What is a Hair Spa? (Types, Benefits, Disadvantages)

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A hair spa is a treatment done to your hair to reduce damage, help it rejuvenate, and make it softer and shinier. It usually has five steps and can be done in a salon or at home.

What are the steps involved in a hair spa? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a hair spa, and what are its types? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, simply scroll down to find answers and decide which spa treatment will be the best for you!


5 Steps Involved in a Hair Spa?

What are the steps involved in a hair spa?

There are usually five steps involved in a hair spa, but they may vary from salon to salon, but the usual ones are –

Step 1- Shampooing of hair 

In the first step, your hair is washed with a mild shampoo to remove all the dirt and grime and rid the scalp of dead cells. This is basically the cleansing of your hair to prepare for the next steps.


Step 2- Applying a hair mask

In the second step, a serum-based hair mask is applied to the length of your hair. This mask is the most crucial step of the hair spa as the mask helps rid the scalp of flakiness and dryness while nourishing and strengthening the hair strands leaving your hair feeling smoother, shinier, and frizz-free.


Step 3- Massaging the scalp

The next step in the hair spa treatment is the most relaxing one – the massage. It is done to help improve blood circulation to the scalp, hence increasing the blood flow to your hair follicles, leading to more nutrients to the hair scalp, boosting hair growth, reducing hair fall, and overall improving your hair health.


Step 4 – Steaming of scalp

In the fourth, Steam is directed towards your hair for 10-15 minutes; this is done to help your hair follicles open up and absorb the hair mask applied before. This increases the effectiveness of the product and helps even out your scalp.


Step 5 – Rinsing of hair 

In the last step, your hair is washed and is allowed to air dry. Hairdryers are not recommended because they may lead to hair breakage.


What are the different types of hair spas?

What are the different types of hair spas?

There are many types of hair spas aimed at different hair needs and hair types. If you are unsure about which hair spa to choose, a consultation with a hair specialist will be the best. The types are-

1. Hair spa for hair fall

The hair follicles are given added nourishment using ingredients like omega fatty acids and proteins. This helps reduce hair thinning, strengthen existing hair, and promote the growth of new ones.


2. Hair spa for dandruff

This treatment is focused on hydrating and unclogging your scalp to reduce dandruff.


3. Hair spa for dry scalp

Ingredients like Hyaluronic acid is used to moisturize the scalp and reduce its dryness


4. Hair spa for oily scalp

This is focused on hydrating the scalp and removing excessive sebum.


5. Hair spa for colored hair

This is a unique hair treatment aimed at nourishing colored hair and preventing damage.


6. Hair spa for curly/frizzy hair 

Curly hair tends to be frizzy; hence this is directed towards reducing the frizz and smoothening the hair strands.


What are the benefits of a hair spa?

What are the benefits of a hair spa?

The benefits of hair spas have been mentioned with the steps they come with! apart from those benefits, the other benefits are-

1. Regulate sebum production

Sebum is the natural oil secreted from our scalp to help maintain the hair’s health, but too much or too little sebum can be disastrous. A hair spa treatment will help regulate sebum production and keep it at an optimum level by unclogging sebum glands and reducing excessive oil.


2. Reduces dandruff

Hair spa treatment regulates the PH of your scalp and helps keep it at an optimum level. The ingredients used in a hair mask will help attack microbes, naturally reducing dandruff formation.


3. It gives your hair volume 

The steps involved in the hair spa treatment help increase blood flow and strengthen hair, hence reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth naturally, giving volume to your hair.


4. Helps reduce stress 

The massage at the end of the hair spa is not only beneficial to your hair but also your overall body. It helps reduce stress and relaxes your body, making you feel more at ease and refreshed.


What are the disadvantages?

What are the disadvantages?

Though filled with advantages, the hair spa has some disadvantages too they are-

1. It needs to be done frequently

Hair spas need to be done regularly to become effective. They cannot be done once every six months as this will not lead to any improvement in your hair. It needs to be done once every 15- 20 days to show effective results.


2. Expensive

Hair spa treatments can be expensive as they have to be done frequently; they can strain your budget, and if you have long hair, be prepared to pay extra.


3. Time-consuming 

Hair spas can take anywhere between one hour to one and a half hours, and after that, you cannot even blow dry your hair; you will have to let it air dry, which can seem like a lot of time wasted for a working individual.


4. Need to be combined with a hair care regime

You would think after shelling big bucks and sitting through an hour-long session, you will now not need to worry about your hair, but I’m afraid that’s not right. To be effective, a hair spa needs to be a part of a hair care regime that will comprise more steps and treatments that can turn into a long list.


5. Fades away hair color

Unless you do a spa treatment aimed at protecting colored hair, be prepared to find out that your lovely purple-colored mane has turned into light lavender after the treatment.



1. How much can a Hair spa cost?

Hai spas can cost anywhere between 500 rupees to 1000, but this depends on the parlor you are visiting, the length of your hair, and the type of hair spa you want.


2. Will hair spa cause baldness?

No, a hair spa will help grow more hair and give it volume rather than lead to baldness.


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Hair spas, though expensive and time-consuming, are a great way to give your hair the care it deserves. If you find it unaffordable, you can always look for DIY methods to do it yourself at home; this will reduce the cost and also save the time required to travel to a parlor.

With this article, you now know all about hair spas and their types which will help you decide the best one for your hair!

Tell us in the comments which point you found most helpful!

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