Dermatologist in Ranchi | Top 10 Skin Specialists in Ranchi

Regarding health care, the most important thing is to find the best doctor around you. In this article, we will be looking at some things to look for when searching for the best Dermatologists in Ranchi. 

List Of The Best Dermatologists in Ranchi 2023

  • Dr. DK Mishra (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Saroj Rai (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Ravishankar Dwivedi (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Amlan Shome (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Jawed Anwar (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Firdoush Jahan (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Amit Kumar (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Neha Rani (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Minali Midha (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)
  • Dr. Kumar Prateek (Dermatologist) (Ranchi)

Dr. DK Mishra, MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Address: Sanjivani Medicare, laah kothi, Ratu Rd, beside Hotel Raj Gharana, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834005

Contact: NA

Timing: Mon-Sat (08:30 AM – 10:00 AM)
(02:00 PM – 04:00 PM)

Work Experience: 35 Years+ of experience

Dr. Saroj Rai, MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Address: Ishan Skin Care Hospital, 2nd floor, Orchid Mall, Bariatu Rd, Bariatu Medical chowk Opp. RIMS Gate, Jharkhand 834001

Contact: +919431992950

Timing: Mon-Fri (08:00 AM – 02:00 PM)
(06:30 PM – 08:00 PM)

Work Experience: 30 Years+ of experience

Dr. Ravishankar Dwivedi, MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Address: Shanti Skin Laser Center, 1st floor Laxmi Tower, near HDFC Bank, Hinoo, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834002

Contact: +919939330777

Timing: Mon-Sat (11:00 AM – 01:00 PM)
(05:00 PM – 06:30 PM)

Work Experience: 21 Years+ of experience

Dr. Amlan Shome, MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Address: Dr. Amlan Shome – Dermacare, 301, Pranami Height, Westside Mall, Circular Rd, Lalpur, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

Contact: NA

Timing: Mon-Sat (11:00 AM – 02:00 PM)
(05:00 PM – 08:00 PM)

Work Experience: 19 Years+ of experience


Address: Appollo Clinic, Apollo Clinic, Mahal Residency, Bariatu Rd, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834009

Contact: +919534200013

Timing: Mon-Sat (3:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

Work Experience: 35 Years+ of experience

Dr. Firdoush Jahan, MBBS, MD – Skin

Address: Divine Healthcare and Diagnostic Centre, 4th floor strawberry hills, Sirom Toly, New Garden, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

Contact: +918298100071

Timing: Mon-Sat (4:00 PM – 6:00 PM)

Work Experience: 12 Years+ of experience

Dr. Amit Kumar, MBBS, MD – Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy

Address: Guru Nanak Hospital And Research Centre, Station Road, Siram Toli, Gosaintola, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

Contact: +916512460506

Timing: NA

Work Experience: 11 Years+ of experience

Dr. Neha Rani, MBBS,MD

Address: Heart N Health, above CANARA BANK – RANCHI BARIYATU, Bariatu, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834009

Contact: NA

Timing: Mon-Thu (11:00 AM – 2:00 PM)

Work Experience: 10 Years+ of experience

Dr. Minali Midha, MBBS, DDVL

Address: Guru Nanak Hospital And Research Centre, Station Road, Siram Toli, Gosaintola, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

Contact: +916512460506

Timing: 11

Work Experience: Years+ of experience

Dr. Kumar Prateek, MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Address: Bhagwan Mahavir Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Near, Bariatu Road P.H.E.D Colony, Booty More Rd, Jai Prakash Nagar, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834009

Contact: +916516606000

Timing: NA

Work Experience: 9 Years+ of experience

How to Find the Best Dermatologist Near You?

Finding the best dermatologist in Ranchi around you can be a challenge. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to go. But with a little research and some patience, you can find a great doctor who will help you look and feel your best. 

Some of the first things you should do are find a list of dermatologists in your area and check their reviews. If a dermatologist has lots of reviews, it’s a good sign they’re good at what they do. Spend some time looking into the skills and qualifications of the specialists. Before visiting a dermatologist, please do your homework on their background. 

One of the most significant aspects to examine is medical licensing, which indicates that the doctor has received the necessary training, abilities, and expertise to provide good derma care. 

What are the Qualifications of a Dermatologist? 

In Ranchi, being a dermatologist requires a five-and-a-half-year MBBS degree followed by three years of MD Dermatology training. A dermatologist can work in government and private hospitals or create a private facility after completing a three-year MD program and obtaining the necessary license from the Medical Council of India.

What is the Role of the Dermatologist? 

Dermatologists have received significant expertise in diagnosing and treating skin, hair, and nail problems, as well as cosmetic implications. Dermatologists are consulted for problems that go beyond the skin. Skin conditions can hurt patients’ self-esteem, cause distress that makes everyday routines challenging, and, in severe cases, put their lives in jeopardy.

When Should You See a Dermatologist? 

  • A dermatologist should be consulted if you have skin moles or patches that have recently changed in color, size, structure, or severity.
  • You’ve tried over-the-counter drugs, diets, and skin care products, yet your acne persists.
  • If your skin has been dull lately and lost its glow, you should see a dermatologist.
  • Severe Sweating
  • You have a rash that isn’t going away: Rashes are frequently more bothersome than dangerous. Allergy symptoms or other sensitivities are the most common causes of rashes, which usually go away on their own.
  • Infection with fungus, ulcerated nails, nail infections, or other circumstances: It’s a good idea to see a dermatologist if you’re suffering from a fungal infection, an ingrown nail, or something else.

What does a Dermatologist do on your first visit?

The best dermatologists in Ranchi will carefully evaluate your concerns during your first session. They’ll inquire about your skin problem, including when it began, the difficulties it causes, and any therapies you’ve previously explored. To discover more, they will inspect your skin physiologically. 

If additional tests are required, the best dermatologists in Ranchi will schedule them. Blood work and epidermal biopsies are two examples of diagnostic tests. After your dermatologist has determined the cause of your skin disease, they will devise a personalized treatment plan for you. Pharmaceutical, topical therapies, cosmetic procedures, and other skin scar eradication alternatives are among the therapies doctors provide.

What Questions Will a Dermatologist Ask?

The best dermatologist in Ranchi will begin your appointment by taking your medical history before asking about the dermatology problem that brought you to see him.

  • What is your skin type?
  • What skin/hair issue are you facing?
  • Have you tried any other medications for your dermatology issue before?
  • How healthy is your diet?
  • Have you been trying out different chemicals on your skin or hair?

What Kind of Tests does a Dermatologist Do? 

Skin problems can be detected using a few standard diagnostic techniques:

  • The levels of hormones are checked.
  • Biopsies of the skin: The most well-known test for determining skin problems is skin biopsies.
  • Scraping the skin: When there are problems with the skin’s outer layer, exfoliating might be used.
  • Tzanck Testing
  • This test is frequently used to determine viral infections such as herpes.


At the end of the day, it is very important to visit healthcare professionals at the right time to avoid any further health complications. This is why it is necessary to carefully conduct thorough research and find the best Dermatologist in Ranchi.