How to Choose Compact Powder According to Your Skin Tone?

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Compact powders are an essential item in makeup bags. But with all the types of compacts available on the market, choosing one that will fit your skin tone and type perfectly can seem like a confusing job.

To help make it easier for you, we have created a guide to help you understand which product will be best for you based on your skin tone and skin type while also giving you tips to choose the best compact powder for yourself. So let’s dive right into it!


Based On Skin Tone:

Based On Skin Tone 

Skin tone is an important thing to be considered while buying compact powder. To avoid looking like a ghost, always choose a compact powder that is your shade, and at most, it can be one shade lighter. so according to your skin tone, your compact powder should be-

1. Very Fair 

If you are fair in complexion, you should go for a compact powder with pink or yellow undertones to achieve a naturally fresh and dewy look.


2. Fair

If you are neither too light nor dusky, then you should go for a compact powder with apricot-colored undertones to suit your skin the best. Apricot color is neither too dark nor very light, just like your skin tone, hence suiting your face the best.


3. Dark

If you have a dark skin tone, you should be very cautious while picking out a compact powder, as going too light can make your skin look gray. Always go for an orange or copper color compact powder to blend nicely with your beautiful dusky tone and make your skin shine.


Based on Your Skin Type:

Based on Your Skin Type

Skin type can play an essential part in determining which compact powder will work the best for you! if you have-

1. Dry Skin

If you have dry skin prone to drying out, you should choose a cream-based or translucent compact powder that will help reduce your skin’s flakiness and give it a more natural and glowy look.

While doing your makeup, always make it a point to apply moisturizer on your face and let it rest for some time to help it get absorbed by the skin, and only after that use your compact powder. This will help your skin look smooth and also help it stay hydrated, which is very important for people with dry skin.

While applying foundation, don’t cake your skin with it by applying layers on layers; this will make your skin look patchy; instead, apply a maximum of two to three coats and after that, apply the compact powder. Avoid applying compact powder in places where your skin is extremely dry, like around your nose area or on your cheeks.


2. Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you will have heightened production of sebum on it; hence you should go for a compact with a matte finish to counter the oiliness of your skin. People with oily skin are already blessed with a glowy shiny face; going for powders that seek to give you shine is not required as this might make your skin look even more oily. Go for a compact powder that is sweat and waterproof, which will sit comfortably on your skin.

While doing your makeup, you should always Begin with applying primer to help control your oil and mattify your skin and then apply the compact. Apply a little more compact powder on places that are prone to be more oily, like your T – zone (forehead, nose, and chin).


3. Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive skin is prone to reacting adversely to even the minutest details, so if you are someone with sensitive skin, you should avoid compact powders containing any substance you know will react adversely with your skin. It is advisable to go for mineral-based compact powder as this does not have a lot of preservatives, fragrances, or oil that may react with your skin. Another good way will be to go for compact powders that are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

Before using a compact powder, try applying it on a small surface to check if it has any adverse reactions. If not, only then use it on your face. A consultation with a beauty specialist or a dermatologist is advisable.


Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying a Compact Powder:

To help you decide on the best compact powder for your face here are some tips –

  • While testing the color of compact powder, don’t apply it on the back of your hand; instead, apply it on your cheeks or neck to get a more accurate match.
  • Always buy a compact powder that is your skin tone or a maximum of one tone light; this is very important for people with dusky skin tones.
  • According to your purpose, for natural makeup look – choose a compact with sheer coverage. For hiding imperfections or creating an even tone look – go for a compact with medium or full coverage.
  • Asking a makeup artist before buying a compact powder will help you purchase one that suits your skin the best.



1. Does compact need to contain SPF?

While you should not rely only on compact powders for sun protection, if it has SPF protection, that will be an added benefit. Always wear sunscreen before using compact when going out to protect your skin from damage.


2. Should I use the brush that comes with a compact?

Many compacts do come with a brush included with them, but they are often of low quality that scratches your face; investing in a good brush is advisable. A good brush will be big, fluffy, and soft; it will be the perfect size to pick up just the required amount of compactness for your face.


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While buying a compact powder, you should keep in mind your skin tone, your skin type, and the coverage required, and based on this, choose a compact powder that matches your requirements the closest. To help you decide better, all these points have been elaborated on in the article!

Tell us in the comments below which point you found most useful!

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