingers.
  • Ensure the finger you are pricking is dry and free from moisture. To be sure, rub the area again with the spirits swab and wait till the spirit dissipates.
  • Take the lancing device and hold it on the tip of your finger. Gently pinch it, don’t stress it. It is not going to hurt.
  • Now gently touch the edge of the strip with your blood. Depending on your strip, you’ll either have to put the drop or touch it.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the bleeding, you can clean it with a cotton swab or even apply a bandage.
  • The glucometer will pick up the sample and provide you reading within seconds or a minute.
  • Once you get the test results, dispose of the used strip in a dustbin.
  • In case you are not getting the results or are receiving some sort of error, or don’t feel the result is correct — hold for a few minutes and do the reading again. Then, you can go one step further and check the user manual for troubleshooting the problem.
  • Make sure to record the results in a diary or notebook so that your doctor can advise you quickly and make the necessary adjustment to your treatment plan.
  • Some glucometers also come with memory that can store the results for you.

Disclaimer:- Make sure to visit a doctor before making any prominent changes to your diet, exercise, medication or therapy. Don’t just act out from the test results; ensure to share the data with your doc. The readings from a glucometer are just to provide you with relevant information — the results should not be a substitute for a medical examination from a registered practitioner. If you don’t know where to start, you can visit the Diabetologist in India.

What is a Glucometer?

A Glucose meter or Glucometer is a therapeutic device used for checking, maintaining, and determining the blood sugar levels of an individual. It is a small portable hand-held device functioned using batteries and comes with a display and slot for inserting test strips.

Type-1 and type-2 diabetes patients primarily use the machine to get an accurate blood glucose value. The idea of using a glucometer is to frequently test the blood sugar levels at your office, home, or wherever that you go.

You can self-monitor your blood sugar levels through this device, and it generally needs a single tiny drop of your blood from your fingertips. Therefore, it is the best, safe, and thrifty way for individuals to check diabetes before it becomes a problematic predicament to deal with. This is especially beneficial as diabetes doesn’t necessarily cause symptoms in the early stages.

Many people are not aware of diabetes as there are no symptoms in the starting phase; that’s where a glucometer becomes the best option. However, even for people with diabetes, a glucometer can prove to be handy. It can forestall any complications of high blood sugar by allowing them to manage their sugar levels.

The complication of diabetes can be severe problems such as coronary illness, kidney problems, vision problems, and so forth.

A glucometer can be used for testing both hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) levels and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) levels.

Who Can Use a Glucometer?

Similar to a BP Machine, anyone can use a glucometer to keep one’s blood sugar levels in check. However, individuals with type-1, type-2 diabetes, gestational diabetes during pregnancy, and latent autoimmune diabetes are ones who need to keep a glucometer with them handy.

Besides that, one must assimilate how to use a glucometer (which is covered here) or do a quick blood sugar test.

Components of a Glucometer:

A glucometer is a small digital meter with a push button to switch it ON-OFF and a screen that indicates reading. It also comes with a slot where you can insert the test strips, which would be usually soaked in your blood, and the result will be displayed after a few seconds or a minute of inserting the strip in the slot for reading.

The components of a glucometer are as follows:

  • Powersupply:- Glucometer consists of four or more innocuous alkaline manganese batteries that provide power to all other stages.
  • Light Source:- LED with a lens is the light source of this device. The lenses serve to focus the light on the test strips.
  • Test Strips:- The test strip is the test pad that will take the sample of your blood and is inserted in the glucometer for test results. A drop of blood is suspended on the test pad. The test strip has a specific chemical on it that divides the blood into different particles.
  • Lancing Device:- This is the device that pricks your finger to get the blood sample, and it is also known as a glucometer lancet. It is a device that comes with a pen shape and has a spring-loaded mechanism.
  • Optical Sensor:- The light source passes the light through the test strip, and it counts the sugar particles in the blood, which is separated through the chemical on the test pad. The optical sensor collects this light and produces voltage according to the count of sugar or glucose in the blood sample, and what you get on screen is the measurement of glucose quantity.
  • Pre-amplifier and Final Amplifier: The signal produced through the optical sensor is then passed through the pre-amplifier to pre-amplify the signal. The output is applied to the final amplifier that again amplifies the signal.
  • Analog to Digital Converter:- The signal obtained from the amplifier is converted to a digital form by the analog to digital converter (ADC).
  • Display and Reading Unit:- The display unit shows the digital signal obtained from ADC and shows the reading on the screen. The reading is gauged in mg/de milligram per deciliter.
  • Control Unit:- This where all the buttons of devices are available for different options, such as ON-OFF.

What is the Difference Between a Glucometer and Lab-Test?

The glucometer measures your blood sugar levels using a sample from your fingertip or other sites and then investigates the whole blood.

On the other hand, a lab test is performed by medical staff, and the blood sample is drawn from the veins of your arm. It also additionally removes RBC (red blood cells) so that the sample can only analyze the plasma.

That said, all glucometers provide test results that are commensurate with plasma. As far as accuracy goes, it is clear that a lab test is a tad bit more accurate than a glucose meter.

