14 Effective Homemade Face Packs To Remove Tan

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Tanning is caused due to an increase in melanin which happens due to sun exposure, inflammation, aging, or hormonal influences. Among these reasons, sun exposure is the most common reason behind hyperpigmentations and tanning.

Do not worry! There are many solutions to remove your skin’s tan. And did you know you can remove tan even at home using natural ingredients?

So, this article will tell you about some of the helpful homemade face packs to remove tan at home easily rather than going to a clinic or a salon. 

14 DIY Face Packs to Remove Tan from Face

Let us see the face packs you can make at home using natural ingredients! You can apply these packs to the whole body. They will also soothe, moisturize, and bring a glow to your skin. And reduce dullness and tan along with preventing tanning. So, choose any of the 14 chemical-free packs mentioned below for yourself based on your skin type.  

1. Gram Flour Pack

Gram Flour Face Pack

Gram flour or besan is an excellent ingredient for de-tanning and brightening your skin. It has absorbing and alkalizing properties to keep your skin healthy. To make a face pack using gram flour, add 1 tbsp curd, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp lemon juice, and 1 tsp honey to 1 tbsp gram flour. If you have sensitive skin, you can exclude honey and lemon. 

Mix the ingredients to form a smooth paste and apply to your skin and rinse off in 20 to 30 minutes. You can also paste a tbsp each of raw milk and crushed orange peel to 2 tbsp gram flour. Do not forget to moisturize your skin with a cream or a natural moisturizer after washing your face. 

Curd in this face pack is one of the natural skin tan removals, and it also acts as a bleaching agent on the skin. And curcumin, an antioxidant in turmeric, will also help you remove suntan.

2. Licorice Powder Face Pack

Licorice powder or mulethi is very beneficial for removing tanning as it has Glabridin to reduce dullness and dark patches and skin brightening properties. To use licorice as a de-tan face pack, mix 2 tbsp licorice powder with 1 tsp curcumin turmeric (Kasturi Haldi) and 2 to 3 tbsp lemon juice. 

Curcumin is an efficient ingredient to reduce melanin production, reducing tanning. It also helps remove dullness and results in toned skin. So, curcumin with licorice will give you excellent results. You can apply this pack twice or thrice a week. 

3. Coffee Face Pack

Coffe Face Pack

The antioxidant properties of coffee will help you remove tan, resulting in brighter skin. Take 1 tbsp each of coffee powder and turmeric, add curd to get a smooth consistency. And apply the paste to your skin and wash away as soon as it dries off. You can also use a coffee face pack to repair skin damages

You already know the benefits of all the ingredients used in making this pack. Apply this pack twice or thrice a week for a month to remove tan.

4. Fullers Earth Face Pack

Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti is also known as natural bleaching clay. It helps reduce sun damage and tanning. And it also prevents you from further tanning due to sun exposure. 

To make a de-tan face pack using fuller earth, add a tbsp aloe vera gel to a tbsp fuller earth or replace aloe vera gel with a tbsp raw milk. Apply the paste twice or thrice a week to the skin and rinse off in 20 minutes.

5. Tomato Face Pack

Tomato pulp has lycopene, a sun protector, which will help you remove the tanned layers from your skin. And also, you can apply a tomato face pack for protection before going under the sun. 

To make a tomato face pack, blend a tomato, apply the pulp to your skin, and wash away in 20 minutes. This pack will also help you reduce dryness, and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of tomatoes will help keep your skin healthy. 

6. Aloe Face Pack

Aloe Face Pack

Aloe vera can keep your skin moisturized and reduce dark tans. You can apply raw aloe vera gel every day to get toned skin. Just add a pinch of turmeric to some natural aloe vera gel and apply it to the skin and wash away in 20 minutes. 

Or mix 3 tbsp aloe gel with 2 tbsp honey and a tsp turmeric powder. Apply this paste the same way.

7. Milk Face Pack

Milk has anti-tan properties to help you remove tan and moisturize your skin. Either make a milk face pack using orange peel by crushing a handful of orange peel with 1 to2 tbsp milk and leaving it on your skin for around 10 minutes. 

