Epilator Buying Guide: How to Choose an Epilator

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An epilator is a hair removal electrical device, and its use has been growing nowadays. It works similarly to wax, moving the device on the skin towards the direction of the hair growth.

Epilators are safe for your skin because they are chemical-free. While pulling out hair, an epilator does not harm your cells. This device pulls out the unwanted hairs from its roots, giving an excellent result.

Although it results in long-lasting smoother skin, not all epilators are similar in use. Let us dive deeper to help you to choose the best epilator for yourself.


How to Choose an epilator?

Even though all the epilators work in the same way, they differ in a few terms. To understand the differences, read on!

1. Types of Epilators

There are three types of epilators available in the market today. They all vary in the material of tweezers, their use, structure, cost, and more. We will differentiate all three types for your clarification.

Spring type epilator Rotating disc epilator Tweezer Type epilator
The head of a spring epilator has metal coils or springs. The head of the rotating disc epilator has small rotating metal plates or discs similar to tweezers. A tweezer epilator is an advanced version of a rotating disc epilator. Instead of a metal plate or disc, it has a series of metal plates or discs acting as tweezers.
It pulls out hairs by squeezing the springs to grab hairs. The discs and plates work together and remove multiple hairs. The series of metal plates work together to pull out the hairs from the skin.
The epilation process of the spring epilator is slower. The process of epilation in this type of epilator is faster than the spring-type epilator. The tweezer epilators tweeze out the hairs faster than the rotating disc epilators.
It is the oldest epilator model, and it wears out quickly within 1-2 years. It doesn’t wear out quickly, but the head of the epilator may start working slow. Similarly, it also doesn’t quickly wear out. You can make your epilating machine work longer by taking proper care of it.
The gentleness of an epilator is directly proportional to the number of tweezers. Therefore, you can use spring epilators on the face as it has fewer tweezers. It has a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 72 tweezers. The effectiveness of an epilator depends on more number of tweezers. It also has 10-72 tweezers.



Why are you buying an epilator?

Why Are You Buying An Epilator

First of all, answer this question to yourself. Why will you buy an epilator? Where will you use it? Answers to these questions will help you to choose the best epilator.

The human body also has sensitive areas, such as the face, bikini area, and underarms, where you can not use all types of epilators. Now when you know, as the number of tweezers increases, harshness increases. So, while buying an epilator, check the number of tweezers.

Epilators also have some side effects like irritation, redness, inflammation, and more. It can happen because of untidiness, the use of the same epilator on every part of the body, or the skin’s sensitivity.

To avoid allergic skin irritations, you can buy anti-allergic epilators. This kind of epilator has hypoallergenic ceramic disc tweezers on the heads.



Check on attachments

The latest models of epilators come with different attachments, which make the epilating process easier.

What are these attachments?

  • Shaving head: This type of head is attached to shave legs, underarms, and bikini lines.
  • Bikini trimming head: The name itself defines its use. It has a compact design that is safe for sensitive areas.
  • Delicate area cap: Again, this accessory is for delicate areas like the armpit, lips, or bikini areas.
  • Trimming comb: It is to trim where you can not reach for shaving.
  • Efficacy cap: This attachment is also called a skin stretcher as it keeps the skin tight during the epilation process to reduce pain.
  • Exfoliation brush head: It helps to remove dead skin cells before and after epilating.
  • Exfoliation glove: You can wear these gloves during exfoliation, and also, you can use moisturizer or water on gloves for massaging the skin and for easy hair removal.
  • Massage cap: It is available to ease the epilation senses.
  • Deep massage attachment: It stimulates blood circulation to improve the appearance of the skin.

Tips: Coarser and unwanted hair growth can be ingrown hairs that may cause bacterial infections inside your skin. For this, you can exfoliate regularly or weekly for a few months.


Wet and dry feature

Removing hair from the root is painful. But, to reduce this pain, wet epilators are very helpful! When the epilator is used on moist skin or under warm water, the hairs turn soft and easy to remove. The wet epilators are often waterproof, and they run on batteries.

On the other hand, the dry epilators are not waterproof. They are available both as corded or cordless. For some, dry epilation is more effective than wet.  Some models of epilator also come with both the features of wet and dry.


Cordless or corded

Cordless epilator model Corded epilator model
It is easily manageable. It is not easily manageable because of its cord.
It is easy to carry anywhere. It is comparatively difficult to carry because it is rechargeable and does not run on a battery.
It has less lifetime. It lasts a long time.
It is easy to use in any part of the body. It is not easy to use on every part of the body.
It is a little more expensive than a corded epilator. It is the cheapest epilator.
Wet cordless epilators are efficient in showers. It is not safe to use in water because of the electricity.
Both wet and dry epilators can be cordless. Only the dry epilators are corded.


Author’s note: If you plan to buy a corded epilator,  go for a quick chargeable one.

  • Inbuilt light

This feature of an epilator has made it easier for its users to see thin hairs with naked eyes. You get clear and smooth skin with not even a single strand left behind.

  • Speed setting 

Most of the models of an epilator have two-speed levels. One is for thin hairs with low speed, and two is for thicker with high speed. According to the area sensitivity, you can set the speed level.

  • Brand

Before buying an epilator, it becomes necessary to study the rankings and ratings of the brand you choose.

Few brands running top in the market are Panasonic, Phillips, Braun, Conair, Epilady, Remington, Kemei. You can choose any Epilator from these brands after considering all the factors we’ve discussed in this article so far.

  • Price

In India, the epilators range from three hundred to six thousand rupees. On Indian e-commerce platforms, namely, Amazon, Flipkart, the epilator is available at affordable rates.

The price depends on the model and its features. The larger the number of tweezers, the price will increase. Similarly, if the number of attachments increases, the price will increase.

As discussed, decide your epilating needs. Then see what fits in your budget. That will help you filter out epilators. Do you want recommendations for the best Epilators available on the market? Let us know about it in the comment section.




What are the benefits of using an epilator?

Epilator doesn’t allow rapid growth of hairs if you tweeze once, and it will take at least four weeks to regrow. It is easy to carry while traveling and quick to use anywhere. With a fast and gentle epilation, it also allows maintaining cleanliness.


Is it painful to use an epilator?

Yes, it will be painful, but you may love it more than wax or shave after multiple trials. To reduce the pain and uncomfortableness, you can use an epilator every week at the start. It will also reduce hair growth.


How to use an epilator?

To remove hairs from the roots in the right way, hold the device at 90 degrees. Move it slowly towards the direction of your hair growth. If you are a beginner, start with slow settings to avoid scratches. Do not hold the epilator too close to your skin.



Epilator is an electrical device used on your skin. Therefore it becomes necessary to choose the right epilator to avoid scratches and infections.

The essential points you should consider before buying an epilator are its cost, features, attachments, types, cordless or corded, and speed setting. It would be best if you buy an epilator as per the area you want to epilate.

We hope you found this article helpful and now you are clear about your choice. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment box.

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