With that being said, glucometers provide accurate test results for daily check-ups where you cannot visit a doctor.

The results of your glucometer within 10 to 15% of your lab test results are still considered accurate. So, for example, if your lab test results apprise you about your blood glucose levels to be 95 mg/dL. Then your glucometer might report 80 mg/dL or 115 mg/dL, and still, it will be considered accurate.

How to Choose the Best Glucose Meter in India?

If you are dealing with diabetes, you might have to test blood glucose levels daily. Therefore, you need to ensure the glucometer you’re selecting is accurate and reliable as you’ll have to make sure that your levels are in a healthy range.

Though all the products we have mentioned here have gone through a rigorous selection process and are isolated based on many factors, you’ll have no trouble in selecting the one according to your liking.

However, there are certain factors you ought to keep in mind while selecting the suitable blood glucose meter for yourself.

1. Accuracy:

As we mentioned earlier, accurate results are what we’ll need when we test your blood glucose levels every day. In addition, accurate results are imperative for our health, as they will affect our diet, treatment decisions, and insulin doses.

According to a recent study, not all glucometers (FDA approved) meet the accuracy standards. Around 66% of commercially available top glucometers did not pass the test.

(Source:- https://www.diabetestechnology.org/surveillance.shtml)

As there is a wide range of glucometers out there on the lookout and every one of them with differing technologies, your results are bound to be fluctuating from one meter to the next.

Thus, for more accurate test results, you should stick with one model for your daily management so that you get consistent readings.

Other factors such as environmental condition, manufacturing variability, and differing proportion of your RBC can also affect the accuracy of your results.

2. Size of Your Blood Sample:

Now, this may not ring a bell at first, but if your meter requires a larger blood sample, the drop of your blood should be bigger. Unfortunately, many times, people find this experience more arduous and inconvenient.

Besides that, if you are dealing with other health conditions or have poor circulation, the meter can sometimes cause errors leading to a wasted strip, blood, and inaccuracy. In addition, if you don’t get enough blood sample size, it may cause other errors, and you might have to do it again.

That said, if you choose a glucometer that needs only a minute drop of blood samples like 0.6 microliters or less — not only will it be more comfortable, but also less painful.

Frequent testing in a day will only aggravate the situation, as you’ll have to use a lancing device with a larger finger prick, and it will be painful. Therefore, if you find yourself testing many times a day, make sure to go for a glucometer that requires a small drop of blood samples.

3. Ease of Use:

You probably don’t need a complicated glucometer that takes time to show results, necessitates coding, or is sophisticated to use. Instead, the glucose meter should be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to display test results.

The size and shape should also be comfortable and easy to hold. In many latest models, the display screen comes with a touch-screen that makes using the device reasonably easy. Some models also come with testing reminders or alarms that can make your life much easier.

So make sure you are going for the meter with better technology and a comfortable design.

4. Ease of Transport:

Since you need a portable device that can be used to test your glucose levels at any time or place of the day, you probably would need to consider this factor. In addition, you should ensure that the model you are selecting is space-saving and lightweight.

Weight will not be a constraint for young patients, but it is imperative for aged adults.

5. No Coding:

Many glucose meter models require you to input a code to start using a new test strip, and you have to do the same every time. This can be a time consuming and onerous task.

Therefore, glucometers with no coding — are the ones that have already done the task, and thus saving you some time and confusion.

With that in mind, many brands are now shifting towards code-free technology. However, some meters require manual coding, and you need to ensure that you are matching the code properly or else it will lead to inaccurate readings and errors.

Thus, if you don’t want to go through such trouble, make sure that the glucometer you are opting for has explicitly mentioned “No Code”.

6. Test Time:

Sitting tight an eternity for your test results, especially if you need to test frequently throughout the day, can be staggeringly aggravating.

With that being said, most meters will provide you with the time it will take to display the results. As a matter of fact, many people, including us, find 6-8 seconds or less to be convenient.

7. Blood Sugar Measurement Units:

There are different measuring units for blood glucose levels, and depending on the model you own, they can be from g/l, mg/dl, or mmol/l. Unfortunately, this can prove to be misleading for diabetic patients if they don’t take into consideration the selected measurement unit, especially with the meters that offer multiple units.

Hence, you must check the measurement unit before conducting any tests. To top you off with some knowledge, here are some measurements you should keep in mind

To convert mg/dl to g/l, simply divide the value by 100. So, for instance, if you get your blood sugar levels of 110 mg/dl, then 1.10 g/l is your capillary blood sugar level.

Similarly, for mmol/l to g/l, all you have to do is multiply the value by 0.18.

8. Memory:

If you don’t love the idea of jotting down your test results in a record book or notebook, then you must go for glucometers that come with memory. You might want to consider the memory size of the model, as it can vary according to the model as well as the amount of reading the meters stores.

Some meters can store the time and date stamps as well as keep track of the periods such as time of the day and mealtime. Not only is this feature handy, but it also facilitates a visible picture of your health pattern.

9. Connectivity:

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and glucometers are no exceptions. With many features being added daily, some models come with BlueTooth wireless connections, allowing you to store, scrutinise, and capture data.