Or, whisk 2 tbsp milk with a pinch of turmeric to form a smooth paste and apply the pack to your skin. You can also use milk powder to make a milk face pack by adding equal amounts of honey, milk powder, and lemon juice. 

Orange peel works as a scrub to remove tan from your skin, and both milk powder and raw milk help brighten up your skin because of the presence of lactic acid in them. 

Tip: You can make a de-tan pack using orange juice by adding 1 tbsp each of orange juice and yogurt. It will work similarly to a milk and orange peel pack.

8. Papaya Face Pack

Papain in papaya has skin-lightening properties that help lighten your skin’s dark tanning. It also works as an exfoliant removing tan. To use papaya as a de-tan face pack, mash some papaya pieces with a few drops of honey and lemon juice. Apply it to the tanned area and rinse off as soon as the pack dries. 

You can exclude honey if you wish to and apply the pack twice a week for a few months to get effective results. 

9. Lemon and Sugar Face Pack

The bleaching properties and alpha-hydroxy acid in lemon and exfoliating agent of sugar remove tan, reducing melanin production. To make a face pack using them, mix 1 tbsp each of lemon juice and sugar and leave it on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. You can scrub it gently for a few seconds while applying.

If your skin is not at all sensitive, you can take some lemon juice in a bowl and apply it to your skin using a cotton ball. And wash away in 10 minutes, and then apply moisturizer. 

10. Cucumber Face Pack

Cucumber Face Pack

The cucumber’s bioactive compounds and cooling effect will help soothe your skin and reduce tan. Add 1 tbsp each of cucumber juice, rosewater, and lemon juice to make a cucumber face pack. 

Apply it to your skin twice a week and enjoy the effective results. The rose water in this pack is a great ingredient to treat sun-burnt skin.  

11. Oatmeal Face Pack

Oatmeal has de-tanning properties and also helps exfoliate the skin. You can soak a tbsp oatmeal in 1 tbsp buttermilk, apply the paste to the skin as a pack, and leave it on your skin for 20 minutes. And scrub off the pack and then wash away with water.

The lactic acid in buttermilk and its emollient properties will help remove the dark tanned layer of your skin and give you your bright natural skin. 

12. Potato Face Pack

Potato Face Pack

Potatoes have a catecholase enzyme that acts as a de-tanning agent, lightening up the skin color and soothing skin burns. It also has anti-aging properties which help prevent early aging signs on your skin. 

You can use raw potato juice on the skin or make a face pack by adding 1 tbsp each of potato juice and aloe vera gel. Leave it on the skin for 20 minutes and repeat the process once a week to get the results.

13. Milk Cream Face Pack

Make a face pack using 1 tbsp fresh cream by adding 1 tbsp crushed strawberry. Or, replace strawberries with 1 tbsp saffron. And apply the smooth paste to your skin and wash away in 15 to 20 minutes with cold water. You can repeat any of the packs once a week for a few months. 

Strawberries have alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin C, which help remove tanning from the skin. And saffron has a skin color lightening agent which helps in reducing tanning.

14. Coconut Face Pack

Coconut Face Mask

Coconut has antifungal and anti-microbial properties that help lighten the skin and protect your skin from ultraviolet illumination rays. It also soothes the skin, helping in the removal of tanning. Either use coconut milk or coconut water to make a coconut de-tan face pack. 

Add 1 tbsp sandalwood powder in 2 tbsp of coconut water. Mix well and apply to your skin. Or, simply dip a cotton pad in some fresh cream made of coconut milk or just coconut milk and apply it to your skin.


To get rid of tanned skin, you can make de-tanning face packs at home using natural ingredients. 

Ingredients like gram flour, licorice, coffee, fuller earth, tomato, aloe vera, milk, papaya, lemon, oatmeal, cucumber, potato, and fresh cream are the best de-tanning natural agents. 

Read the article to know the procedure to make these effective face packs. And do not forget to tell us in the comment section below about which face pack you found the most effective one. 

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