Many features boast data downloading that allows you to transfer your data. Besides that, these days, there are many apps that not only connect with your meter wireless but also provide information on your mobile screen.

You can share your data with your doc or physician and understand the different trends.

10. Cost:

When it comes to cost, you must know that purchasing a meter is one-time, but you’ll have to buy the strips.

Generally, the cost of a glucometer varies according to its features. The ones with little to no features would be cheaper, and the ones with the latest feature would be obviously expensive. No matter what, you typically want a glucose meter that can provide fast reading and last longer.

That said, generally, most meters should last a year at the very least. You will need to buy test strips, and they are readily available. However, the cost will differ according to the brand and quantity. You’d find test strips in a 25, 50, and 100 count pack.

You should consider the cost of each strip if you are frequently testing every day, and thus you’ll need more strips. With that said, you might have to cross check the test strip, as it should be the one that is specifically for your glucometer model.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Glucometer

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages a glucometer can offer.

Advantages of Using a Glucometer

  1. Convenience:- Since a glucometer is small, compact, lightweight, and portable, you can easily use it at your convenience. It is the best option for patients that need to check on a daily basis.
  2. Adjustability:- You can easily alter or modify your treatment plan, diet plan, and exercises as you can keep daily checks on the results of your glucose levels.
  3. Understanding of the Trend:- You can note down the fluctuation of the readings obtained after the consumption of meals, which can help further modify your treatment plans.
  4. A Lot of Features:- Many latest glucometers come with a ton of features that can make the testing experience more comfortable and easy.

Disadvantages of Using a Glucometer

  1. Overly Reliant:- Since it is portable and easy to do a quick test at home, many individuals tend to skip lab test results and avoid going to any certified laboratories. While this is okay if you have a hectic schedule, you should visit labs once in a while for better and accurate results.
  2. Different Readings:- There could be a difference between the readings in your glucometer and lab test results, so it is recommended to visit the labs as well.
  3. A Tad Bit of Pain Every Time:- For a patient who needs to check diabetes every day and frequently, pricking can be one hell of a job. Therefore, many people find it uncomfortable and painful while pricking.
  4. Not So Accurate After All: There will be a difference between the reading you get in labs and the one on your meter. The accuracy of lab tests tends to be more accurate and efficient, as they draw the blood from your veins.


What is the Principle of a Glucometer?

Glucometer essential work is to figure out the concentration of glucose in the solution or blood. They use electrochemical technology to achieve this. The test strips have a specific chemical that allows them to dissipate the blood particle and pass it through the sensor for further processing.

What Time is Best to Check Blood Sugar?

According to ADA, you should check blood sugar multiple times a day. Generally, your healthcare team and doc will decide when you should be checking, but it also depends on different factors like age, health, activity, and so forth. You should aim to check your glucose levels, before a meal, after an hour of the meal, before snack, middle of the night, before exercising, during and after exercising, when you feel like you have high or low blood sugar, and while under stress.

Which Finger Should I Prick For Testing Blood Glucose Levels?

Generally, it is recommended to use the ring or middle finger for pricking and checking your sugar levels. This is because the lancing device needs enough pressure so that the spring-loaded mechanism can cut at a certain depth. Therefore, you need to prick your fingers on the sides of the pads. That said, the thumb has more nerves, so it could be more painful, and the pinky finger is thinner, and thus you could run the risk of just not piercing at some depth but injuring something along the way by going too deep. And the index finger is always used, so pricking can be annoying and painful.

According to WHO, average blood glucose levels should be between 70 mg/dl and 100 mg/dl. You can check more about it in detail over here

(Source:- https://www.who.int/data/gho/indicator-metadata-registry/imr-details/2380)

How Long Can I Use Any Glucometer?

Generally, glucometers can be used for more than ten years and still work just fine. That said, depending on the model, quality, and features, it should last at least a year.

Some Glucometers are Labeled as Coded and Some as No Coding Required. What is it?

As we mentioned earlier, some glucose meters require manual coding or calibrating the test strip every time you start the meter. Therefore, you need to ensure that your entering code is correct; otherwise, it could generate an error and provide inaccurate test results. No coding glucose meters already have an automated technology that does the same for you every time you enter the test strip, so they can never go wrong with the code.

Our Thoughts

That wraps up our list of the best glucometers in India, and if we had to select a winner from our isolated list, it would be none other than the “Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter.” And it makes sense, the company is renowned for the products and is currently the best brand for glucometers in the market. The meter is fast, accurate, and easy to use, while it also comes with ten years of warranty. Besides that, the display is significant, and it features average test results, date, time, and visible light that makes it easy to read. No coding is required, and the two intuitive buttons make it much simpler to use and navigate.

With all that said, make sure that you are referring to our buyer’s guide, lest you did not select one meter from the mentioned list. However, that is highly unlikely as all mentioned products are physically compared, tested, and reviewed with 20 plus meters out there.

So we are optimistic that our list contains the one appropriate glucose meter you need. If you have any questions, make sure to shoot them in the comment section down below, and we’ll get back to you.

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